You want to know why an education in online marketing is so smart?
It’s because you’re not spending money. You’re investing it.

I want to make sure that this is 100% clear because so many people get
it wrong…

If I spend $100 to take my wife out to a nice dinner I will never get
that money back. Ever. It’s spent. It’s completely gone and I’ll never
get it back no matter what I do.

Now, if I spend $100 to buy 40 articles (300-350 words each) for $2.50
each, then I am making an investment. Actually, the real investment
happens when I take the next action. This is crucial.

I must use the articles. I must use them for article marketing. I must
sell the articles to other people for a premium. Maybe I act as a
middle man. Maybe I sell the articles as PLR packages. No matter. I
just need to make sure that I monetize that investment.

This is the essence of business.

But, let’s return to your education. If you use money to get smarter,
that is an investment because it’s pure leverage. You can use that
knowledge again and again to make more money. It makes you faster and
stronger. Instead of using some lame technique to drive traffic, you
use a faster and easier technique. And, you do this again and again.

The returns are huge when you invest like this.

So, if you ever have the opportunity to invest in your education at a
fair price for high value, do it and don’t look back. Using money to
fund your education is an investment that will pay you dividends for
the rest of your life.