Kevin Smithurst has an incredible story about the Simple Cash Blog that I want to share with you. I’ve invited Kev to be a guest blogger on — This is something that everyone will enjoy.

~ John

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Up until a few months ago i was just a regular guy with a regular 9-5 job and running the rat race day in and day out with no real direction in my life.

I have always been a “computer geek”, most of my spare time was spent sat in front of the computer. I came across Internet marketing and quickly realised there was a whole lot more to life than working my butt of every day and earning just enough money to live.

As with most people who are new to Internet marketing i would buy just about anything i saw that promised to make me $xx in xx days. I built up quite a collection over my first few weeks online.

This was a big mistake!

I would buy a report or an ebook, read it, absorb everything in it and go of and start a new project to implement these new ground breaking tactics.


Another great ebook or report would be released, everyone would jump on the bandwagon and i would follow. And again i would start a new project for this method.

Can you guess what happened after a couple of weeks?

I ended up with masses of information, several projects that i had started and not finished, and i hadn’t made a single dollar online.

I didn’t know where to turn next. I was totally confused as to which direction i should go in, there was so many different options. When it comes to making decisions like this i’m totally useless, i just wanted someone to tell me what i should do and which direction i should go in.

I decided to find someone who was already successful and use them as my guide if you like. There were a couple of reports i had purchased from the warrior forum special offers which stuck in my mind for one reason and another, and the authors were John and Matt Rhodes.

While doing some digging on “The Rhodes Brothers” in google i came across “The simple cash blog“. One of the Rhodes brothers flagship memberships. Having already purchased their other reports i had to get in on this one too. I was already a big fan of their work so i knew if anyone could help me make it online it was these guys.

After signing up i gained access to the private members area within minutes. You only have to scan the first page to realise just how much they have packed into this site. Its difficult to describe just how much value there is in here, to say they over-deliver is an under statement. After browsing the main members area like a kid in a sweet shop for a good few hours i decided to take a look at the Simple Cash Blog forums.

Now let me tell you, this is far from what you expect from a small forum hidden away in a members area. This forum was alive and kicking to say the least, over six hundred members posting nothing but valuable content daily, this was just the icing on the cake for what i can only describe as the best investment i have made to date!

A lot of sales letters for Internet marketing products are full of hype and BS, to be honest. Let me tell you now, EVERYTHING you read on the simple cash blog sales page is 110% spot on. When it says you will be making money fast, that is exactly what it means.

If you are like i was several months ago, overloaded with information, pulled in one hundred and one different directions and no idea what great “way to make money online” method to chase next then i strongly urge you to stop what you are doing right now, and head on over to the simple cash blog. I promise you will never look back, i haven’t!

Kevin Smithurst
How to Make Extra Money Online

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