How to Earn $5,000+ Per Month With Your Own Autopilot Membership

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It’s been an insanely brutal couple of days. My team
and I ran into a wall of technical problems, and I’ve
grown at least a dozen new gray hairs (note: I’m 22)
but it’s finally ready…

John and I have just officially re-launched the Simple
Cash Blog. We want to let you know what it’s all about
by giving you a report directly from our member’s area.
This is just one simple business model that pumps out
cash for us every month. It takes us 5 hours to create.

I hope you use it:


It’s a powerful membership that reveals our extremely
simple money-making business models (we have dozens)
in the form of short reports, checklists and templates.
In other words, you can flat-out COPY our money makers.

Here’s the best part though…

If you are an active member of a Rhodes Brothers
membership, you may be eligible for several months
of complimentary access to the Simple Cash Blog.

Just send this information in to our help desk:

1.) Your name
2.) Name of the membership you’re subscribed to
3.) Your Paypal e-mail address
4.) Your Paypal transaction ID

Our help desk is located at Just
submit your request and we’ll try to get back to you
within 24 to 48 hours with your link for complimentary
access to the Simple Cash Blog and let you know how
many months of access you will be given.

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any
questions. We’d love to help you out.

How To Generate Traffic With Articles

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ArticlesI consistently find that I get the most traffic from blog postings that are not keyword optimized. Instead, I generate traffic with articles that are human optimized.

The greatest traffic flows into my niche blogs when I just pound the keys and tell a story. If you give me a minute, I’ll explain what I’m talking about in detail.

In the internet marketing niche, I often try to dominate certain keywords. It’s worked well. But, when I work hard to optimize blog entries in “boring” niches, the opposite seems to be true. It’s better to write stories and pretty much ignore the keywords, except for 1-2 things I always do.

First, I always make sure my keyword is in the title. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing something for internet marketers or if it’s some “dull” niche. No matter how you slice it, the title is important. You really want to use your keyword there no matter what.

Second, I usually use the main keyword or a similar keyword in the first 2-3 sentences. I don’t stress over this. I just try to fit the keyword in the first 100 words or so, which is usually in one of those first few sentences.

That’s pretty much it. I know it doesn’t sound very sexy. And, it doesn’t seem secret.

I think this works in my “simple” niches because Google has figured out that my content is legitimate and sincere. The less I try to get Google to pay attention, the better off I am. Or, to swing that around, the more I focus on my readers and my customers, the more Google rewards me for helping them. If you think about it, that’s a mighty good theory.

For what it’s worth, I ask my writers to write naturally. I often ask them to write stories and to be human. I am against any keyword stuffing and even when I target specific keywords, I avoid trying to game the system or beat Google. If you focus on your customers and your readers, they will reward you — and so will Google, apparently.

This is good news because it is easier to write this way. You know what I mean. It’s more natural to write to someone in a human voice than it is to write with the intention of plugging in certain keywords. It’s faster. It’s easier. And, again, it works better for everyone.

This is why I usually laugh at keyword density. I admit that I look at that metric from time to time but it doesn’t have nearly the importance as raw traffic pouring in from Google. I watch that closer and I’ve found that my pure and natural content pulls the most traffic. It’s almost like this — the less I think about what I’m writing, the more traffic I pull.

I will say this. One “secret” is that longer content works better when I write like this. When I write longer stories and create longer blog entries, everyone is happier. I think that’s because people link to me which Google loves, of course. Backlinks rock. Writing good material is just so smart — you create linkbait and you’re rewarded in so many ways. (Example of linkbait: How to Generate Web Site Traffic.)

So, that’s my article marketing advice for the day. It’s what I’ve done to dominate many niches — I pull insane traffic using this method alone, without PPC or anything else. I love it.

ClickNuke is the World’s First Micro Article Directory

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The Rhodes Brothers just launched ClickNuke. It is the first and only micro article directory on the planet. There’s nothing else like it.


Here’s what you can see on the Click Nuke About page:

ClickNuke is a service that gives you the ability to instantly announce anything to the world. It’s the world’s first micro article directory.

ClickNuke's proprietary system is simple. You are allowed to post up to 500 characters of content for just $1. And, it's easy for you. Enjoy the power of RSS, quick indexing, and dirt cheap publicity.

ClickNuke is brought to you by John S. Rhodes and Matt Rhodes. The Rhodes Brothers are well known internet marketers providing valuable tools, services, and products to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other internet marketers. They've helped thousands of people drive web traffic, create information products, and make money online.

That sounds good but what can it do for internet marketers? More importantly, is there any proof it works?

Here’s an email sent to us by Doug Hudiburg:

Hey John,

I thought I'd share some search results with you.

Just searched this keyword in Google without "quotes":

Internet Marketing Tip: More AR Items More Profit

The Click Nuke Post is indexed, along with my Twitter post with that phrase, but look at the number 5 results.

For me, it's "Daily Marketing Ace >> Add Follow-up Messages to Increase..."

So, what that says to me is that the link Juice is, indeed, paying off. Google took the link text from my ClickNuke post ( [Emphasis added.]

And ranked my DMA post:

For the exact same link text.

Pretty cool!

Doug Hudiburg

Then Doug followed up with this quick note…

Also, my Daily Marketing Ace posts usually index pretty fast, but today I posted again and used Click Nuke again, and the post was indexed by Google in about 30 minutes. I don't really have a good baseline to compare to, but intuitively, I think that's about 23 hours faster than normal. [Emphasis added.]

I know this might be a big confusing so I’ll put it another way and I’ll simplify. Customers are telling us that ClickNuke is getting them indexed faster and it’s helping them in the SERPs.

Pretty cool, right?

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Definitely visit and use ClickNuke. It’s a “no brainer” investment.

Why Build a List?

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Money in Hand from Your ListI’ve been asked Why build a list? about 100 times. It’s a question that is asked by people new to internet marketing and it deserves a simple answer.

The very short and simple answer is that a list means you’ve got traffic and customers. At a minimum, you have potential traffic and potential customers.

Consider this. If I have a list of 5,000 people interested in pet products then I have list of 5,000 who might buy something from me if I send them an email.

Once someone is on your list you can send them messages. You can build a relationship. You can build trust. You can establish a rapport with hundreds or thousands of people.

All businesses need these relationships to ensure long term success. But, online businesses need even more love and attention. They need more tools for building trust. There is great skepticism online and having a list can save you.

Let me give you another perspective. This is very real; very tangible.

Just 2 days ago I bought the rights to a great video series on getting top ranking in Google for less than 1 hour of work; One Hour Google. (Highly recommended, by the way.)

I spent no more than two hours getting the videos set up. I made some quick changes to the graphics and content. I also set up a payment link and some other things. This was very easy for me to do. (If you’re curious about all that magic don’t miss PLR Exploitation. I explain all of this in great detail.)

In any event, I set up everything quickly but then I had to take the next action:


Now, most people would use pay-per-click (PPC), article marketing, blogging, and other techniques. That makes a lot of sense. These techniques are not “fly by night” — they are legitimate. They work.

But, I decided to be a little bit lazy. What I did was craft a quick note. I added that note to my autoresponder. Thousands of people are now learning about One Hour Google. I provided a little background about it and pointed my list in the right direction.

Now you know the power of list building. It’s something that you must do if you want to succeed in the long term. Get going right now. You’ll be glad you did.

What is Internet Marketing?

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What is internet MarketingWe tell a lot of people that we’re internet marketers. But, what does that mean exactly? What is internet marketing? What do you really need to know?

There are many definitions for internet marketing. Normally I’d try to simplify things, like I would do for one of my friends or family members. But, I know you’re interested in internet marketing, and you want some details — that’s why you’re here.

So, I’ll start with a few simple ideas then I’ll build up. In many respects, internet marketing is simply another way of saying online marketing, online business, or work-at-home internet business. The core idea is that you’re using a computer and an internet connection to generate money.

Not Just Work from Home

You don’t have to work at home to be an internet marketer. Many IM’ers, as they are called, work for large organizations, marketing companies, and research firms. The central idea is that internet marketers do marketing online, usually in an effort to advertise, pull in buyers, and ultimately sell products and services.

So, here are the two key ideas summarized:

  • Most of the work is done online via the web
  • Most of the work is marketing and sales related

As a quick aside, internet marketing isn’t only about search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, or any other particular technology. Yes, technology is always in the mix, but internet marketing is more about the tactics, strategies, and methods to do business online.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be fooled into thinking that internet marketing is one single thing. It’s a complex clustering of tools and techniques. And, internet marketers pick and choose what works best for them. Some internet marketers use 1-2 tools whereas others use the full spectrum. There’s not one secret or special technique which works for all internet marketers.

But, there’s more…

It’s All About Making Money Online

The heart of internet marketing is the set of actions and activities that make money for businesses, online and offline. In other words, when internet marketers talk about internet marketing, they care about one thing: making money.

Now, this might seem obvious, but internet marketers are both extremely focused and easily distracted. They are constantly looking for the Holy Grail of online cash: very little work, very high profits, and freedom.

Internet marketers therefore employ a number of tools and techniques to make money online. To make everything clear, I’ll provide several examples for you.

7 Internet Marketing Examples

eBay — Many internet marketers have used eBay as their key platform to make money online. Not only can they make money via auctions they can also use eBay to drive traffic to their sites. It’s also possible to build a customer list with eBay.

Article Marketing — With article marketing the idea is to write articles to make money. The “trick” is that you have an author bio box or author resource box. In that author credit box, you include links to your sites (e.g., sales pages, sign up pages, and so on). You can get traffic directly from article directories or from blogs and sites when people syndicate your content.

Affiliate Marketing — The concept of affiliate marketing is that you sell products for other people but you get a commission. Internet marketers often get at least 50% of the profits, but some internet marketers offer 70% commission or more.

Pay Per Click (PPC) — This is a way of driving traffic to a site via advertising. In most cases you bid on “keywords” which are the words and phrases people use to find content on search engines. The mother of all PPC systems is Google Adwords. The amount you pay per keyword or key phrase can range from just $0.01 per click through $50 or more.

Memberships — This is a more advanced internet marketing technique. You can set up a membership or club on a topic and then charge customers a fee for access. Usually memberships operate on a monthly basis, i.e., customers pay for access month by month. Although this is typically seen an an advanced online marketing technique, there are ways to set up simple memberships. Autoresponder memberships are a great example of simple yet effective memberships.

Offline Marketing — Internet marketers often make a lot of money by selling their services to small, local businesses. They still use online tactics to drive traffic, encourage people to make a purchase. Internet marketers can work with businesses offline on a pay-per-lead basis, setting up web 2.0 and social media tools, and more.

Private Label Rights (PLR) — Private label rights are “whitelabel” products, which means that the buyer has near complete control over the product. For example, you can purchase PLR products, do a little re-writing, and call the product your own in many cases. PLR is often affordable and effective. (Highly Recommended: Simple PLR Club)

We Keep It Simple

There are many other tools and strategies that comprise internet marketing. Honestly, I’ve only touched on the surface. I’ve kept this relatively jargon free and I tried to stay away from concepts like keyword analysis, squeeze pages, conversion ratios, web metrics, and the like.

We encourage people to try many different things but then focus once you see any money flow. Highly Recommended: Watch the free 10x Method video.

If you like this blog entry keep in mind that The Rhodes Brothers make everything as simple as possible. Our core objective is to help you make money online through internet marketing.

We have several affordable memberships and products to help you succeed. Yes, you can do it like “they” starting today.