If you’ve been looking for an internet marketing course, I’m sure you know how difficult it is to find a high value, low cost course. You’ll find prices ranging from $10 to over $2,000 in some cases.

It’s extreme!

When my brother John and I first entered the internet marketing business, we were absolutely overwhelmed by the number of choices. I remember an argument I had with my brother early a couple of weeks after we decided to become internet marketers…

“There’s so many different ways to get started. The Internet Marketing Courses we find are typically too expensive and are too complex for us right now. What do we do?”

We had to find the answer ourselves. Instead of buying the “next best” internet marketing course (some of the “gurus” are launching new products every week) we instead did some research to find the best way to get profiting immediately.

We figured that if we saw the money flowing in as quick as possible, it would motivate us more. We didn’t want to have to wait months for a paycheck.

It was around that time that we discovered the power of products that have Master Resale Rights (MRR) or Private Label Rights (PLR). With PLR and MRR products, you can literally copy and paste to have your own product that you can sell on autopilot.

Other people create entire products and then offer out Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights to some of the products. Master Resale Rights gives you the ability to resell the product and also sell the resale rights to other people. Private Label Rights gives you the ability to resell the product and also modify the contents of the product.

When modifying the contents of PLR products, you can add in links to your sites (or affiliate links) and take complete credit for writing the material.

So, it’s like creating your own product without any of the work. And, you keep all of the profit.

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