In this blog entry I’ll explain the four dimensions of online and offline marketing. Simply put, here are the options you have:

  1. You can use online tools to sell online
  2. You can use online tools to sell offline
  3. You can use offline tools to sell offline
  4. You can use off-line tools to sell online

There’s essentially a matrix here, where one dimension is how you sell and the other dimension is where you sell. To make this easy to understand here are the four quadrants spelled out with some examples.

Quadrant 1: Internet marketers and online marketers typically think of using online tools to sell online. For example, an internet marketer might use YouTube to drive traffic to an information product sales page. So, in this case, you’re selling online and your buyers are online.

Quadrant 2: The second quadrant of online and offline marketing is to use online tools to sell goods offline. For example, an online marketer might use a blog to drive traffic to an information page which includes contact information and directions to a store offline. This is using the web to drive business in “meatspace” or the real world.

Quadrant 3: The third quadrant of online and offline marketing is what many people would call traditional marketing. Simply put, that would be using offline sales methods to drive offline sales. A simple example would be to place an ad in a newspaper (e.g., coupon) to get people to buy something in a store in the real world. “Get $2.00 off of brand XYZ dog food!”

Quadrant 4: The final dimension is the one few people talk about. It’s quite possible to use offline marketing to drive sales online. Many internet marketers haven’t yet figured this out. Here’s an example to make a concrete. You could use a local newspaper, many of which are free or low-cost, to drive people to buy something online such as an information product or how-to manual. This is quite lucrative if you have the skills.

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