You can start building wealth online today if you want. Here are two simple ways to generate cash in one day or less:

1. Sell stuff on eBay
2. Write some articles for someone (freelance)

Obviously these are not secret wealth building tips. However, you must keep in mind that many people ignore easy ways to generate instant cash.

Look, the truth is that eBay works and freelancing works. You really can generate money in very little time by doing what millions of other people are doing. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t be doing it.

But, what if you want to start investing your time and energy better? What if you want to actually build a little business? What are some of the first secret wealth building tips?

The answer is also surprisingly simple. Here are some steps to make it very concrete.

1. Investigate a market or a niche (e.g., coffee)

2. Spend time with that community
 – Visit forums on the topic
 – Read blogs on the topic
 – Search Google for the best web sites on the topic

3. Try to understand some of the key issues, wants or desires of this niche
 – Coffee stains teeth

Now that you have a market and a problem to solve, you need to start digging. You’ll do this with keyword research. When you do that research you’ll find out that these are some keyword phrases that people are using on this exact topic:

* tooth stain 
* coffee stain on tooth 
* how to remove stain from tooth 
* how to remove stain on tooth 
* stain remover for tooth 
* beverage that stain tooth 
* how does coffee stain your tooth 
* green tea stain tooth

Notice that there are several “sister” topics like tea stains. There always more niches and sub-niches to explore. You’ll never run out. Never worry about finding another niche.

So, once you have these keywords and phrases identified, you can either start a blog and write articles on these topics and slowly grow your empire, or you can do article marketing. That is, you can write articles and post them to EzineArticles, GoArticles, and several others.

Editor’s Note: If you do choose the path of article marketing, then you must make sure you maximize your time investment. You must create an effective author bio box. When article marketing, that resource box is your path to traffic. Do it right or don’t take this path.

Once you start generating traffic, you will need to monetize that traffic. There are two basic ways to monetize:

1. Affiliate sales (sell stuff that other people offer, e.g., Rhodes Brothers products)
2. Sell your own stuff

Of course, if you’re just starting out, being an affiliate marketer is the easy path. However, if you want to take the path of secret wealth building, you must eventually sell your own products.

By the way, before you ever write a single word, be sure that there are affiliate products available to you. Visit Clickbank, for example, to see if there are products in your niche. If you can’t find stuff to sell, you can’t make money. Simple, right? Some people ignore this advice.  ** sigh **

Editor’s Note: Not a Clickbank member yet? Sign up now. (It’s easy.)

I suggest also that if your niche is good, start writing a powerful report or ebook on your niche topic. Eventually, this will be your main source of online wealth in that niche. There are many more things you can do after that too, but I don’t want to get too advanced or overwhelm you.

Let’s get back on track. Time to recap:

1. Find a niche and do the right research
2. Generate keywords on the topic
3. Ensure you have something to sell to this niche
4. Start writing and submitting articles, or build your blog

You’ve got a niche, you’ve got a product, and you’ve got traffic. This model is the first secret of generating cash online.

Yes, there are many details behind everything I just wrote. However, you can find those details if you dig around and other great sites.

Editor’s Note: You can also get a slightly different point of view by going through The Really Simple Method, which is a totally 100% free ecourse on building an internet business. It’s something The Rhodes Brothers put together to help people get started, fast and easy. (Hint: We talk about resale rights and private label rights, and a whole lot more.)

I’ll end by saying that there is a lot of good advice floating around on the internet. In fact, there might be too much. Don’t get too caught up in the hype. And, don’t fall into the guru trap. You don’t need 20 different business models that are based on 20 different ideas.

First, there are only a few “real” business models. They are very simple. Second, many gurus are going to sell you the hot new thing, without any reference to the basic business models that really work.

If you are looking for more information – basic business online – then I encourage you to pick up another free report we put together: Creating an Online Business 101. It goes into far more detail.

The great thing about the free report is that it is comprehensive, but it is basic. We give you tried and true formulas. We also elaborate on the principles outlined above. There aren’t tricks in Creating an Online Business 101.

The funny thing is that secret wealth building isn’t so secret. I use that phrase because it doesn’t exist. Everything is out in the open, ready for you to grab. If there really is a “secret” it’s just that you have to find a market and give them what they want. To make that happen you just need to take action today. Stay focused and help those customers.

Keep delivering value in the right niche with the right products and you’ll grow like crazy.

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