Mobile internet marketing secrets are all around you. Just open your eyes and it’ll become obvious what you need to do.  

Regarding background, I’ll cut to the chase. Google and Apple seem to be taking over:

iPhone users search Google 5,000% more than the nearest competitor

Google homes in on revenues from phones

Google Sees Surge in iPhone Traffic

There’s plenty more out there. Just search and you’ll find more stories just like the ones above.

The important thing is that we now know the platform (Apple’s iPhone) and the services (Google Search and applications) that are the backbone of the mobile internet.

Keep in mind that there’s also a lot of iPhone activity outside the United States. The iPhone is not the mobile platform for a limited audience or user base. It’s a global phenomenon. There are issues to work out but the mobile internet is here, today.


I do deliberately mean the iPhone and not mobile phones. The vast majority of “traditional” mobile internet activity (e.g., browsing, searching, clicking) is being done on iPhones. And, it’s being done via Google based on all the data we’ve seen.

Another interesting thing is that there’s a healthy black market for unlocked iPhones. There are iPhone hacks. In other words, there’s a huge demand to tweak, twist, unlock, and otherwise augment and edit the iPhone. This is a clear indication that the platform is healthy. This is counterintuitive at first but any great platform will be hacked.

How about Google? The mobile Google page actually has “iPhone” right in the navigation. That is a loud and clear message that Google and Apple are in bed. In fact, Google might be at the mercy of Apple. That’s entirely possible. Although, realistically, it is a functional dyad, where both parties are stronger as they work together.

When you see Google and Nokia together, that is just risk mitigation. It’s not any real commitment like Google is making to Apple’s iPhone platform. Sure, companies like Nokia are strong and big, but they aren’t Google’s bread and butter.  Remember, at the end of the day more than 75% of Google’s income is advertising based. The iPhone is more in line with this vision than Nokia.

I’ll summarize by saying that if you care about internet marketing, grab an iPhone and learn everything you can about it. And, spend time learning what you can about Google’s mobile plans, especially in conjunction with Apple. Here’s a big hint for internet marketing geeks with code skills: Android!


~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

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