A lot of folks ask us how to make money from writing. It’s a great question, simply because writing is one of the core ways to make money online. Just about everything related to internet marketing or making money online includes having to write something of some sort, whether you’re writing or editing a report, writing sales copy, or even simply communicating with your customers.

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Here’s a quick brainstorm of everything John and I can think of when we’re asked how to make money from writing…

1.) Hire yourself out to write articles. Post examples of your work on a website, then go to eLance, Guru.com, and others to look for jobs. You can also go to the Warrior Forum, and after participating there for about a week, you can post a “special offer” to the Warrior Special Offer forum offering up a discounted rate for writing articles.

2.) Write reports for people. Follow the same techniques in #1, but offer to write reports, instead. Keep in mind as your reputation improves you can begin charging more and more as you attract veteran marketers.

3.) Create a niche website. Use WordTracker’s Free Keyword Tool to find keywords and then write blog entries in Blogger. Write one per day, 300-400 words long, targeting one keyword per article. Use the exact keyword phrases 2 to 3 times in your article, once in the first sentence. Over time you will build a stream of traffic that you can monetize with Google Adsense, related Clickbank products, and more.

4.) You can edit and write new content for private label rights reports and either sell them or give them away via your website. If you give them away, you can easily plug in affiliate links for related products and make some money.

5.) Research and write your own reports. This is our top “how to make money from writing” technique, and one we apply ourselves frequently. First, go to a forum and find pressing questions that are popular and have a lot of replies. Then, find the solution to that problem (there are typically a lot of solutions in the thread of the question.) You can then research the solutions, put in your own solutions, and add your own twist. Write a sales letter, then market it.

6.) Create your own PLR packages. If you enjoy writing articles, creating a PLR article package and limiting the number of copies distributed (20 to 30 is typically acceptable) and selling them for $5 to $10 per package for 10 or more articles can give you some short term cash, especially if you repeat the process over and over.

7.) If going offline is preferred, you can always write your own book and then self-publish it with a site such as Lulu.com, then list your book on sites such as Amazon. You can do interviews with people in your niche to increase your book’s popularity.

Big Secret — Proper grammar is NOT a must to make money online. Neither John nor I claim to have perfect command of the English language, and sometimes we blatantly violate it’s rules. Occasionally we misspell things in our e-mails or in our sales copy, or use improper grammar or a very non-formal tone. In fact, many markets respond better to a non-formal tone. Think about it…

Wouldn’t you rather buy from a person, rather than a big corporation? Most people would. :-)

Keeping that in mind, there are some times when writing formal is necessary. For example, if you’re talking to professionals or writing about science-related topics, then writing formally is a must.

I hope this list of tips has gotten you thinking about the many different ways you can start making money online right now. If you’d like other models for making money online, be sure to check out the Simple Cash Blog. It contains a 100% free report that shows you, step-by-step, how to make money with writing.

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