If you’re looking to make money you need to be a professional. Some people will tell you that being professional means being honest. Others will tell you that it means earning respect. Well, sometimes being professional means “beating” people over the head 7 times!

Let me explain before you judge this…

If you only mention something once to people it is very likely they will not absorb even a single word. The world is full of stress and pressure. It’s full of information fatigue. If your product or service comes with a fair price and delivers incredible value, you are obligated to push hard.

Unfortunately, it takes incredible work to reach customers now. And, it takes multiple exposures to break through. Plenty of research suggests that it takes 5-7 exposures before action is taken. That is serious business.

So, being consistent, and being persistent, is a real duty. Your customers actually need to hear form you often, perhaps even 1-2 times per day. But again, it all depends on the value you provide.

If you have nothing new to share, well, then don’t share. But, if your market is changing every day (like internet marketing) then it’s really important to “say it 7 times” to cut through the clutter.

The highest paid professionals hit their prospects multiple times with the same offer. They might change some words or add some extra special details, but, that core offer is repeated again and again. You should think about that too… and you should seek out real value. It’s the professional thing to do.

One last note. Consistency comes in many forms. It comes from regular emails It comes from continuity of messages over time. And, it comes from relationships that are formed over time. Think about who you want to work with, and think about how you can delivery professional value to your customers. It can boost your income by thousands of dollars per month.

~ John