Private Label Rights Help (Massive Profits)

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John and I have been cranking out several great blog posts over at Private Label Rights (PLR) Help, our new blog at The whole blog is dedicated to helping you (no matter what your skill level) make money with PLR content.

I’m telling you, Private Label Rights products are some of the most under-exploited opportunities available on the market. With just a few small tweaks, you can earn money continuously just by doing the work once.

Here is some of the stuff that we’re going to cover over the next couple of weeks at Don’t miss it…

What are Private Label Rights products? – You’ll get a full overview of what PLR products are and how to use them.

How to Invest in PLR Products – Our tips and tricks for finding high quality PLR products to buy (and then sell for profit)

Why People Fail with PLR – How to avoid failure so that you can almost guarantee profitability with private label rights products.

How to Become a Guru with PLR – Our secrets for gaining an immediate advantage in a market using PLR products

How to Use PLR Products for Memberships – Memberships are the bread and butter of many successful internet businesses, including our own. We’ll show you how we use private label rights content to make big money in a short amount of time.

How to Avoid “Toxic” PLR Products – If you’re not careful, you can do major damage to your reputation with private label rights content. Follow our rules to make sure you don’t get burnt.

…again, this is only a very small hint of what is coming at Go take a look now and be sure to comment and let us know how we’re doing. We want to answer your questions about private label rights products…and we want to help you get MASSIVE PROFITS with them.

Internet Marketing Mentorship – 10 Reasons People Aren’t Ready

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John and I have often told our customers and students that finding an internet marketing mentor can drastically accelerate your business. Good mentors have unparalleled experience that is invaluable to young businesses. And, the sooner you get a mentor, the better. If you’re on the “right path” from the beginning.

As you’d probably expect, a lot of people come to John and I asking us for our help. Now, you should know that I consider myself a helpful person…and that I wish we could help everyone who wants to get out of their job and start a new life.

The problem is that we simply CAN’T help every single person that knocks on our door, even when they try to throw lots of money at us. Most people simply can’t handle being in the Internet Marketing business, and if we help the people that can’t handle the business, then it’s a gigantic waste of time.

Here are some of the most common reasons we reject many prospective students:

1.) Most people don’t have the persistence to make it in Internet Marketing.

Like it or not, Internet Marketing is a “real” business. Sure, you don’t have to report to a boss, but YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. Who should you work harder for than yourself?

I see so many new marketers give up when they don’t start making money in the first 30 days. It takes PERSISTENCE. It’s a real business, but it’s way less risky…you don’t have $1,000s in upfront investment sitting on the line.

Keep your head up and KEEP GOING. Most people can’t do that.

2.) Most people can’t handle rejection and criticism.

When we mentor new clients in our internet marketing mentorship, we often have make a list of significant and immediate changes that need to be made to their websites. This outrages a lot of people who think they “know better” than we do.

In fact, we may tell you to scrap an entire project. It might be your dream project. It might be the one that you’re convinced will make you rich.

Could you handle being told that? Most people can’t.

3.) Most people refuse to think big.

I have a powerful theory: People who are already making decent money online (more than $1,000 per month) can almost ALWAYS expand their business a minimum of 10x, into the $10,000 per month range.

In these situations, the mentored student typically is NOT:

* Exploiting all of the traffic they have
* Exploiting all of the additional marketing opportunities they have
* Focusing all efforts on building the list
* Exploiting existing relationships
* Building future relationships
* Finding new sources of customers

A mentor can often help them bigger, but it often requires the student to step out of their comfort zone and do things “bigger and better.” A lot of them can’t do it.

4.) Most people want a handout.

This is the most frustrating thing to me. We have perfectly good potential mentorship students approach us and then just completely lose the opportunity when they ask us to do everything for them for free.

Yes, believe it or not, we get a lot of “help!” requests from Internet Marketers making over $1,000 per month who aren’t willing to re-invest their profits and want handouts.

Nothing turns us off faster than hearing someone ask us “can you do it for free?”

But it’s NOT for the reason you think – it’s not about the money. It’s because people like that are so uptight they aren’t willing to take risks and make investments to grow their business.

5.) Most people don’t “love” Internet Marketing or their business enough.

It shocks me how many people get lucky in this business. I’ve talked with people who own $1,000+ per month online businesses but don’t really care about the actual marketing. They don’t have the passion or love to grow their business.

Nothing is worse than someone who is just in it for the money. You gotta have that drive to help people and grow your business to a whole new level. The bigger your business, the more people you can help….and THEN the money will come (rushing in at a faster rate than you can process it.)

6.) Most people won’t stick to timelines.

While I often have a lot of lazy days, I’m very strict about meeting my deadlines for projects. When projects aren’t completed on the timelines that we establish, bad things happen:

* Sales slow down
* Traffic slows down
* Lists become stale
* SEO potential decreases
* Customers become bored
* Skills become rusty

You MUST set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. When you have timelines and that “drive” to get things done, money flows to you.

7.) Most people won’t follow instructions.

Argh. This is probably the most frustrating. We get a lot of people that seem to do EVERYTHING else right…but don’t follow our instructions. We tell them exactly what they need to grow their business, and then they decide to either “add their own twist” to our instructions, flat out refuse to follow them, or (in the worst cases) completely disappear.

8.) Most people are too desperate.

Desperate people do crazy things and often make poor decisions. If you’re stuck in a position where your internet marketing business isn’t making any money and your back is against the wall, you’re going to do desperate things.

The problem in Internet Marketing is that you’re going to LOSE a LOT of the time. Your offers and traffic won’t convert and you’ll get nothing. BUt, other times you can have HUGE wins.

If keeping a roof over your head is depending on the success of a product launch, you’re getting into very risky territory. You need a stable income so that you can work without being stressed and feverish.

9.) Most people are too scared.

Whether it’s being scared of success, scared to try new things, scared to think about of the box, scared to take risks or one of the other 1,000 things there are to be “scared” of, most people simply have too much FEAR to make it big in the Internet Marketing business.

10.) Most people won’t systemize their business.

This is BIG. You need to be working ON your business, not IN your business. Remember, you are the mastermind of your own business…you control everything. If you owned a McDonalds, wouldn’t you want to have everything systemized so that other people did all of the hard work for you? After all, the owner shouldn’t be making burgers all day.

One thing we try to do for all of our mentored students is provide a framework for systemizing some of the “basic” stuff in their internet marketing business…content updates, traffic generating articles, videos and websites, customer support, and more. It’s not just about outsourcing…it’s about having a concrete SYSTEM for you and your employees to follow and grow.

So, with all of that said…

Getting an Internet Marketing Mentor is a BAD IDEA if you meet any of the criteria above …we have to flat-out refuse to mentor a LOT of people. It makes me feel guilty (like I’m “playing God” with people’s lives and welfare) but I have to do what is best for everyone.

But, if your business is earning over $1,000 per month and you’re willing to take the RIGHT STEPS to maximize your business growth, we are accepting a very limited number of students. Filling out an application is required and should be considered only by serious marketers.

If you’re interested in receiving one-on-one business guidance from the Rhodes Brothers, you can apply at (Note: If that page is currently offline it means we have reached our limit of students.)

Social Bookmarking Traffic Guide

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This guide explains everything important about using social bookmarks to drive web site traffic. This information can be used to easily create a targeted list. Of course, the guide is especially valuable if you’re looking for free traffic. It’s aimed at entrepreneurs, internet marketers and small businesses.

– — —
Introduction to the Social Bookmarking Traffic Guide

Social bookmarking might seem dull and boring. It might seem like a fad or a craze that will die off. But, when done right, using social bookmarks can dramatically increase high quality web site traffic. If you’re serious about growing an online business, it needs to be a tool in your “traffic secrets” toolbox.

Here’s something to chew on…

If you don’t follow the advice in the Social Bookmarking Traffic Guide you are losing out on cheap and easy traffic. I know that’s a strong statement but by the time you get to the end of this guide, you’ll understand the full power of tagging and bookmarking.

— — —
Getting Started

I want to first make sure you clearly understand social bookmarking. In short, it’s a way for humans to keep track of stuff online. It usually means using “tags” and metadata (which is data about data).

Tags are really nothing more than words or phrases that you use to describe other words. For example, you might use “online marketing” as a tag for The Rhodes Brothers. Or, perhaps you might use something like “tagging” and “traffic” and “bookmarking” for the guide you’re reading right now.

There’s nothing magical about the tags you use. Feel free to use words and phrases that mean something to you. Or, if you’re trying to drive targeted traffic, use keywords that are meaningful in your niche. We’ll cover this in great detail later on; no worries.

Most social bookmarking systems allow you to show or hide bookmarks. So, you can use bookmarks for yourself only or you can expose them to the public.

If you keep bookmarks private they won’t have any impact on web site traffic, although they might be useful to you personally. If you make them public, however, you will enjoy free traffic. The world can find your bookmarks and find you by clicking on your links. I explain this in detail below.

So in large part social bookmarking is an activity where you are categorizing your web sites, domains, articles and blogs. You use social bookmarking to develop a way to stay organized online.

If you want free traffic from your social bookmarks you just expose them. For example, if you have a blog you can use to bookmark blog entries. In turn, Google will find your bookmarks and your blog. And finally, people will find your bookmarks and your blog in the search results of Google. This is how organic traffic flows from your bookmarking.

Yes, it’s that simple.

At this point you have a basic understanding of social bookmarking. You could leave right now with confidence about how to get started. However, if you really want to know how to get traffic or if you want to avoid serious problems, keep reading.

I’ll also say this: There is a very specific model that I use to drive maximum web site traffic with web 2.0 bookmarks. I promise to reveal this model with you — there is no catch here. I will give you everything you need to succeed with your social bookmarking.

– — —
Social Bookmarking Issues

Social bookmarks are not perfect…

You cannot ONLY use social bookmarks to drive traffic nor can you expect to build a real online business by just using Stumble Upon,, Reddit and Technorati. You need an entire marketing funnel in place — This is something I explain in detail later.

Before I go on, here’s my list of the top 10 social bookmarking sites. Keep in mind that these sites allow tagging and bookmarking but they aren’t necessarily dedicated to bookmarking. For example, is very much focused on tagging and bookmarking — that’s its core job. However, Digg is really more of a news aggregation web site but you can tag and bookmark, and therefore drive a lot of traffic.

OK, let’s get back on track. Here’s my list of the top 10 social bookmarking sites:

There’s nothing scientific here. These just happen to be the bookmarking sites that have worked well for me. I have certainly used other sites and other tools. Don’t read too much into this list; caveat emptor.

By the way, I’m guessing that you’re getting worried about something: WORK. In other words, I suspect you’re worried about all the time and effort you’ll need to apply to get killer results.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back covered. I cover this below…

Another issue is that your site, blog or article often get pushed to the bottom of the stack, or off the page. This is especially true with the social media new sites like Digg and Propeller. Imagine that your new blog entry makes it to the front page of Digg. Although you’ll enjoy insane traffic for a little while, after just a couple of hours your blog entry will drop off the home page.

Some people are worried about this problem, but it’s a false problem. First, you’re getting a gush of traffic in a situation like this. Second, you’ll get residual traffic even after you drop to the next page. Third, other people will link to you as a result and you’ll get residual, off-Digg traffic. Fourth, you’ll get some very powerful backlinks and therefore Google will love you. You’ll be enjoying serious organic traffic.

Another potential problem of social bookmarking is that your tags (or keywords or keyphrases) are terrible. If your keywords are meaningless then no one will care what you have to say. No one will find you through Google.

But, again, this is a false problem. Sure, you can have issues with keywords but let’s face it — you probably know how to find great keywords and niches. I don’t have room to fully explain keyword selection, but it goes like this:

  1. Go to Google Keywords and start searching
  2. Find keywords that people are using a lot
  3. Or, target keywords that make sense for your niche
  4. Look on Google’s Traffic Estimator to figure out your competition
  5. Choose keywords with plenty of searches and low competition

That’s a pretty bad explanation but you get the point. Use tags that are based on popular keywords that aren’t very well represented by competitors on Google.

Or, just pick really popular keywords. That can work for you as well because it takes less time and energy, but it takes longer to see robust results.

Let’s get back on track…

Another issue is that people don’t spell very well. Many tags are sloppy. They are dirty. There are misspellings all over the place.

Um, so what?

People are people. Using misspellings can actually offer you a competitive advantage. This little secret has made some people on eBay thousands and thousands of dollars. (Think about it; this can mean BIG money.)

Furthermore, you can use BOTH misspelled keywords and properly spelled keywords. You can tag like crazy — tag carpet bombing! Here’s a simple example to make this 100% clear:

  • deductible
  • deductuble
  • deductable
  • deductabel

No one can stop you from using all four of these words. Of course I don’t think you should do this all the time. However, if you are tagging and your gut says, “Hey, I’m not sure how to spell this!” — Others will have the same problem. Take advantage of it and enjoy the extra free traffic.

Let’s push forward…

I promised to talk about how to handle all the work associated with social bookmarks. Let’s look at that in the next section.

– — —
Two Secrets of Social Bookmarking

The are two simple ways to eliminate the pain associated with social bookmarking. As I’ve said, it can be labor intensive so you need to decide between these two options:

  1. Burn hours and hours of time creating your own bookmarks
  2. Use social bookmarking tools or hire (outsource) the work

Obviously you want to use tools or hire smart, affordable people to do work for you. Better still, you want to pick a great tool, master it, then train someone to do the work for you using the best tools available. That’s maximum leverage.

Right now, the best tool is probably Social Marker. It’s a semi-automatic social bookmarking tool. You sign up for access to each of the individual social bookmarking sites (e.g., Digg,, Furl) then head over to Social Marker and sign up for that too. Then you use Social Marker to semi-automatically update those sites.

If you have issues with Social Marker, no worries. There will always be sites and tools out there for you to use. If you’re really desperate, head over to RentACoder or ScriptLance and have someone develop one for you.

So, I’ve revealed two of the big secrets of social bookmarking. First, you need to find tools that make sense. Second, you need to use outsourcing web sites to get the bookmarking done for you. Or, have tools built for you.

– — —
Revealed! More Secrets of Social Bookmarking

There are several really good reasons to use social bookmarks and tags. You can get very high volumes of traffic in very little time.

You might say, “But that traffic isn’t targeted, John.”

Fortunately, there is something I call Social Traffic Filtering which I’ll tell you about. In essence, the amount of traffic is vitally important as an input factor for your traffic funnel. All traffic funnels require traffic. There is no way around this. I’ll explain why this is so crucial in just a moment.

Although a lot of social media and bookmarking traffic will be useless, the fact remains that a lot of it is legitimate, targeted traffic. There are humans clicking and reading what you’ve written. So, if you’re providing valuable content then people will reward you with repeat visits and they’ll join your lists.

That is HUGE.

Let me say that again…

If you’re providing valuable content then people will reward you with repeat visits and they’ll join your lists. (Your list is the blood of your business.)

It’s your job to qualify these leads. You must be ready for this social traffic and filter these folks using great, high quality content. You need to give them high value; respect their time. Then, you need to filter them out with top notch squeeze pages. Offer them something wonderful and grab their email addresses. If they don’t stay and read, and if they don’t join your list, just move on. Let them go. They’ve been filtered out.

To frame this another way, you cannot expect to make a lot of money online just by getting a ton of social bookmarking traffic. That’s just plain silly. You must plan ahead with a Social Traffic Filtering marketing plan.

I explained the basics above and I’m sure you can see how this selection process can provide you with a good list — maybe not Rock Star great, but that’s fine. These people are solid prospects and as they opt into your email list, your business is growing and growing.

Oh, one more thing. Here’s a big Rhodes Brother’s tip: There’s another level of filtering. Here’s how that plays out…

Once you have folks on your list, your autoresponder series can push and pull them in many different ways. It’s up to you to use the autoresponder to qualify people. I strongly encourage you to provide value and pre-sell. If you start selling immediately, you’ll filter out just about everyone. That’s no good for you and it’s no good for them.


– — —
Traffic Leverage From Social Bookmarking

Here’s a very simple concept with profound implications.

What you need to do is combine several different social bookmarking tools together (i.e., assets and plumbing). If you stack these tools the right way, you will have over-the-top, compounding traffic.

I know this sounds vague. So, once again I’ll break it down using an example to make it crystal clear. Here’s just ONE example, step by step:

  1. Post a fantastic blog entry on your niche blog
  2. Digg the blog entry (or ask someone for a favor)
  3. Go to Twitter and talk about it; gently ask for ReTweets
  4. Privately direct message (DM) some trusted Followers; “Please Stumble”

I know this seems simple but let me tell you, this works great. I don’t do it too often because I don’t like to burn people out. It’s a special weapon.

But again —

This is just ONE way to use these various social bookmarking web sites and tools. This kind of activity gives you serious traffic leverage. It’s also another type of marketing funnel that you can tweak and tune over time.

One more thing —

By doing this kind of bookmarking and “backscratching” you can build a powerful affiliate network. It’s also a great way to find and develop JV partners. Remember, this is all very social. It’s about relationships…

Sidebar: Join the Rhodes Brothers Affiliate Program.

– — —
Traffic On Traffic On Traffic

Your web site is not yet flooded with traffic but you’re ahead of 99% of everyone else — You’re in the club.

At this point you must take action…

I strongly recommend that you sign up for Traffic Drill. Like this blog posting, it’s absolutely free.

We’ve put together more material for you about getting traffic to your web site. I give Traffic Drill my highest recommendation. So, if you’re serious about web site traffic read about Traffic Drill.


~ John

Make Money With User Generated Content

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Some people are saying that user generated content (UGC) isn’t profitable. For example, Adam Cohen recently posted a link on Twitter to an article on eMarketer that includes comments like this:

“Unfortunately, if things stay as they are, this frenzy of content generation and attention is not likely to produce commensurate rewards for marketers or site publishers.”

There are other quotes that are similar. There’s this idea floating around that since big companies aren’t making a killing that it’s not possible to make money with user generated content. Part of this thinking is the result of this wrong thinking:

“The prevailing wisdom used to be that user-generated content would attract advertising volume commensurate with its audience.”

But this thinking is just plain wrong. Let’s poke at both issues: (1) Only big companies matter and (2) advertising is the only way to make money with UGC.

It’s kind of silly to think that UGC only concerns BigCo’s and monster companies. It’s like only they care about making money. Or only Fortune 500 companies have skin in the game. That’s complete hogwash. Small and medium sized companies utilize UGC all the time, and many know how to make money with it. I’ll explain this more below; stick with me.

It’s also naive to think that the smartest way to make money with UGC is via advertisements. This is like saying that the only way to make money with magazines is with full color advertisements. What about classified ads? What about subscriptions? What about inserts? There are always multiple channels of revenue to utilize.

So, now I’ll spill the beans. What’s one really smart way to make money with UGC? Well, I’ll first give you this secret tip: If you can get traffic to a web site, you can make money. It’s all about traffic. If an online marketer knows that a site is getting traffic, money can flow. This is almost an absolute truth when it comes to “hungry markets” and “hungry niches” but it’s also true even with niches that don’t seem to have much hunger.

Here’s what I’ve done on several sites where we have user generated content (e.g., blogs). I simply provide a visitor with an opportunity to watch a free video or download a free report, then I capture their email address. From there, the real magic happens. I learn what my subscribers want, find or build a product, then sell it to them.

Here’s something to drill into your mind: The profit margins on this activity are insane. You can make a killing online if you can get users to generate content for you, which in turn drives traffic, which in turn gives you the opportunity to capture emails, which in turn gives you a list, which in turn allows you to build a relationship, which in turn allows you to provide something of value in return for payment.

That is just one way that you make money with content supplied by other people. There are many other models. If you’re interested to learn more about this “way of thinking” I encourage you to take a look at the 10x Method. It’ll help you understand how to find more excellent business models liek the one I’ve just clearly laid out for you.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. Like this stuff? Follow me on Twitter.

How to Make It Easy

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Make It EasyIf you want to make money you need to know how to make it easy for people to help you. It’s very difficult to build a strong business without getting some assistance from others.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to make it easy to get people to help you. First, I’ll talk about setting up affiliate support web pages. Second, I’ll talk about getting traffic to your niche web site or blog. Third, I’ll explain the importance of back scratching and helping other people ahead of time.

One of the best ways to make money online and drive traffic is to enlist the help of affiliate marketers. Internet marketing affiliate programs can lead to incredible traffic if you offer 100% commissions on big ticket products and services, which is exactly what we do with the 10x Method affiliate program. What affiliate marketer doesn’t want to promote a $47 product with 100% commissions?

But wait, you’re only going to get affiliates to promote your service if you make it easy. So, you need to take the time to provide easy affiliate link building tools, instant marketing set up tools, targeted keyword lists, free promotional images, email message templates, and so on.

Here’s the Rhodes Brothers affiliate product link creation page. As you can see, we make it easy to create links but also quickly access the sales pages. This is the kind of at-a-glance reference affiliates want.

As another reference, you should look at the Traffic Drill reseller sign up page. On that page, we explain reselling, we explain the benefits of being a Traffic Drill reseller, we explain the set process using simple language, and most important we make it easy to make money as a reseller. We maintain everything from the sales page to the sign up page to the member maintenance. Literally, we give you the power to own a membership without any hassle.

Here’s another example. I like how Kevin Riley does affiliate marketing because he spends money on tools and processes that make my life easier. We don’t promote for many people, but Kevin makes it easy. For example, when he sends out emails to his affiliates he includes their specific affiliate URLs. I do a simple cut-n-paste and I’m done. There’s no effort and very little thinking, except for the marketing. I can focus and make money because it’s easy to work with Kevin.

Here’s a bit of business advice. If you’re serious about getting affiliates to help you, then spend the time and money to make it simple and make it easy for others to help you. The less “friction” you generate the better.

Bonus! If you’ve read this far I want to give you a gift. Please download Cracking The Code: Earn $20 Per Day With Free Blogs — Did you notice how easy I made that for you? It’s a simple click and you benefit without any more effort. The more you can do like that, the more loyalty and goodwill you’ll generate. This is the power of making life easy for others.

Let’s change gears now and talk about generating traffic to your niche web sites and blogs. What I’m going to cover is simple but effective. Don’t be fooled by how easy these things are to do.

If you look above, you will see that I talk about Kevin Riley for an entire paragraph (lucky guy). I’m doing that because now Kevin might link to me or help me. I would never demand traffic or links from Kevin, but I will ask very nicely. I’ll send him a note or I’ll send him a direct message on Twitter. (Hey, are you Following me on Twitter?) If I’m lucky, I’ll get some link love which translates to short and long term traffic.

Another thing you can do to easily drive traffic is build relationships with others via JVs and giveaways. Here’s an example. I did 90% of the work on the Simple Giveaway. I bought the domain, set up the page, and emailed everyone about everything. I coordinated the launch and I made it easy for my partners to do business with me. I was rewarded with tons of traffic and hundreds of sign ups to Free Business Model.

How else can you help others help you? Well, if you have a blog, do you have web 2.0 social bookmarking widgets installed? (Hint: I like Sociable.) At the bottom of this blog posting there are several buttons you can click to Digg, Stumble and otherwise bookmark this posting. (Please take action. Click-n-save!)

The last thing I’ll talk about is back scratching, both formal and informal. I’ll also talk about helping people ahead of time.

So, what’s formal back scratching? The idea is simple. You work within a membership or system with a group of other like-minded people. For example, maybe you work with the Rhodes Brothers via our coaching program. You can also find that kind of support inside Traffic Drill, which is dedicated to driving traffic to your web site. Plainly speaking, the idea is that you pay a small fee to help other people and have them help you. It’s simple but deadly effective.

Now, how about informal back scratching? The concept is straightforward. You would go out of your way to help other people via social web sites like Twitter. For example, just today I asked about 7-8 trusted Twitter colleagues to take a look at a new blog entry I wrote in a special niche. If they like the page and it’s valuable, they will likely Stumble or Digg that page. If it’s not good, they’ll give me feedback so I can improve it. Importantly, I make it easy to Stumble and Digg, but also provide me with feedback via Twitter. That’s key.

What works better, formal back scratching or informal back scratching? Honestly, they both work well. However, if you’re looking for guaranteed help or traffic, then services like Traffic Drill are your best bet.

What I want you to understand is that you will build up goodwill and karma over time if you know how to make it easy for other people to make money. Think about it. If someone is making it easy for you to make money, you’ll be loyal. You’ll drive traffic for them. You’ll praise them and help them. This karma and goodwill leads to joint ventures and revenue multipliers.

Do good unto others and it will return to you many times. It’s not only the “right thing” it’s the way of profits and a satisfying life.