How to Earn $5,000+ Per Month With Your Own Autopilot Membership

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It’s been an insanely brutal couple of days. My team
and I ran into a wall of technical problems, and I’ve
grown at least a dozen new gray hairs (note: I’m 22)
but it’s finally ready…

John and I have just officially re-launched the Simple
Cash Blog. We want to let you know what it’s all about
by giving you a report directly from our member’s area.
This is just one simple business model that pumps out
cash for us every month. It takes us 5 hours to create.

I hope you use it:


It’s a powerful membership that reveals our extremely
simple money-making business models (we have dozens)
in the form of short reports, checklists and templates.
In other words, you can flat-out COPY our money makers.

Here’s the best part though…

If you are an active member of a Rhodes Brothers
membership, you may be eligible for several months
of complimentary access to the Simple Cash Blog.

Just send this information in to our help desk:

1.) Your name
2.) Name of the membership you’re subscribed to
3.) Your Paypal e-mail address
4.) Your Paypal transaction ID

Our help desk is located at Just
submit your request and we’ll try to get back to you
within 24 to 48 hours with your link for complimentary
access to the Simple Cash Blog and let you know how
many months of access you will be given.

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any
questions. We’d love to help you out.

How to Start Making Money Online

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ArticlesPeople are always asking us how to start making money online. The answer surprises most people: pick anything and take action.

I created an 18 minute audio to help you get started today. I talk about how to get started, what to promote and how to get traffic. It’s the perfect overview and I highly recommend you listen to it.

What to know what I talk about? Here’s the simple formula…

You start by doing some niche research, looking at trends, following smart people or just taking a complete guess.

Next, you need to decide what you’re going to sell or promote. You can be an affiliate marketer, you can sell your own products or you can start your own membership. Almost anything will work.

And lastly, you need to drive traffic using pay per click (PPC), writing blog entries, and writing articles. There’s a lot more you can do as well.

This formula is so simple but … IT WORKS. Of course, there is more to learn. There is a “secret” in the audio I created. When you hear me say it — and clearly explain it — you’ll see why the process I’ve outlined above is so powerful.

I’m not trying to scare you but you will FAIL if you don’t take my advice. You can pick the perfect niche, create the perfect product to sell or promote, and drive tons of traffic — but still fail. It’s important you listen to the audio succeed: How to Start Making Money Online (FREE).

By the way, if you like that audio, then you will love this stuff…

And, if you’re looking for other fantastic (very popular) blog entries, read these…


~ John

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Membership Web Site Survey (Free Download)

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Instantly Download This One-Of-A-Kind, 21 Page PDF Based On
8 Laser Targeted Questions About Membership Websites

Hey Blog Reader,

We recently set out a survey to our lists asking
them their most pressing questions with membership

We were just FLOODED with responses. We were
stunned … it’s hard to believe how many people
responded to that survey.

Here are the results. Instantly download them here:

I can tell you one thing is really clear — there are
a lot of people that are looking for reliable cash,
month after month. Many people, perhaps you,
want to know how to do niche research and find
fresh content for memberships too. They want to
know what works before investing their time.

But really, the biggest thing is that people just
want help getting started because they know that
with a membership, there is consistent cash. I’m
going to talk more about that in a few minutes.
First, I need to tell you how big companies are
secretly killing jobs. It’s important…

— — —

I live in what’s known as Upstate New York. It’s
not even close to New York City. In fact, we’re
about 3 hours away. But, despite being in a small
town, we’re very close to a major IBM plant. It’s
actually known as the birthplace of IBM.

Obviously the local newspaper follows IBM very
closely. In the last few months, they haven’t
really written anything about IBM — Despite the
fact that IBM has been laying people off. A lot of
people. But it’s not showing up.

See, what they’re doing is letting people go in
small batches. There’s this loophole they’re using
that allows them to keep the announcement out of
the paper by getting rid of people in very small
batches so no news is reported — Yes, the local
newspaper is blind.

Think of how many other companies are laying off
using these submarine tactics. Even government
jobs are at serious risk these days.

If you’re working for someone else, the risk is higher
than ever. Unfortunately, other people control your
ability to stay above water. I know how this feels
and it’s not pleasant.

And now I’ll bring things back full circle. The
reason that so many people want memberships is
because they offer reliable cash. It’s that month
to month cash flow that really matters…

Allow me to tell you a little secret.

— — —

Some people are NOT in pain. They always have
extra money. There’s always a lifeline for them.

The people who are suffering the least right now
have membership web sites. Even if their product
sales drop they still have a consistent flow of
cash coming in from their … memberships.

In other words, those people with memberships
aren’t very worried about layoffs. They have a
lot of stability and control. They have comfort.

(A membership is like a warm, fuzzy blanket in
the dead of a cold winter. It’s what you want.)

Now, I know from our survey that many people do
not know how to set up a membership. It seems
like it’s a serious challenge, right?

But the truth is that there are actually many
membership models. Some are easy enough to set
up in just 3-4 hours. Others take more time, but
the payoff is just huge. Anyone can feel confident
about setting up a membership because there are
many simple paths. And, you can “upgrade” and
move to more powerful (cash pulling) memberships.

You would think that with all the brilliant minds
out there that this information would be right
out there, ready to grab and use. But, it’s hidden.

That’s not right. So, we’re going to help you. Here’s
how we’re going to make a difference, today…

— — —

We thought you would be interested to see a list of
the top things people need to know about memberships.
This is a gift without any hassles … because the
Warrior Forum has really helped us.

Just go to this web site and download your copy
of the Membership Survey Results.

We’ve also set up a Priority Notification List for
people who might be interested in all our membership
systems. Obviously we will be covering absolutely
everything there. Once we open this thing up to the

public, the number we can accept will be limited. That’s
because we’re taking our time to personally work
with each person.

So, the best way to get a chance at getting one of
the limited spots is to jump on the that Priority
Notification List. Here’s the link again:

The one thing that I want you to remember today
is that memberships are recession proof. We have
recently seen an *increase* in the number of new
subscribers to our memberships.

It’s this kind of consistent cash flow that makes
memberships so powerful. And fortunately, it is
possible to set up a membership even if you lack
technical knowledge.

We’ll be talking with you very soon once you join
the Priority Notification List.

All the best,

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Many people want over-the-shoulder help. And,
they want videos. That makes sense. Imagine having
us right there for you, providing step-by-step
instructions. Imagine having the blueprint in your
hands … for your first membership.

How to Survive a Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis If you want to know how to survive a financial crisis then you’ve come to the right place. Before I give you the secret I want to share a story with you.

This morning I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Of course I only saw the dentist for a few minutes. The rest of my time was spent with Gerry, the hygienist. She’s a great woman and loves to talk.

Before I knew it, we were talking to about the financial crisis and she was asking me how to get through it. I started talking about index funds, balancing your portfolio, regression to the mean, no load mutual funds, FDIC, and more. Then there was a deer-in-headlights look and I felt bad. At that moment I realized that she was very afraid.

Then something amazing happened. She asked if I would look at all her investment portfolio; Gerry was heading to “her guy” later in the day so the documentation was out in her car. She literally ran to her car and grabbed her IRA and investment information for me to look at. (It’s true!)

It’s astounding what people will do during a financial crisis. Fear is a powerful driver. Losing a huge chunk of your retirement in 2-3 days is painful. Fear and pain also drives unusual decisions, like people sharing intimate financial details with each other.

I told you this crisis story because it sets the stage for how I feel about it all. Like many people, I have a balanced portfolio, personal savings accounts, bonds, and more. And, like you, I care about my financial situation and the shocks in the stock market.

But —

I’m not as worried as most people. I’m going to share a secret with you. It’s something that will reward you forever if you really take it to heart and take action.

I’m very calm these days because I know that I can sell. Yes, I’m a salesman. This is very powerful and drives peace and harmony with my personal finances.

If you can sell, you can always survive. If you can sell, you can lose all of your money and still pull down cash and feed your family and pay the mortgage.

“But I don’t like to sell!”

I hear you and I understand. If you don’t like selling, then first I have to say that you probably don’t understand selling. It’s not as dirty as you might think. Selling, when done right, is simply giving people what they want for a fair price. It’s as easy as a conversation. (It’s true.)

But there’s another piece of this secret. The second part of my advice is that you need to start your own business. If you run your own business then you can survive any financial turmoil as long as all your money isn’t tied up in the stock market. It shouldn’t be!

When you own your own business you are completely in control. You can’t control the market or your customers, but you can survive dark times. In fact, when things are grim you are best positioned to strike out on your own. That point is worthy of it’s own blog posting but it’s true. You can take that to the bank.

So, in short, if you want to make it through tough financial times then you need to sell. You need to embrace the power of marketing. If you don’t know how, start learning today. Secondly, start your own business and focus on sales. Be sure that those sales translate to profits, not just pure revenue. Make money and grow.

Need more help?

Here is some specific advice on how to make money online with internet marketing. You can easily start selling for high profits today.

  • Exploit the PLR on your computer
  • — In short, you can use the PLR on your computer to make money quickly and easily. You can re-write and brand PLR reports and sell them in many different ways.

  • Create a membership site
  • — In less than 2 hours you can set up a membership site and start making money. It’s easy to survive a stock market drop if you’re pulling down $1,000 each week through your own membership.

  • Follow proven business models
  • — Join a low cost membership which gives you free ebooks and proven business models. Also, look for memberships, clubs, and coaches who can help you generate cash quickly and easily.

  • Simply drive web traffic to earn cash
  • — If you can find high quality affiliate programs you can make money just by putting customers in touch with people who have great products and services. If you don’t like selling, consider the affiliate path.

    Think about what you want out of life. The only way you can really get what you want is to be in business for yourself. You can get started today.

    Don’t depend on big, greedy, soulless corporations to keep you floating. Take charge and brush off any financial crisis.

What is Internet Marketing?

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What is internet MarketingWe tell a lot of people that we’re internet marketers. But, what does that mean exactly? What is internet marketing? What do you really need to know?

There are many definitions for internet marketing. Normally I’d try to simplify things, like I would do for one of my friends or family members. But, I know you’re interested in internet marketing, and you want some details — that’s why you’re here.

So, I’ll start with a few simple ideas then I’ll build up. In many respects, internet marketing is simply another way of saying online marketing, online business, or work-at-home internet business. The core idea is that you’re using a computer and an internet connection to generate money.

Not Just Work from Home

You don’t have to work at home to be an internet marketer. Many IM’ers, as they are called, work for large organizations, marketing companies, and research firms. The central idea is that internet marketers do marketing online, usually in an effort to advertise, pull in buyers, and ultimately sell products and services.

So, here are the two key ideas summarized:

  • Most of the work is done online via the web
  • Most of the work is marketing and sales related

As a quick aside, internet marketing isn’t only about search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, or any other particular technology. Yes, technology is always in the mix, but internet marketing is more about the tactics, strategies, and methods to do business online.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be fooled into thinking that internet marketing is one single thing. It’s a complex clustering of tools and techniques. And, internet marketers pick and choose what works best for them. Some internet marketers use 1-2 tools whereas others use the full spectrum. There’s not one secret or special technique which works for all internet marketers.

But, there’s more…

It’s All About Making Money Online

The heart of internet marketing is the set of actions and activities that make money for businesses, online and offline. In other words, when internet marketers talk about internet marketing, they care about one thing: making money.

Now, this might seem obvious, but internet marketers are both extremely focused and easily distracted. They are constantly looking for the Holy Grail of online cash: very little work, very high profits, and freedom.

Internet marketers therefore employ a number of tools and techniques to make money online. To make everything clear, I’ll provide several examples for you.

7 Internet Marketing Examples

eBay — Many internet marketers have used eBay as their key platform to make money online. Not only can they make money via auctions they can also use eBay to drive traffic to their sites. It’s also possible to build a customer list with eBay.

Article Marketing — With article marketing the idea is to write articles to make money. The “trick” is that you have an author bio box or author resource box. In that author credit box, you include links to your sites (e.g., sales pages, sign up pages, and so on). You can get traffic directly from article directories or from blogs and sites when people syndicate your content.

Affiliate Marketing — The concept of affiliate marketing is that you sell products for other people but you get a commission. Internet marketers often get at least 50% of the profits, but some internet marketers offer 70% commission or more.

Pay Per Click (PPC) — This is a way of driving traffic to a site via advertising. In most cases you bid on “keywords” which are the words and phrases people use to find content on search engines. The mother of all PPC systems is Google Adwords. The amount you pay per keyword or key phrase can range from just $0.01 per click through $50 or more.

Memberships — This is a more advanced internet marketing technique. You can set up a membership or club on a topic and then charge customers a fee for access. Usually memberships operate on a monthly basis, i.e., customers pay for access month by month. Although this is typically seen an an advanced online marketing technique, there are ways to set up simple memberships. Autoresponder memberships are a great example of simple yet effective memberships.

Offline Marketing — Internet marketers often make a lot of money by selling their services to small, local businesses. They still use online tactics to drive traffic, encourage people to make a purchase. Internet marketers can work with businesses offline on a pay-per-lead basis, setting up web 2.0 and social media tools, and more.

Private Label Rights (PLR) — Private label rights are “whitelabel” products, which means that the buyer has near complete control over the product. For example, you can purchase PLR products, do a little re-writing, and call the product your own in many cases. PLR is often affordable and effective. (Highly Recommended: Simple PLR Club)

We Keep It Simple

There are many other tools and strategies that comprise internet marketing. Honestly, I’ve only touched on the surface. I’ve kept this relatively jargon free and I tried to stay away from concepts like keyword analysis, squeeze pages, conversion ratios, web metrics, and the like.

We encourage people to try many different things but then focus once you see any money flow. Highly Recommended: Watch the free 10x Method video.

If you like this blog entry keep in mind that The Rhodes Brothers make everything as simple as possible. Our core objective is to help you make money online through internet marketing.

We have several affordable memberships and products to help you succeed. Yes, you can do it like “they” starting today.