Money from Affiliate Marketing ProgramsFinding the right internet marketing affiliate program can take a long time. You want to earn money as fast as possible. However, finding the right online business opportunity can take serious effort. This is 100% true even if you’re ready to drive traffic.

Unfortunately, there is not one “best internet marketing affiliate program” for a simple reason. Every person is different. We all have different skills and interests. Furthermore, some people will see opportunity where others see problems and issues.

So, allow me to narrow your focus a little bit. I’m going to assume that you’re interested in promoting products and services related specifically to internet marketing. So, I’ll assume you’re ready to promote products about article marketing, driving traffic, creating backlinks, dominating Google, using private label rights, and so forth.

If I’m correct then please keep reading. I’m going to point you to 15 different internet marketing products to help you make money online. I strongly encourage you to visit the (Rhodes Brothers) affiliate marketing site:

Become an Affiliate of the Rhodes Brothers (15 unique products!)

On that page you’ll see how you can easily promote these products:

  • Crush, Kill and Destroy: EzineArticles Domination
  • EzineArticles Domination Part 2: Bio Box Domination
  • Content Generation System
  • Simple Adsense Judo
  • Simple Traffic Generation Secrets
  • eBay Simple List Building Method
  • RSS Super Glue
  • Instant Membership Site Creator
  • Free .edu Backlinks
  • Squidoo Lens Domination
  • Technorati Traffic Domination Secrets
  • How To ReWrite PLR In Under 7 Minutes
  • Where To Make Serious Cash Online
  • Long Tail Niche Domination Secrets
  • Offline Cash Formula

So, even if you normally have a hard time finding affiliate marketing programs, you now have a great source by the Rhodes Brothers.

Keep in mind that you can focus on one affiliate product at a time. You don’t have to try to sell all of them at once. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do focus.

Hint: See the 10x Method

Although there isn’t a perfect affiliate program, there are some that we really like. I’m going to point you to two examples that are really fantastic. But first, I want to explain why they are great.

I love pointing people to free videos. As an internet marketer, there’s nothing better than giving out free stuff; free ebooks, free reports, and free videos.

If YOU want to hand out a link to a free video with an incredible backend, then you have to take a look at the 10x Method affiliate program. Not only do you get great affiliate help materials (keywords, banners, email message), you just need to create your affiliate link and give it away. When people visit your link, they see a video and they are “tagged” with your affiliate ID. It’s beautiful.

By the way, with the 10x Method affiliate program you get an astounding 100% commission on a $47 product. There’s nothing like this on the internet. (We’ve been told we’re “insane” to offer this.)

Hint: See the 10x Method Reviews blog posting right now!

I have another online business opportunity for you, if you’re ready. I promised to deliver, and that’s what I plan to do!

I love residual income affiliate programs. What does that mean exactly?

In plain English, it means that you sell access to membership sites for other people. When those members sign up, you make money instantly but also every single month they stay with the membership program. This is true residual cash as an affiliate.

The Rhodes Brothers run the Simple Cash Blog which is the best (private!) internet marketing membership available. Nothing is better.

The good news is that you can sell access to the Simple Cash Blog as an affiliate. All you do is create an affiliate sales link and you can make money with this affiliate program. Just hand out that link and you’re all set.

Important: Affiliates make money on autopilot after members subscribe. Sell just once but generate income every single month. I really love residual income affiliate programs!

So there you have it. 15 products you can promote right now. Plus, now you know how to give away videos to make money as an affiliate. You just learned about generating income by selling access to a membership too.

If you need help with our internet marketing affiliate programs, just ask.