I just wanted to let some folks know — especially “new” folks — that your effort today will probably pay off in the future. You’re investing in your future, if you’re doing things right.

Two examples…

A long time ago, I set up a free course with my brother. The purpose was to help educate people on a topic but to also build our own list.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a similar ecourse — The Really Simple Method

Well, over time, that ecourse has generated about 730 list members. And, these folks are pretty loyal to us since we offered up great information for free — just their name and email.

Editor’s Note: High quality content + Squeeze page = list building power!

In essence, that ecourse is running on autopilot. It sits there, delivering value and building our list. We sell to that list, and it converts pretty well. Rock on!

The second investment I’ll mention here is a series of 3 ebooks we gave away for free more than a year ago.

These little ebooks contained a lot of affiliate links, but they were also high quality. Short, yes, but high quality.

Editor’s Note: Did you know that The Rhodes Brothers have an affiliate program?

Now, we expected a lot of affiliate sales. We expected the ebooks to go “viral” like crazy hot sausages. But…

They didn’t.

Don’t be shocked. If you expect instant success by spreading your digital goods all over the place, you’re in for a world of pain.

Look, this stuff takes time.

OK, so why do I mention these ebooks?  Two quick reasons. Many people have found our blog through those ebooks — even if they don’t buy, we get some traffic from work we did a long time ago. Second, we do make about 1-2 sales per week ($17-19) from them.

Don’t “poo poo” that amount. It’s about $1,000 per year when you do the math and add it up.

Building an empire takes a long time, for most people. What you do now can pay off long term. Plant those acorns. Plan for the growth.

Enjoy the oak trees!

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