I’m not sure I told you about the Simple Cash Blog affiliate program. I did a quick search through the blog archive and I couldn’t find any references so letme tell you about it quickly.

The Rhodes Brothers have launched an affiliate program for The Simple Cash Blog. It’s very simple and works directly with Clickbank. The program offers residual membership benefits. That means that you earn money, month after month once someone subscribes.

We’re paying 70% of the $10 per month subscription. After Clickbank fees, you’ll earn right around $6 for every subscriber. That’s over $70 a year.

Keep in mind that the Simple Cash Blog practically sells itself. The Rhodes Brothers offer up many high impact blog postings, and PDF reports, every month. It’s a win for you and for folks that subscribe through you.

There is one small catch…

In order to be a Simple Cash Blog affiliate, you need to be a Simple Cash Blog member. It’s dirt cheap ($10, remember) — so it’s hardly painful. And honestly, it’s where we’re posting our absolute best material online. Lot’s and lot’s of stuff. 

Want to know more? 

The Simple Cash Blog offers up outrageous business ideas for new and intermediate internet marketers. But, it isn’t just hype. The Simple Cash Blog actually delivers real business advice, real ideas, and real techniques. It’s a wonderful program to promote — one you can have confidence and trust in promoting.

So, there are two simple steps at this point:

1. Sign up to be a member of the Simple Cash Blog 
2. Start promoting the Simple Cash Blog (all the details are in the member’s area)

See you inside in the very near future…

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