How to Earn $5,000+ Per Month With Your Own Autopilot Membership

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It’s been an insanely brutal couple of days. My team
and I ran into a wall of technical problems, and I’ve
grown at least a dozen new gray hairs (note: I’m 22)
but it’s finally ready…

John and I have just officially re-launched the Simple
Cash Blog. We want to let you know what it’s all about
by giving you a report directly from our member’s area.
This is just one simple business model that pumps out
cash for us every month. It takes us 5 hours to create.

I hope you use it:


It’s a powerful membership that reveals our extremely
simple money-making business models (we have dozens)
in the form of short reports, checklists and templates.
In other words, you can flat-out COPY our money makers.

Here’s the best part though…

If you are an active member of a Rhodes Brothers
membership, you may be eligible for several months
of complimentary access to the Simple Cash Blog.

Just send this information in to our help desk:

1.) Your name
2.) Name of the membership you’re subscribed to
3.) Your Paypal e-mail address
4.) Your Paypal transaction ID

Our help desk is located at Just
submit your request and we’ll try to get back to you
within 24 to 48 hours with your link for complimentary
access to the Simple Cash Blog and let you know how
many months of access you will be given.

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any
questions. We’d love to help you out.

Private Label Rights Help (Massive Profits)

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John and I have been cranking out several great blog posts over at Private Label Rights (PLR) Help, our new blog at The whole blog is dedicated to helping you (no matter what your skill level) make money with PLR content.

I’m telling you, Private Label Rights products are some of the most under-exploited opportunities available on the market. With just a few small tweaks, you can earn money continuously just by doing the work once.

Here is some of the stuff that we’re going to cover over the next couple of weeks at Don’t miss it…

What are Private Label Rights products? – You’ll get a full overview of what PLR products are and how to use them.

How to Invest in PLR Products – Our tips and tricks for finding high quality PLR products to buy (and then sell for profit)

Why People Fail with PLR – How to avoid failure so that you can almost guarantee profitability with private label rights products.

How to Become a Guru with PLR – Our secrets for gaining an immediate advantage in a market using PLR products

How to Use PLR Products for Memberships – Memberships are the bread and butter of many successful internet businesses, including our own. We’ll show you how we use private label rights content to make big money in a short amount of time.

How to Avoid “Toxic” PLR Products – If you’re not careful, you can do major damage to your reputation with private label rights content. Follow our rules to make sure you don’t get burnt.

…again, this is only a very small hint of what is coming at Go take a look now and be sure to comment and let us know how we’re doing. We want to answer your questions about private label rights products…and we want to help you get MASSIVE PROFITS with them.

Finding A Ghostwriter That Fits

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Guest Article By Cori Padgett

Finding a ghostwriter can be tough sometimes, especially if you have never hired one before and have no idea what to look for. You’ll probably get a ton of well meaning advice on places to look, and what you should pay for one, what’s too much, what’s not enough, and the list goes on!

A lot of people when first starting to outsource work have a fear of the unknown, and it stops them from taking a leap. But outsourcing can be so critical to your success and peace of mind once your business really starts to take off. Especially if you aren’t much of a writer yourself, or simply don’t like to write, outsourcing to a ghostwriter can be a huge weight off of your shoulders.

So How To Find A Quality Ghostwriter?

When asking this question, folks may send you at first to places like or where you can hire freelancers to do whatever work you are requiring. These can be great places to find services at cheap prices, and is great for finding people to help with administrative tasks. Occasionally you can find good writers there as well, I am definitely not knocking them.

However, when you are looking for a writer you should be looking for someone who has built up a good reputation, and can show you examples of top quality work. You may not always find that on a lot of the freelance sites.

The best way to find a good ghostwriter is through word of mouth or referrals. You can bet that if you find a writer through word of mouth, it is because they have proven themselves and their clients are very happy, and spreading the word.

Check out forums, and see who people may be talking about or recommending. Message boards are good too. Just ask around and see who people point you to. If your shoved in the direction of a certain writer fairly regularly, it’s probably a good bet they are well qualified to write for you.

Found A Potential Ghostwriter – Now What?

So you have found a possible writer, and aren’t sure where to go next. The first thing you will want to do is contact them, obviously. Request a quote based on the project you are looking to have written. Also request samples from them. A good writer will always have samples of past work they can provide to you as proof of their quality.

However, be careful, some writers are unscrupulous and will send you bogus work as their samples, and then when actually asked to write your stuff, it comes back as crap! The best way to avoid this is to not only ask for samples already written, but also ask them to write a short sample article on the topic of your choice. Unless they are already an extremely well known writer whose work speaks for itself, they shouldn’t have a problem doing this for you.

Also check out their website. If they are serious about their work, then they will have a website up regarding their services. Check out the site, see if it has samples available, if it looks professional, and if they have a photo available introducing themselves.

If you decide you like this ghostwriter, and their style meshes well with what you are trying to accomplish, you will then want to draw up a simple ghostwriters agreement with them, just so you both have a record of the terms of agreement. That’s simply good business, so don’t be worried about asking them to do so. If they are unwilling find another writer!

How Much Is Too Much?

Once you have found your writer, and requested their quote, how much is too much? That can only be determined by you. Some folks will say that only expensive writers are quality writers, and all the cheap ones write in broken English. Others take the opposing stance and won’t pay for a writer that charges more than 6 bucks an article.

It all depends on you and what you are comfortable with. In my experience, expensive doesn’t always mean better, but neither do want to shell out money for a cheap writer who doesn’t deliver. Sometimes, when paying a higher price you may be paying not only for quality writing, but also for excellent customer service and timely work. Yes it’s nice to be able to cut costs and save some money, but hiring your ghostwriter may not be the ideal place to cut corners.

Consider the fact that perception plays a huge role in how people judge you or your product. It only makes sense to invest in a quality ghostwriter that is going to represent you or your product in the absolute best light possible.

To Recap…

Do your due diligence. Ask around, get referrals, find a writer with a great reputation. Request samples and quotes, as well as a ghost writer agreement. Don’t mistake expensive for better, but don’t think cheap is always going to cut it! And finally, go with your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable handing that person your money to complete a job for you, then don’t. Keep looking until you find a ghostwriter that is the perfect fit for YOU.

If you liked this article, and are still struggling to find a quality ghostwriter you can trust, feel free to drop by from Cori and request a quote.

How To Make Money From Writing

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A lot of folks ask us how to make money from writing. It’s a great question, simply because writing is one of the core ways to make money online. Just about everything related to internet marketing or making money online includes having to write something of some sort, whether you’re writing or editing a report, writing sales copy, or even simply communicating with your customers.

Note: To download a step-by-step technique that shows you exactly how to make money from writing right away, download the report at the Simple Cash Blogright now. It’s 100% free.

Here’s a quick brainstorm of everything John and I can think of when we’re asked how to make money from writing…

1.) Hire yourself out to write articles. Post examples of your work on a website, then go to eLance,, and others to look for jobs. You can also go to the Warrior Forum, and after participating there for about a week, you can post a “special offer” to the Warrior Special Offer forum offering up a discounted rate for writing articles.

2.) Write reports for people. Follow the same techniques in #1, but offer to write reports, instead. Keep in mind as your reputation improves you can begin charging more and more as you attract veteran marketers.

3.) Create a niche website. Use WordTracker’s Free Keyword Tool to find keywords and then write blog entries in Blogger. Write one per day, 300-400 words long, targeting one keyword per article. Use the exact keyword phrases 2 to 3 times in your article, once in the first sentence. Over time you will build a stream of traffic that you can monetize with Google Adsense, related Clickbank products, and more.

4.) You can edit and write new content for private label rights reports and either sell them or give them away via your website. If you give them away, you can easily plug in affiliate links for related products and make some money.

5.) Research and write your own reports. This is our top “how to make money from writing” technique, and one we apply ourselves frequently. First, go to a forum and find pressing questions that are popular and have a lot of replies. Then, find the solution to that problem (there are typically a lot of solutions in the thread of the question.) You can then research the solutions, put in your own solutions, and add your own twist. Write a sales letter, then market it.

6.) Create your own PLR packages. If you enjoy writing articles, creating a PLR article package and limiting the number of copies distributed (20 to 30 is typically acceptable) and selling them for $5 to $10 per package for 10 or more articles can give you some short term cash, especially if you repeat the process over and over.

7.) If going offline is preferred, you can always write your own book and then self-publish it with a site such as, then list your book on sites such as Amazon. You can do interviews with people in your niche to increase your book’s popularity.

Big Secret — Proper grammar is NOT a must to make money online. Neither John nor I claim to have perfect command of the English language, and sometimes we blatantly violate it’s rules. Occasionally we misspell things in our e-mails or in our sales copy, or use improper grammar or a very non-formal tone. In fact, many markets respond better to a non-formal tone. Think about it…

Wouldn’t you rather buy from a person, rather than a big corporation? Most people would. :-)

Keeping that in mind, there are some times when writing formal is necessary. For example, if you’re talking to professionals or writing about science-related topics, then writing formally is a must.

I hope this list of tips has gotten you thinking about the many different ways you can start making money online right now. If you’d like other models for making money online, be sure to check out the Simple Cash Blog. It contains a 100% free report that shows you, step-by-step, how to make money with writing.

Click here to download the report at the Simple Cash Blog right now…