Money in Hand from Your ListI’ve been asked Why build a list? about 100 times. It’s a question that is asked by people new to internet marketing and it deserves a simple answer.

The very short and simple answer is that a list means you’ve got traffic and customers. At a minimum, you have potential traffic and potential customers.

Consider this. If I have a list of 5,000 people interested in pet products then I have list of 5,000 who might buy something from me if I send them an email.

Once someone is on your list you can send them messages. You can build a relationship. You can build trust. You can establish a rapport with hundreds or thousands of people.

All businesses need these relationships to ensure long term success. But, online businesses need even more love and attention. They need more tools for building trust. There is great skepticism online and having a list can save you.

Let me give you another perspective. This is very real; very tangible.

Just 2 days ago I bought the rights to a great video series on getting top ranking in Google for less than 1 hour of work; One Hour Google. (Highly recommended, by the way.)

I spent no more than two hours getting the videos set up. I made some quick changes to the graphics and content. I also set up a payment link and some other things. This was very easy for me to do. (If you’re curious about all that magic don’t miss PLR Exploitation. I explain all of this in great detail.)

In any event, I set up everything quickly but then I had to take the next action:


Now, most people would use pay-per-click (PPC), article marketing, blogging, and other techniques. That makes a lot of sense. These techniques are not “fly by night” — they are legitimate. They work.

But, I decided to be a little bit lazy. What I did was craft a quick note. I added that note to my autoresponder. Thousands of people are now learning about One Hour Google. I provided a little background about it and pointed my list in the right direction.

Now you know the power of list building. It’s something that you must do if you want to succeed in the long term. Get going right now. You’ll be glad you did.