Internet Marketing Mentorship – 10 Reasons People Aren’t Ready

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John and I have often told our customers and students that finding an internet marketing mentor can drastically accelerate your business. Good mentors have unparalleled experience that is invaluable to young businesses. And, the sooner you get a mentor, the better. If you’re on the “right path” from the beginning.

As you’d probably expect, a lot of people come to John and I asking us for our help. Now, you should know that I consider myself a helpful person…and that I wish we could help everyone who wants to get out of their job and start a new life.

The problem is that we simply CAN’T help every single person that knocks on our door, even when they try to throw lots of money at us. Most people simply can’t handle being in the Internet Marketing business, and if we help the people that can’t handle the business, then it’s a gigantic waste of time.

Here are some of the most common reasons we reject many prospective students:

1.) Most people don’t have the persistence to make it in Internet Marketing.

Like it or not, Internet Marketing is a “real” business. Sure, you don’t have to report to a boss, but YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. Who should you work harder for than yourself?

I see so many new marketers give up when they don’t start making money in the first 30 days. It takes PERSISTENCE. It’s a real business, but it’s way less risky…you don’t have $1,000s in upfront investment sitting on the line.

Keep your head up and KEEP GOING. Most people can’t do that.

2.) Most people can’t handle rejection and criticism.

When we mentor new clients in our internet marketing mentorship, we often have make a list of significant and immediate changes that need to be made to their websites. This outrages a lot of people who think they “know better” than we do.

In fact, we may tell you to scrap an entire project. It might be your dream project. It might be the one that you’re convinced will make you rich.

Could you handle being told that? Most people can’t.

3.) Most people refuse to think big.

I have a powerful theory: People who are already making decent money online (more than $1,000 per month) can almost ALWAYS expand their business a minimum of 10x, into the $10,000 per month range.

In these situations, the mentored student typically is NOT:

* Exploiting all of the traffic they have
* Exploiting all of the additional marketing opportunities they have
* Focusing all efforts on building the list
* Exploiting existing relationships
* Building future relationships
* Finding new sources of customers

A mentor can often help them bigger, but it often requires the student to step out of their comfort zone and do things “bigger and better.” A lot of them can’t do it.

4.) Most people want a handout.

This is the most frustrating thing to me. We have perfectly good potential mentorship students approach us and then just completely lose the opportunity when they ask us to do everything for them for free.

Yes, believe it or not, we get a lot of “help!” requests from Internet Marketers making over $1,000 per month who aren’t willing to re-invest their profits and want handouts.

Nothing turns us off faster than hearing someone ask us “can you do it for free?”

But it’s NOT for the reason you think – it’s not about the money. It’s because people like that are so uptight they aren’t willing to take risks and make investments to grow their business.

5.) Most people don’t “love” Internet Marketing or their business enough.

It shocks me how many people get lucky in this business. I’ve talked with people who own $1,000+ per month online businesses but don’t really care about the actual marketing. They don’t have the passion or love to grow their business.

Nothing is worse than someone who is just in it for the money. You gotta have that drive to help people and grow your business to a whole new level. The bigger your business, the more people you can help….and THEN the money will come (rushing in at a faster rate than you can process it.)

6.) Most people won’t stick to timelines.

While I often have a lot of lazy days, I’m very strict about meeting my deadlines for projects. When projects aren’t completed on the timelines that we establish, bad things happen:

* Sales slow down
* Traffic slows down
* Lists become stale
* SEO potential decreases
* Customers become bored
* Skills become rusty

You MUST set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. When you have timelines and that “drive” to get things done, money flows to you.

7.) Most people won’t follow instructions.

Argh. This is probably the most frustrating. We get a lot of people that seem to do EVERYTHING else right…but don’t follow our instructions. We tell them exactly what they need to grow their business, and then they decide to either “add their own twist” to our instructions, flat out refuse to follow them, or (in the worst cases) completely disappear.

8.) Most people are too desperate.

Desperate people do crazy things and often make poor decisions. If you’re stuck in a position where your internet marketing business isn’t making any money and your back is against the wall, you’re going to do desperate things.

The problem in Internet Marketing is that you’re going to LOSE a LOT of the time. Your offers and traffic won’t convert and you’ll get nothing. BUt, other times you can have HUGE wins.

If keeping a roof over your head is depending on the success of a product launch, you’re getting into very risky territory. You need a stable income so that you can work without being stressed and feverish.

9.) Most people are too scared.

Whether it’s being scared of success, scared to try new things, scared to think about of the box, scared to take risks or one of the other 1,000 things there are to be “scared” of, most people simply have too much FEAR to make it big in the Internet Marketing business.

10.) Most people won’t systemize their business.

This is BIG. You need to be working ON your business, not IN your business. Remember, you are the mastermind of your own business…you control everything. If you owned a McDonalds, wouldn’t you want to have everything systemized so that other people did all of the hard work for you? After all, the owner shouldn’t be making burgers all day.

One thing we try to do for all of our mentored students is provide a framework for systemizing some of the “basic” stuff in their internet marketing business…content updates, traffic generating articles, videos and websites, customer support, and more. It’s not just about outsourcing…it’s about having a concrete SYSTEM for you and your employees to follow and grow.

So, with all of that said…

Getting an Internet Marketing Mentor is a BAD IDEA if you meet any of the criteria above …we have to flat-out refuse to mentor a LOT of people. It makes me feel guilty (like I’m “playing God” with people’s lives and welfare) but I have to do what is best for everyone.

But, if your business is earning over $1,000 per month and you’re willing to take the RIGHT STEPS to maximize your business growth, we are accepting a very limited number of students. Filling out an application is required and should be considered only by serious marketers.

If you’re interested in receiving one-on-one business guidance from the Rhodes Brothers, you can apply at (Note: If that page is currently offline it means we have reached our limit of students.)

Strategic Internet Marketing

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John and I hosted our first public teleseminar last night about how to get traffic to membership sites and how to make money online. One of the big things we talked about was strategic internet marketing – having a STRATEGY in place for your websites.

When trying to create traffic to their websites, a lot of people fail to look at the bigger picture. You can keep each piece of your traffic system simple, but when they combine, you have an EXTREMELY deadly force.

Let me show you a traffic strategy we have in place for one of our websites. It should give you some context what we’re talking about when we say “strategic internet marketing”…

We have, which is a reverse squeeze page. We deliver a high quality video on the front-end which “hooks” in our visitors and convinces them to enter their name and e-mail address to watch a second video.

After they watch our second video, they are redirected to, our $27 per month membership that gives away a wealth of business models. So, we immediately have the potential to make money from the traffic that we drive to

That means we can spend more money investing in driving traffic to that funnel. So, we hire out people to write articles and create videos for us, linking to, and also advertise that site.

Cool, right?

Well, that’s not even the half of it. Here’s where it gets really good…

After someone opts in to our lists from watching the free video on, we then send messages to them promoting not only Simple Cash Blog, BUT…

The ability to promote and make money online from it. If you’re not following, we have an affiliate program built in to, which means everytime that someone sends traffic to that site with an affiliate link that they create, they make a monthly commission from Simple Cash Blog (70% of the sale, to be exact.)

So, the more people that watch the videos at and opt-in, the more traffic we get going to that site.

Are you following? — IT GROWS ITSELF!

Now *that* is strategic internet marketing. It’s not complicated to setup, it’s a bunch of extremely basic “building blocks” combined together to make one seriously kick-ass system.

That system will continue to churn money for us for years. We won’t be able to stop it even if we wanted to.

So, do you “do” strategic internet marketing like us? All it takes is a good idea and a few minutes of combining a few simple systems and you could have all of the traffic and cash flowing in that you can handle.

Check out and see how our system works for yourself…