I’m happy to announce that Paul Myers has put together a free 112 page report that explains exactly how to get started online.

It’s targeted at internet marketers, entrepreneurs and other folks who are trying to make money online. If you’re just getting started online then this is exactly right place to start. Paul’s brilliant.

(I read everything that he writes.)

Want to know more?

Here’s a table of contents for Paul’s FREE Need to Know Manual:

Chapter 0: The Starting Point – Becoming Unstoppable
Chapter 1: The 5 Things it Takes to Succeed Online
Chapter 2: The 7 Things You Must Include in Everything You do Online
Chapter 3: Cover Your Assets
Chapter 4: Become a “Model” Citizen
Chapter 5: Revenge of the Psycho-Billy Cadillac
Chapter 6: Gimmick, Toy or Tool?
Chapter 7: Of Wombats and Men
Chapter 8: The Most Important Skill
Chapter 9: “Where’s the Party?”
Chapter 10: Winning The Content Contest
Chapter 11: Are You THAT Boring?
Chapter 12: How to be Interesting in Print
Chapter 13: The “THUD!” Factor
Chapter 14: The World is Your Playground
Chapter 15: Ramp it Up!
The Last Word

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

  • “Success and failure are meaningless concepts, except when measured against the question: Have you achieved the sum of your wants and desires?”
  • “Whatever you’re doing right now, whether it makes you happy or not, is exactly what you want most to be doing right now.”
  • “Knowing how to apply leverage effectively will help make the potential payoffs larger, while keeping the downside risks affordable. That means that one idea that works can quickly cover a lot of ideas that don’t.”(Editor’s Note: You can fail 90% of the time but still get very rich!)
  • “I don’t care how “cool” you think widget-whackers are. It makes no sense to try and sell widget-whackers to people who have no idea what a widget is, or why it should be whacked.”
  • “Benefits exist in the head and the heart. Everything else is a feature.”
  • “I have never seen a business fail because they had too much qualified traffic.”
  • “Focus is the thing that separates the successes from the almosts.” (Here’s a big hint: Learn about the 10x Method)
  • “It is possible to run a business with nothing but a good address book.”
  • Finish first. Polish second.
  • “Grammar Cops and Zombies don’t really offer criticism to help, although they often claim that’s their goal. They’re nitpicking to show they know more than you. This usually happens when you’re doing something they can’t – making a profit and making a difference.”
  • “You need to listen to both individuals and markets. While you do, remember: Individuals sometimes lie. Markets never do.”
  • “When in doubt: Test. When you’re certain: Test anyway.”
  • “When a person expresses an opinion on a thing, he is telling you more about himself than about that thing.”
  • Give people what they want, the way they want it, and you can get almost everything else wrong and still be a success.
  • “Increase the desire and lower the resistance.”
  • “If you can touch it, it’s a feature. If you feel it, it’s a benefit.”
  • “When you make someone laugh, you reset their attention span.”
  • “Expect more than anyone else, and you’ll usually get it.”

…and there are many more.

It’s an excellent report.

Grab it now.

~ John

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