Dropping Names

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Today I was in a room with John Reese, Jeff Walker, Brad Fallon, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, John Carlton and many other ‘notable people’ in the internet marketing world. I swear I’m not saying this to simply name drop.

I’m just setting the stage for this…

They were all in learning mode. Like little kids in 3rd grade! It was almost funny, except for the very serious focus and ‘heads down’ activities.

They were listening to someone else talk. They were talking notes, they were filling out forms and they were in little groups sharing ideas and experiences. They were planning. They were developing their strategies. Like you. Like me.

My key point is that even these folks are hungry to learn more. They are looking for new systems, new opportunities and new partners. They are human with human needs. And, they are smart about building wealth and staying focused. Education is key — investing in your business is extremely smart.

Now, what they learned — and what I learned — was extremely valuable. But, it’s a topic for another day. What matters to you is this…

There are absolutely several “levels” of business evolution. It’s next to impossible to go from making $5 per day to $500 per day in less than 30 days. Sure, it can happen, but it’s rare. Extremely rare.

Here’s what’s also rare —

Too many people make $5 per day or $10 per day, or, whatever amount. But then, rather than using their knowledge and systems… they squander the opportunity to learn and grow. They stagnate. They give up or even blow up.


Well, one big reason is simple lack of access to the right information at the right time.
quite frankly, there are not many systems that show you how to legitimately make $250-500 extra per month more with 10-12 hours of extra work per month, for example.

This is a key reason why we developed the Simple Cash Blog. You can click that link and get the free information. It’s painless… Just do it.

What I want you to know is that you can save yourself a lot of time and a lot of energy simply by investing a little time and money in the Simple Cash Blog. In relation to the value, it’s basically free.

We’ve been told it could easily be a $97 per month membership. You’ll pay a fraction of that. And you might ask, “Then why the low price?” Simple! We want you on our buyer’s list and we want to forge a long term relationship. That’s Marketing 101 and we know the lifetime value of our customers (Hint: you need to know the value of your customers).

Even if you don’t have any intention of investing, do take 26 seconds to grab the some of the 100% free information we’re handing out. Then, like the gurus I was with today, start learning… and take action.

~ John

p.s. Here’s that direct link again: Simple Cash Blog

How to Use Twitter

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John S. Rhodes on TwitterI’m going to tell you how to use Twitter. This is primarily meant for people who want to use Twitter to drive web site traffic. So, it’s mostly about marketing but it is useful for anyone.

I encourage you to start with this: 10 Simple Twitter Secrets. It’s a blog posting I wrote back in August 2007, well before all the “Twitter Gurus” started popping up. It’s a amusing to find these “secrets” in $27 reports.

Next, take a look a this blog posting: How to Search Twitter. If you think you know everything about finding people and good stuff on Twitter, you need to reconsider. There are many tools outside Twitter that give you incredible power. (Twitter search will become more powerful than Google?) There is incredible value inside Twitter that you can extract, if you know what you’re doing.

At this point you should have a solid foundation. You know the basics of Twitter and you know how to tap the hidden value through search. Now it’s time to look at how to use Twitter to drive traffic. Furthermore, I’ll explain how to boost the power of your social network using simple tactics and tools.

You need to take an inventory of your business assets. For example:

  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do you have any products for sale?
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
  • Do you have any special skills?

Once you’ve compiled the answers to these questions you have created a pile of business assets. This step is crucial. So, please pause a moment to reflect on those questions even if you don’t write down answers (highly recommended).

What you’re going to do now is search for people who talk about you, your blog, your products, and so on. Use Twitter search tools to find “links” with other people. If you’re not Following them, start now. Also, start to use the @username functionality to connect with these people. If you’re lucky, these people will start Following you. Once that happens, direct message (DM) them and start real conversations. Interact with these folks. They are the backbone of your Twitter social network. I can’t stress this enough: be sincere, honest and 100% legitimate. Avoid spam and automated tools. They’ll work against you.

Now that you have built a Twitter network, start finding ways to help these folks. For example, run a survey or poll. Be sure to @username and direct message them. Find out what they want and what they need. For example, you might DM me (http://twitter.com/webword) about a new usability quiz or online marketing survey you’re running. Interact!

This activity will give you business intelligence. You’ll also find that people will re-tweet your messages without asking. They will help you because you’re helping them. Because you care, they care. Before long, a small (but loyal) group of these Followers will become friends. They can also become affiliates and joint venture partners. Knowing what you have — business assets — and what they want will be critical. You’ll be using Twitter to build your business and conduct business. This activity will naturally drive traffic without any special magic.

The process I described above sounds so simple. It’s almost childish. It might feel too manual or it might seem like a brute force tactic. But the truth is that this is so legitimate and since, that it’s got more traffic power than a tidal wave. You will see a constant stream of traffic with an occasional flood when some of your Tweets go viral — trust me, this happens. The interactions with my trusted network suck people in. There is excitement and buzz; traffic MUST flow.

As I write this blog posting I have well over 2,000 loyal Followers. Make no mistake: This 2K+ group of Followers is 10x better than an ill-be-gotten or manufactured group of 20K Followers. My Followers are legitimate and they are powerful. We work together to drive traffic, share ideas and make great things happen for each other. That is the “secret” of Twitter.

I’m going to leave you with one final bit of advice on how to use Twitter. This is what many readers — probably you! — care about. You can dramatically increase traffic with Twitter just by asking for it. Here’s what I do:

  • Post a tweet which includes a link
  • At the end, I say “Please Stumble” or “Please Digg” or “Please RT” or “Please share”
  • I direct message 3-4 people who care about the topic and ask for help

That’s it. Because my Twitter Followers actually care about what I write and have to say, they help me. Likewise, when they ask for Stumbles, Re-Tweets, Digg’s and so on, I help them. We don’t promote junk and they don’t promote junk. (When they do, I tell them bluntly and we move on.)

This is all possible because I’ve developed such a strong, loyal and LEGITIMATE (read: no trash!) group of Followers. We actually care about each other. As a result, we all benefit.

I’ll end by saying that using Twitter is a social exercise. It’s not about code. It’s not about using tools. It’s not about anything but … people. If you want to use Twitter for traffic you have to rethink how you interact and socialize with other people. Most of the lessons above are basic and eternal. It’s too bad that so many people forget that it comes down to humans talking to humans.

If you liked this blog posting, I’m glad! I’ve got plenty more to say: Follow Me on Twitter!

~ John

p.s. Show me some love please? Please Stumble, Digg, Tweet and share this blog posting if you want other people to know how to properly use Twitter. Thank you for your time and for helping.

10 Simple Twitter Secrets

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If you’re trying to find John S. Rhodes on Twitter, start here:


If you’re trying to get started, simply join Twitter then start asking me questions. Honestly, that’s going to be easy for you than anything else. You’ll want to follow me because I write about, and follow, the smartest UX, usability and internet marketing folks on Twitter. I also generate some good stuff.

Here are some commands and tips that will help you:

1. @username (for example, @webword) will create link to a user’s profile. It’s a great way to find someone too. If you create a twittering using the @username method, you can then click on that link and easily visit their Twitter page. Works like magic.

2. If you use a smart mobile phone, then direct your browser to: http://m.twitter.com which is the Twitter site optimized for mobile devices. (It’s an open secret, I swear.) If you’re on the go, this is a great way to post and track your Twitter page. For on-the-go internet marketers, it’s very convenient.

3. If you’re a Mac fan, consider grabbing Twitterrific. Here’s what it is:

“Twitterrific is a fun little application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twittercommunity website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.”

4. If you’re a Windows guy or gal, consider Twitteroo. Here’s the scoop: Twitteroo allows you to send and receive updates from Twitter on your Windows desktop. It has some limitations, but it works great. Don’t miss this Twitter secret tool.

5. Do not miss this “inside look” at Twitter. It’s a 37 minute video by Robert Scoble. He’s actually inside the Twitter offices talking to the folks behind the scenes. You won’t get anything better than this. You will really *learn* a lot about Twitter. I promise. If you’re an internet marketer, you know that this Twitter secret is like having a handful of gold.

6. Make sure that you update your Twitter profile. Here’s the link to your profile:


Probably the most important field is the More Info URL. If people are looking at your profile, it’s a direct link to any URL you want. For internet marketers, this is obviously really smart to update.

7. You can send Twitter your tweets from an instant messenger. Here’s the mobile devices page, which you should take a look at. If you use GTalk, you can’t go wrong. So, to be clear, you can update Twitter via the Twitter web site, your phone, or instant messenger client. Cool, eh?

8. If you’re looking for new people to follow there are two easy things you can do. First, you can view the Twitter public timeline. I do this about once per day for just a few minutes. The second, more effective method, is to view the “Following” link on the pages of people that you really like. Then you can just subscribe to who they follow. It’s reverse logic, but it works.

For example, let’s say that you like what I write at http://twitter.com/webword All you need to do is click the Following link on my profile and you’ll see who I’m following. Then, you can just follow them.

Aside: The link will look like this “twitter.com/friends” — Notice that it says friends. That’s a carry over from previous coding they did.

9. Crazy Delicious Secret: If you want more followers, start following more people. Many people will follow anyone that follows them. Sometimes there are even bots that automatically reciprocate the following relationship.

This doesn’t mean you should go nuts and follow any old person, but if you want to get people following you, then you really ought to start following. It’s a give and take relationship.

10. If you’re nutty about showing up first on Follower lists, you should consider setting your screenname to something that starts with the letter A or maybe even a number. Twitter lists followers in alphabetical order. This is kind of a silly recommendation, but if you’re serious about showing up at the top, it is a consideration for you.

Aside: Twitter needs to add better sort and filter tools for Followers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #1 — Learn all about Twitter Replies. The smartest folks use these like crazy to network and respond. It’s really quite impressive if you do it right.

Bonus Twitter Secret #2 — Show multiple Twitters on your blog. It’s a great way to connect your Twitter updates to your blog. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s smart, especially for internet marketers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #3 — Find your Twitter RSS feed. If you’d like to see my Twitter RSS feed, simply add this RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader:


You will see all of my Twitter updates with no mess, no fuss. I encourage you to subscribe to that feed, especially if you care about usability, UX and marketing.

Bonus Twitter Secret #4 — Use Twitterholicto find out the Top 100 Twitterholics. It’s based on number of Followers.

Won’t you follow me? http://twitter.com/webword


Based on more research that I’ve done as well as IMsimple.com reader feedback, I’m updating this entry with more Twitter Secrets. Enjoy!

Twitter Secret #15 — If you’re a WordPress user, don’t miss the Twitter WordPress Plugin(that’s a README). Directly download the WordPress plugin.

Twitter Secret #16 — Use Twitter while inside Second Life. “Twitterbox is an object which enables one to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life.”

Twitter Secret #17 — Post to Twitter directly from Firefox. “…allows you to quickly post statuses to your Twitter account from the Firefox search bar. It is not an extension — it is a Firefox Search Engine. This means you can activate and install it in about five seconds, and start using it straight away without having to restart Firefox.”

Twitter Secret #18 — Serious Linux geek using Twitter? Try out gtwitter. “gTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to twitter.com web service.”

Keep those tips coming in and I’ll keep updating…