The Rhodes Brothers just launched ClickNuke. It is the first and only micro article directory on the planet. There’s nothing else like it.


Here’s what you can see on the Click Nuke About page:

ClickNuke is a service that gives you the ability to instantly announce anything to the world. It’s the world’s first micro article directory.

ClickNuke's proprietary system is simple. You are allowed to post up to 500 characters of content for just $1. And, it's easy for you. Enjoy the power of RSS, quick indexing, and dirt cheap publicity.

ClickNuke is brought to you by John S. Rhodes and Matt Rhodes. The Rhodes Brothers are well known internet marketers providing valuable tools, services, and products to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other internet marketers. They've helped thousands of people drive web traffic, create information products, and make money online.

That sounds good but what can it do for internet marketers? More importantly, is there any proof it works?

Here’s an email sent to us by Doug Hudiburg:

Hey John,

I thought I'd share some search results with you.

Just searched this keyword in Google without "quotes":

Internet Marketing Tip: More AR Items More Profit

The Click Nuke Post is indexed, along with my Twitter post with that phrase, but look at the number 5 results.

For me, it's "Daily Marketing Ace >> Add Follow-up Messages to Increase..."

So, what that says to me is that the link Juice is, indeed, paying off. Google took the link text from my ClickNuke post ( [Emphasis added.]

And ranked my DMA post:

For the exact same link text.

Pretty cool!

Doug Hudiburg

Then Doug followed up with this quick note…

Also, my Daily Marketing Ace posts usually index pretty fast, but today I posted again and used Click Nuke again, and the post was indexed by Google in about 30 minutes. I don't really have a good baseline to compare to, but intuitively, I think that's about 23 hours faster than normal. [Emphasis added.]

I know this might be a big confusing so I’ll put it another way and I’ll simplify. Customers are telling us that ClickNuke is getting them indexed faster and it’s helping them in the SERPs.

Pretty cool, right?

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Definitely visit and use ClickNuke. It’s a “no brainer” investment.