I’ve been listening to Michael Masterson’s Seven Years to
Seven Figures
. It’s pretty good although several books are
better in my opinion.

One thing I do when I read or listen to a book is extract
at least one golden nugget. I think I finally found the real
gold in Masterson’s book. Here it is.

Focus like crazy on one monster project for 6-12 months.
This is not the typical “FOCUS!” comment. This is a little
different. It’s this: focus on one thing for a long time.

Most people just tell you to focus but they don’t tell you
to focus and stick with it for a while. But, there’s another
secret for people still reading this…

You see, most people reading this will think that they
need to focus on one project. And they will think that
they should focus on one product as part of that project.
That’s fine, but that’s not the secret.

The real secret is this. Are you ready for it? focus on one
thing for a long time — most importantly the marketing.
In other words, to succeed you need to relentlessly
focus nearly all your efforts on marketing one thing
for a long time.

Do some research then create a product for a hungry
niche. Then, market it until you bleed. Sell, sell, sell. Your
number one objective is to sell. Stop the research. Stop
the tweaking. Stop the product creation. (Or, at least
minimize these things.) Instead, FOCUS ON SELLING. And,
stay focused. For 6-12 months. Or longer.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. If you’re looking to *really* focus then you need to
take a look at the 10x Method. There’s nothing quite
like it available. And, it’s FREE. I highly recommend it.