I’m going to tell you why internet marketers buy ebooks with resale
. This is definitely worth knowing because it’s a key reason so
many gurus make hundreds of thousands of extra dollars year.
(We make a killing. That’s for sure.)

So, I know from real experience… This is serious stuff…

I’ll explain the concept of resale rights and private label rights
(PLR), but I’ll also explain why so many people are looking to get
their hands on this type of content. And, I’ll touch on something that
can literally make you thousands of dollars, without much effort.

Let’s get rollin’ …

When you buy ebooks with reseller rights you get products that you can
sell to other people. These products are usually PDF reports. In general,
you don’t have the ability to modify the content if you’re just given
resale rights. You can only resell the “frozen” version of the product and
what you get… is what you get. This gives the original content producer
the ability to include their links so that they can make money when you
sell and distribute the product.

In effect, when you buy then sell resale rights ebooks, you are acting
like an affiliate or distribution partner. You’re paying someone else to
sell their stuff. But there is still an advantage to you…

Why would you buy ebooks with resale rights? There are two good reasons.
First, you have the ability to buy a full product for a low cost. Sometimes
a very low cost. But, no matter, it’s still a product you can sell. It’s a way
to develop a cheap inventory. The second reason is that you save an
enormous amount of time. Someone else has created the product for
you. There’s very little work to do, besides driving traffic and selling.
The product production is complete.

I’ll pause here for a second and tell you a secret about content with
resale rights. You can make money selling products with reseller rights.
But, it’s hard to make a lot of money. You ain’t gonna get rich. The
reason is that there are many other people also selling the exact same
product as you. (It’s rare to buy exclusive resale rights.) Since you
cannot modify the content, you’re also losing out on backend sales. That
is, the links in the PDFs and reports are not yours. So, you save money
when you buy these products to resell, but you lose money to strong
competition and no easy backend sales.

But, I have a solution…

Instead of buying ebooks with resale rights, you ought to buy ebooks with
private label rights. With private label rights (PLR), you are given the
rights to sell the content, just like resale rights. But, the difference
is that with PLR, you can also modify the content any way that you want.

That’s the magic. You can replace links with your links. You can update
chapter headings. You can change the name of the product. You can add
your name as the author. The flexibility gives you a real advantage in the

So, I like resale rights but I love PLR. You can do anything you want with
most PLR. You can quickly rewrite it. You can chop PLR ebooks into blog
postings. You can convert the PLR report into an autoresponder membership,
and much more.

Now, here’s another secret… This one is very important. This will make you
stronger than the Incredible Hulk.

Most people think the “power” of PLR is that you get a product that you
can modify. Yes, that’s true and that’s awesome. But the real advantage
of PLR is that you get cheap research. In other words, someone else has
done the hard work for you. Like the painful niche research. They’ve found
the market. They’ve created a good outline for you. They’ve given you a
framework to use. You can exploit the PLR in so many ways once you realize
this truth.

So, when given the choice, and when the price is about the same, always
buy PLR products versus ebooks with resale rights. You get a much bigger
bang for your buck with an investment in PLR.

Now, if you’re really serious about making a killing with PLR then you
have to see PLR Exploitation. There is literally no other product as good
at helping you make money with PLR. It’s what all my platinum coaching
students are reading and using. It’s what you want too…

That’s all for now.

Take care,

~ John