I’m going to reveal my Top 5 Micro Niche Secrets. But, before I do that, I’m blowing the whistle…

The truth is that all big niches are taken. They are occupied. They are dominated. And, you cannot compete in these niches. You will waste time and money. You will lose.

Sidebar: I have a confession. I’ve tried to compete against the big boys. I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to get a permanent top 10 position in Google for the big niches.

…but, I’ve always failed.

Sure, I can get into the top 10 for a short period. However, it’s impossible to stay there because I don’t have billions of dollars to spend and I don’t have 2,000 man hours per week to burn.

I’ll explain why that “staying power” is so critical in just a minute…

First, read this warning: Competitors in big niches have more cash and more power than you. You can win short term advantage but you cannot win in the long run. It just ain’t possible.

Having a permanent top 10 position is critical for one reason. I want to dominate a position — and stay there — without any future investments or any future work.

Domination to me means set-n-forget. That’s because I want AUTOPILOT CASH. That kind of business operation is not possible in big niches that attract big companies. Big companies have deep pockets and a blood-thirsty desire to kill.

(Business truth: Goliath usually kills David.)

I’m not lazy and I’m not stupid. However, I like doing work just once. I like pulling down cash again and again, with no additional effort. The only way this can be done in niche marketing is by going after…

Micro Niche Markets.

I’m now going to reveal my Top 5 Micro Niche Secrets. This is why you’re here.

1. You must understand customer demand. But, not just any demand. You need to find niches that are full of people looking for stuff to buy. You don’t want researchers. You don’t want people looking for information. You want people who are ready to buy. They think in terms of words like: buy, used, discount, coupon, purchase, and best price. They are many, many words like this… floating around in their minds. You need to tap into this demand in these niches. Related Hint: I tend to look for niches where there are at least 1,000 searches per month by people ready to buy.

2. You need to understand commericial intent. This is a fancy way of saying that some words in some niches indicate a bias. In some niches people are ready to buy. But, it’s not always easy or obvious to tell this. When someone types “iphone case” into Google, do you know if they are researching or ready to buy? You must know this or you’ll just be helping people who are reading and researching, not people who are ready to buy. Again, you want to be in a niche with thousands of hungry and desperate buyers.

3. You need to be in a premium niche. You need to stay out of niches where the average product price is only $5-10, or some other low dollar amount. You want to be in niches where there are ultra high profit margins (e.g., information products) or high prices with high commissions. You’re not dealing with huge volume so you must deal with huge price.

4. You must go with everygreen. What I mean is that you should go with niches that have long lasting power. Stay away from fads unless you can instantly dominate the niche and pull down huge cash with very little effort. I personally stay away from trends and fads (e.g., Pokemon, Chia Pets) and stick with evergreen (e.g., stop smoking, weight loss, make money). Of course, I enter into a micro niche not the big niche.

5. You must understand supply. In a micro niche, you will only know your chances of success if you know your competition. The only way to know the truth about your competition is to know the “supply” of available pages, sites, and products. If demand is high but competition is low you can win. However, if competition is high but supply is also high, your chances of success go way down. You want to stack the deck in your favor. You want an unfair advantage. You want to be the giant ogre who goes into the kindergarten class and beats up everyone, including the teacher.

I’m going to reveal ONE MORE BONUS SECRET.

This one could make all the difference.

6. You need to understand the strength of your competition. Most people get this wrong. In fact, most people ignore this entirely. Let’s look at an example. If there are only 10 competitors, you might think you might win. But, if those competitors are Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, SAP, Coca Cola, Disney, McDonalds, Apple and Toyota, guess what… you will lose. You need to know how strong your competitors are. It’s essential. Just knowing the number of competitors is not enough. You need to know quantity and quality both. Most people ignore this so they get crushed. Hint: With organic search engine traffic, the strength of a competitor can be determined by their SEO strength… proper use of title tags, keywords, and on their page integrity.

Don’t stop reading. What comes next is essential…

In the near future, I’m going to reveal a tool that I use every single time I’m looking for a micro niche. In fact, just this weekend I used this tool to find 10 ultra high quality, premium domain names. Dominating those micro niches will be very simple. I’ll need just 2-3 pages of content, some traffic juice, and I’ll pull down between $20-500 per niche per month, for years and years.

UPDATE: Coming Soon…

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”