This is an Offline Cash Formula testimonial. It’s really something amazing.

I purchased your series of videos Offline Cash Formula which has become my bible 😉 and proceeded to follow your instructions.In the last couple of weeks I have signed up four small local businesses, I have outsourced the web design, the article writing, the blog writing, I have set up the domains, hosting and autoresponders and worked with them on free reports or a series of articles to get their customers to opt-in. We still have a long way to go and at this time I am not expensive, no one has argued at all about the $1500.00 price tag especially when I tell them I am just setting up my business so they are getting the start up price.

I have a maintenance program starting at $100.00 a month and if they do not see results within 6 months (providing they also do some work) then I will give them another 6 months maintenance for free Without exception they all thought this was a good deal.

So, the Offline Cash Formula has made Lizzie $6,000 this month plus she’s going to pull down $400 per month very limited amounts of work. This is the power of taking your online skills and using them with local businesses. If you know how to grab that business, you can make a killing.

Here’s the truth: There’s not much in the world better than helping other people make a lot of money online.

~ John

p.s. The Offline Cash Formula is a series of 6 videos, 2 hours in length. We also give you a 96 page transcript including very useful screenshots. There are several bonuses on top of that. Imagine what you would do with $6K per month. It’s something that you can do today.

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