We had a slow sales day today. This comes after a crazy weekend of insane sales for all kinds of products. For example, we had a lot of very high level of sales for both Adsense Judo and Author Bio Box Domination.

But today was a little slower. Lot’s of free time to get work done. And that’s the way to fight slow sales…

Do lot’s and lot’s of work. If you’re not happy with your sales, then do something about it. Fight the depresssion with serious work. Really dig into your sales and marketing.

A similar approach is to conduct a strategic review. Analyze sales for the week, month, and year. Look for trends. Look for success stories as well as serious weakness. Take the break as an opportunity to improve your operations too. Review your processes.

If you work as hard as we do, also consider taking a break. Sometimes you’re not making progress because you’re working too hard. That does happen. You start making mistakes because you’re too focused or perhaps too tired. Relax and take some time to enjoy life.

Don’t worry about slow sales days. It happens to all business. Use the “problem” as an opportunity. Don’t get down, don’t get depressed…

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