Mike Hill has just posted a review of the Simple Cash Blog. Here are a couple of my favorite comments:

“I have read their material and have purchased a lot of their special offers and they are absolutely fantastic.”

“After making a few thousand dollars literally within days I became a fan of their material and when they recently offered a membership to all of their past and present content I jumped at the chance.”

What is the Simple Cash Blog? The short answer is that it’s a membership site that provides you with incredible good, practical advice on how to make money online. We make everything simple and easy. All the fluff is cut out.

We also give members free reports all the time. Most of these are brandable, meaning that you can sell them and give them away. When people click on the links in your report, and a sale is make, you earn a commission. Everyone wins.

I love reading reviews of the Simple Cash Blog. As Mike Hill points out, you can make thousands of dollars in just a few days following our methods and techniques. We promote and explain low-cost and no-cost tools and tips. We make everything as basic as possible, so you can make instant PayPal cash, just like Mike Hill.


Mike Hill is talking about The Simple Cash Blog. We’re not putting words in his mouth. He’s been around for several years and he knows what he’s talking about.

(He’s right, the price is set to go up again soon. As the membership grows, the price will go up. We plan to cap off the membership so we can directly help members in the Simple Cash Blog forum and blog. If you don’t take action today — right now — you might lose your seat to a competitor.)

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