Why are people going nuts about guest blogging?

The answer is simple. You can get a ton of FREE TRAFFIC.

Here’s how to get all the free traffic you can handle… and how you can finally become a guest blogging freak. I’m going to spill the beans for you.

First, let’s set the record straight…

I’m tired of people saying that they can’t get a ton of free traffic. They say “there’s no free traffic” out there. Well, that’s wrong. All you have to do is be cool and ask for it.

I use many different traffic-getting secrets. But in this blog post we’re going to look at guest blogging because it’s so easy a hamster can do it.


First, you’ve gotta find blogs in your niche. Let’s say you’re into fire-eating. That’s your thing. What you do is hunt down blogs about fire-eating and you’re 80% of the way to getting free traffic.

The reason is that you’ve taken some action. Most people — not you! — are totally lazy and won’t even do a little work to find some blogs.

It ain’t that hard to go to Google or Google Blog Search to find blogs in your niche. But like I said, 80% of the people reading this won’t even do that.

OK, so now that you’ve found these blogs, you just contact the blog owners and say this to them:


Well, maybe not exactly like that but you get what I’m saying…

Most folks are tired, lazy and have no time. If you tell them that you will do work for FREE they will be happy to listen to you. Listen, if I came to YOU and said…


…for YOU, wouldn’t you be a little bit interested? Sure you would!

Who doesn’t want FREE stuff, especially free content from someone else. And, imagine if you said that your content was 100% unique — never published any other place.

So, when you do this, the other person is listening and there’s a good chance that no one else has ever offered to do FREE WORK for them. That alone is very special.

Now imagine that the only thing you ask for is a little author box or bio box at the end of the article. This is just like you’d do on a site like EzineArticles — diggin’ me?

There are two things that happen here. You gotta pay attention to this…

1. You’re getting direct traffic from that blog to your site. People will click the link in your bio box and come to your site. Sweet!

2. Here’s a ninja secret: you’ll also get a BACKLINK from that blog. Just imagine getting a fresh-n-hot backlink from a high PageRank blog. Heck, even a low PageRank blog is good. That backlink will be noticed by Big Brother Google and boost the juice of YOUR SITE. That means traffic… from Google!

This is like article marketing on El Crackola. And, you get DIVERSITY in your backlinnks doing this.

But wait, there’s more —


You are also establishing a relationship with the blog owner. If they are smart they are building a list. In fact, if they are smart… they already HAVE a list. If that’s the case… and YOU have been nice to them, and you’ve built a relationship…

That’s got huge potential for a JOINT VENTURE.

That’s a fancy way of saying that you can work with your new friend — maybe they will mail to their list saying that you’re awesome. You sell some stuff. You get traffic, make money. You and your new friend split the money 50/50 and EVERYONE WINS.

Listen… this is all from doing a simple guest blog post.

How hard is this?

IT’S NOT. You know in your gut that this is EASY to do…

But, maybe you need a “visual” and maybe you wanna see a video of this? We’ll I just released a video about how to find blogs and some other ninja magic stuff related to guest blogging right inside…


I’m not trying to sell you anything here… This is a FREE blog post about getting FREE TRAFFIC. However, I know that some people really want the extra cool stuff… the advanced tricks. I hear you.

Quick Disclaimer: The Simple Cash Blog is for folks who have a few bucks to spare and want advanced traffic-getting secrets. Not the crap you see all over the place.

In any event, about that video…

I created the Guest Blogging Firepower video. It’s only for Simple Cash Blog Members. Not just ANYONE.

If you wanna skip the dreaded “squeeze page” you should go directly to our private letter that spells it all out in detail… maybe we give too much away?

Simple Cash Blog Private Letter

(Hey, I can’t blame you… I often skip squeeze pages too… but don’t miss that letter. It offers up some instant training too. I give it my highest recommendation.)

That’s about it.

You’re ready for free traffic now, just by guest blogging. And, don’t forget about those Joint Ventures (JVs) and other cool stuff that most people don’t share — but you’re getting for FREE here.


~ John

p.s. Leave a cool comment. I read everything closely. Be cool…