Seven Years to Seven Figures

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I’ve been listening to Michael Masterson’s Seven Years to
Seven Figures
. It’s pretty good although several books are
better in my opinion.

One thing I do when I read or listen to a book is extract
at least one golden nugget. I think I finally found the real
gold in Masterson’s book. Here it is.

Focus like crazy on one monster project for 6-12 months.
This is not the typical “FOCUS!” comment. This is a little
different. It’s this: focus on one thing for a long time.

Most people just tell you to focus but they don’t tell you
to focus and stick with it for a while. But, there’s another
secret for people still reading this…

You see, most people reading this will think that they
need to focus on one project. And they will think that
they should focus on one product as part of that project.
That’s fine, but that’s not the secret.

The real secret is this. Are you ready for it? focus on one
thing for a long time — most importantly the marketing.
In other words, to succeed you need to relentlessly
focus nearly all your efforts on marketing one thing
for a long time.

Do some research then create a product for a hungry
niche. Then, market it until you bleed. Sell, sell, sell. Your
number one objective is to sell. Stop the research. Stop
the tweaking. Stop the product creation. (Or, at least
minimize these things.) Instead, FOCUS ON SELLING. And,
stay focused. For 6-12 months. Or longer.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. If you’re looking to *really* focus then you need to
take a look at the 10x Method. There’s nothing quite
like it available. And, it’s FREE. I highly recommend it.

Stick With What Works

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Stick With What WorksWhy should you stick with what works? What does that even mean?

We spend a good chunk of time explaining the importance of focus in our (free) 20-minute 10x Method video. The reason for spending so much time on focus is that most people struggle to stick to one thing.

Most folks are looking for fast and easy money.

But the truth is that making money usually takes a lot of time. So, when you find something that actually works, you need to stick to it.

Remember, most people aren’t making any money online. And, they don’t stick to one method of generating income — even when that method clearly works. Once again, this is because most folks think they should be pulling down more cash. (Read between the lines: Greed!)

The irony is that when you stick to one way of making money — once you know it works — you can pull down even more money. This is because of these three reasons:

  1. It’s easier to retain customers (low cost)
  2. You get more efficient with your tasks
  3. You can leverage your products and skills

In a nutshell, it’s cheap to sell to existing customers compared to winning new customers. Furthermore, you get good at what you do. You might even become a guru, worth your weight in gold on some topic. And lastly, you can bundle products together if you stay focused in your domain. You can also sell updated versions of your product. They are easier to create than ones that are fresh and 100% new.

So, once you are done trying a million things, please be sure to settle down and focus. Again, I’ll recommend the 10x Method video because it not only explains the true value of focus but I also give you some concrete ideas on how to get started immediately. (Zero cost, zero risk.)

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Interest in A.I.D.A.

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How to Maintain InterestYesterday I talked about A.I.D.A. and attention. As reference, A.I.D.A. stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s a way of understanding a simple marketing model. In this blog posting I’ll focus on interest. The A.I.D.A. will make more sense as I push forward.

So, what is interest? What does it mean from a marketing point of view? I’ll answer those questions but first let me make an important point.

In reference to A.I.D.A. please remember that “interest” comes after attention. I will assume that we’ve already grabbed the attention of our reader or customer.

Recall that grabbing attention is critical but attention is easily broken. People don’t focus very well. Even small distractions break attention. To make matters worse, if you try too hard to grab someone’s attention you will turn them off.

In the previous posting on attention I provided you with some power words. Well, if you try too hard you’ll lose people quickly. It’s that simple. You have to strike a balance.

So, “interest” in A.I.D.A. is really about holding interesting or holding someone’s attention. It’s isn’t the initial act of capturing someone with sexy images and power words. That’s already done. You need to know how to keep people interested.

Let’s explore that for a moment. If you want to keep people interested you need to give them a good reason to stick with you and stay focused. You also need to occasionally boost their attention. This is why subheadlines work so well — you’re giving someone reasons to stick with you as they read down a page. Makes sense, right?

[Ed. Note: If you’re looking for examples of great salescopy which uses A.I.D.A. and, in particular, attention boosters, don’t miss the Simple PLR Club, The Simple Cash Blog, and PLR Exploitation. Very powerful stuff.]

There are other tricks to hold attention. For example, you can use psychological devices. That is, you can get the person invested in the page in several ways. You can use their name (if you have it). You can also add mini-surveys to a page, with radio buttons and checkboxes.

Think of attention this way. If you can get the person to interact with your web page, chances of keeping their attention is much higher. Don’t just hit people with images and great information — get them engaged.

This excitement drives interest. It can also boost attention if it’s starting to fade. But remember, don’t bombard a person with great stuff. Mix it up with boring but high value content, such as charts, images, statistics, and the like. Give people shortcuts along the way.

So, I’ve summarized the key ideas behind “interest” in the A.I.D.A. model. You should understand what it means but you should also feel pretty good about some of the new techniques you can use to improve your salescopy.

Attention in A.I.D.A.

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A.I.D.A. vice clampMany copywriters like to talk about A.I.D.A. (or AIDA) which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Give me just a couple of minutes to clearly explain the importance of attention in this formula.


Asusming you made it past my first paragraph, I’m pretty sure the the word “STOP!” above caught your attention. It’s an attention-grabbing word.

But, what does “attention” really mean? It’s kind of hard to understand in theory, but in practive it’s easy to grasp. Let’s poke at it because it’s important in internet marketing.

Psychology textbooks will tell you that attention is a cognitive process where you concentrate on one thing while excluding everything else. The key principle is that you focus; everything else is noise.

[Ed. Note: Speaking of focus, have you watched the 10x Method video?]

The problem with attention is that, while we know how to manipulate it and disrupt it, we don’t understand it well. We even know how to help people maintain attention but we can’t explain it every well. For example, is it possible to pay attention to two things or not? The research isn’t conclusive.

Fortunately, we can ignore theory. What matters is what we can do in practice. What matters is that we can use attention to help customers solve problems and help businesses make money.


Once again I’ve grabbed your attention, right? Good copywriters know how to grab your attention. In most cases this is done with words. Yes, you can grab attention with images and sounds, but I’m going to ignore that for now. Let’s just keep it simple and take a look at 12 power words:

* Free
* Bonus
* Discount
* Famous
* Gift
* Best
* Instant
* Lucky
* New
* Secret
* Rare
* Secure

Note: Copywriters use a few hundred power words. This is a small list to get you thinking. Don’t limit yourself.

So, these power words are powerful exactly because they grab your attention. Obvioiusly you cannot use the A.I.D.A. model unless you first grab attention.

So, why not use power words again and again? It’s a smart question.

The reason is that if you use too many power words you ruin the salescopy. It’s like using too much garlic in your pasta sauce. Too much of a good thing ruins the batch.

The reason is that humans become “immune” to power words in a very short time. Attention can be grabbed using power words but you cannot maintain attention with power words alone. You need other tools for that.

The second part of A.I.D.A. is interest, which I’ll talk about in a future posting. For now, just recognize that there is real value in understanding power words to capture attention. And, you cannot use the A.I.D.A. model unless you grasp attention.

[Ed. Note: Are you looking for copywriting help? Need help with your online marketing? Read more about the services offered by the Rhodes Brothers.]

10x Method Reviews

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The 10x MethodThe 10x Method has really taken off in the last month. It’s a 20 minute video that explains exactly how to make money online using many different internet marketing techniques.

What’s beautiful is that it works for anyone. This is because the 10x Method encourages you to find what works for you. You can go from one project to the next but still make money. You can try many different things and succeed — affiliate marketing, product launches, private label rights, article marketing, memberships, and anything else. Once you find what works, you stick with it and make 10 times the amount of money.

I want to help you learn about the 10x Method. Instead of trying to explain it more or promote it myself, I want you to see what other people are saying about it. This blog posting reveals several 10x Method reviews.

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Read the reviews…

The 10x Method Article Cash Machine System — “Have you ever feel lost when you want to make money online? You don’t have to worry since most people always get lost and by applying the 10xMethod strategy, you will never ever get lost again.”

10x Method Review — “The 10x Method is incredibly simple in its technique but I believe it’s going to be a breakthrough moment for many people still struggling to make a steady income on the internet. Why? Because it tackles the problem of lack of focus head on and uses the habit of bouncing from one money making opportunity to the next. It actually incorporates your lack of focus into the technique with an interesting but simple twist that will have you finally making a steady—and then explosive—income online.”

13 Sure Fire Ways To Make Money On The Internet — “The truth is you can make any kind of sale and money if you know the right way. Try The 10x Method Article Cash Machine System and you can easily earn $1000 per month for every month without fail just by spending 1 hour of your time every day.”

The 10x Method Review — “The 10x Method is unbelievably simple. The Rhodes Brothers do not advocate any particular program. They simply show you how to keep it simple. By keeping it simple, you are focused and dedicated. This is cutting age because, the bane of most beginning and even intermediate marketers in the problem of floating from one project to another because the gurus say so, and not allowing projects to mature before they embark on the next best thing. They do not choose programs based on what is working and what they like and can do, but on what the gurus suggest. The 10x Method instead, shows you how to take any program that is working for you, be it affiliate marketing or article marketing, it does not matter. You simply take what is working for you, and you scale it up 10 times. Simple!”

Using Free Resources to Make Money on the Internet — “‘The 10x Method’ by The Rhodes Brothers provides guidance to create a solid business plan for online business. It offers simple detailed systematic guidance, including massive amounts of screenshots. It designed to work with only one hour of (easy) effort per day for 30 days. The report will show you how to work with 100% free resources to build a real business.”

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