A few days ago I wrote Planting the Seeds of Wealth. I was talking to my brother about the article and he got very mad at me.

He told me that I was a liar!

As it turns out we’ve helped a lot of people with The Really Simple Method. I stated in Planting the Seeds of Wealth that we had 730 registered members. But, that isn’t even close.

We have well over 2,100 registered members. Although this makes me a “liar” it also means that we’ve helped thousands of people get started with internet marketing.

Why have over 2,100 registered? Simple. We give people a realistic process to follow to make money online in very little time. We give away some “secrets” but there’s more.

Inside The Really Simple Method, we give members access to 2 free videos: How to Set Up a PayPal Button as well as How to Use FileZilla to Upload Files to Your Webhost. Again, just by joining this FREE ecourse, you get access to these videos.

I know if seems like it, I’m not really trying to sell The Really Simple Method. It’s now a very small part of our internet marketing empire. I’m writing this to tell you that you can plant “seeds” that continue to grow and grow.

We’ve been able to help over 2,100 members. That’s obviously good for them, but it also provides clear evidence that you can create an busienss asset that will continue to provide value months — or even years — after you create it.

I would also strongly recommend that you work hard to create real, long-term assets. Don’t just shoot for short term cash, unless you re-invest that cash into assets that generate long term wealth.

It’s too easy to burn out if you keep working for short term cash. You want many funnels of cash, that provide value to you on autopilot. Balance is key.

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