Due to the high number of requests for services, my brother John and I have made our services available to internet marketers and online business owners. See below for the rates. We do accept custom requests, just send us an e-mail describing the services you require and we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies based on the project. If time requirements are an issue, we may be able to suit your needs. Simply contact us and talk about what you need, and we’ll see if we can do it.

Rhodes Brothers Specialization

We specialize in the following areas:
*Video Production
*Content Generation
*Video Presentations
*Project Analysis and Review


While we will not guarantee any conversion rates, copy on our own websites with targeted traffic tend to have between 2% and 7% conversion rates. We will write the content to your specifications, and re-write it until you are fully satisfied.

Important: Many copywriting firms have students create the copy and then the more-experienced copywriters edit their work. We do not do this. John and I completely write your sales letter from scratch, with no ghostwriting.

We offer four different types of services that we can adjust based on your needs.

(Bullet Point Package – $500)
-List of 20-25 high impact bullet points
-Quick research on your competition
-Possible “angles” for your sales letter

(Autoresponder/Broadcast Package – $800)
-3 pre-sales autoresponder messages for you or affiliates
-1 broadcast message for affiliates

(Barebones Sales Package – $1900)
-5 page salesletter written by both John and Matt

(Basic Sales Package – $2900)
-5 to 10 page salesletter
-Full sales site with high quality graphics
-3 pre-sales broadcast or autoresponder messages

(All Inclusive Sales Package – $3900)
-5 to 10 page salesletter
-Full sales site with high quality graphics
-3 pre-sales broadcast or autoresponder messages
-1 broadcast message for affiliates
-5 to 10 minute pre-sales video with squeeze page

http://PLRExploitation.com (Sales Letter)
http://10xMethod.com (Pre-Sales Video + Sales Letter)
Pre-sales messages available upon request.


Linkbait is a very high quality article that typically includes a heavily-researched set of information that people constantly refer to and link to, dramatically increasing the amount of traffic to your website or blog.

Linkbait is typically at least 2,000 to 2,500 words long and may consist of a list. We can work with you to find a perfect linkbait topic and then create the article for you.

We charge $400 for linkbait written personally by John and/or myself. E-mail us with the specifications of the project and any requests you have.

“Mini-Linkbait” Samples…

(Note: Linkbait would contain more text than the blog postings listed, and many high-quality outgoing links. We listed them to help you see the quality.)

Content Generation:

“Content” can mean a lot of different things. We’ll flex our writing muscles and write based on your requirements and needs. We will also re-write until you’re 100% satisfied.

We typically write for Internet Marketing, Online Business and Make Money related topics. Again, all content is personally written by John and Matt, NOT outsourced.

High Quality 400 Word Articles – $50
3-4 Page Short Reports – $300
Longer (15+ Page) Reports – Starting at $1200

Samples available upon request.

Video Presentations:

John specializes in speaking, voice-overs and video presentation. Videos can be used on squeeze pages, as part of a product or membership package, or more. We can fulfill pretty much any project requirement.

5-10 Minute Video With Script – $300
15+ Minute Videos With Script – Starting at $450
Videos Without Script – $50 Per Recorded Minute


Business Analysis and Other Consulting:

If you want us to help you analyze your current business models via skype and brainstorm new monetization, traffic or product creation strategies. We charge $120 per 1/2 hour for consulting via Skype.

Request a quote from John and Matt. Tell us what you need done and we’ll send you a free quote. 50% upfront fee is required for all work (except consulting, 100% is required.)

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