How to Run a Garage SaleIn this article I’m going to give you some great tips on how to run a garage sale. In addition to these garage sale tips, I’m going to give you some general marketing advice. Let’s get started…

1. Be sure to give every single item a price. Don’t make people guess. Add some certainty. Make sure your labels are easy to read; small writing isn’t allowed.

2. Use tables. Lot’s and lot’s of tables. This keeps your stuff off the floor. This makes at-a-glance shopping much easier. People don’t like to lean or bend down, especially older shoppers. Plus, stuff on the floor gets kicked and broken.

3. Lay books and magazines flat. (Another reason for using tables.) People like to see covers not just the spines of books. This same lesson applies to CDs and DVDs. You use up real estate but your sales will be 2-3 times as high.

4. Cluster similar things together. Reel people into a book or CD section for example. Make it easy to browse your stuff.

5. My biggest tip is that you should sell food and drinks. This can be very simple. Buy a case of bottled water and 2-3 dozen donuts. You’ll sell a ton. Get creative about the food you sell; this works like magic.

6. Be sure to say “Hello!” to every single person. Make eye contact and smile. This will drive up your sales. Human contact pulls people in and makes them more likely to purchase.

OK, now I’m going to give you three internet marketing lessons. You can learn a lot about online marketing when you look at how to run a garage sale.

1. You have to know WHY you are having a garage sale. Are you selling to make money or are you really selling to reduce your inventory. This is important with online selling too — what is your real goal? Are you trying to build up a customer list or make a ton of money right now? Low priced items will help you build a list fast than high priced items, for example.

2. You need to know your audience. People at garage sales are looking for great deals. They are also open to haggling for lower prices or volume discounts. Online you can do the same thing. “If you buy this product, I’ll give you this one for nothing.” Think about bonuses that compliment your main product. Be smart about grouping items together for maximum value.

3. Make it easy to buy. I gave a couple of examples above about grouping items together, making it easy to find prices, and laying items flat for easy viewing. The same concepts holds online. Use images smartly. Use headers and subheaders to group content together. Use boldface to highlight key ideas and concepts.

Good luck with your garage sale and internet marketing adventures!

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

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