I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really takes to set up an online business. It came up because I was talking to a guru friend of mine a couple of days ago and the subject of “getting started” came up.

He made the point that it’s actually pretty easy to make a few hundred bucks per month online. But, it’s much harder to make thousands per month. Much, much harder. I agreed with his points but something else has been bugging me…

There are many people, perhaps you, who can’t get started due to technical issues. There are many people who just decide to give up before they even start — before they even make their first $1 online.

I’ve been thinking about why this happens. And, I’ve done some research for you about this:

“What stops people from setting up an online business?”

Rather than just go with my gut or based on a hunch, I really started looking at the data The Rhodes Brothers have. It’s really amazing stuff.

Before I reveal my findings let me say this…

Many folks reading this blog posting own one of our products. In fact, you might own several of them. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. But more importantly, I’m proud that our techniques and tactics have made some of you a lot of money.

In any case, we get a lot of excellent feedback from our clients and customers. I read this feedback very closely. I tell my brother (Matt) to forward all emails to me when customers are talking to us. It doesn’t matter if the feedback is good or bad, I want it.

Well, I’ve kept all of these emails, and I’ve done some informal surveys with our customers and close business partners. One thing keeps coming up again and again. Let me share it with you…

There is a huge gap between what we offer and what it takes to set up an online business. Yes, we do offer some outstanding strategies. Our material is excellent and the feedback is 99% positive. (You can’t make everyone happy.) But, there’s still a big gap…

The “huge gap” is TECHNOLOGY.

Note: I grilled our close business partners (other guys making over $100K per year) and they totally agreed. Technology is stopping people.

Setting up an internet business requires more than time and money. It requires technical expertise.

Now, hold on. I do strongly feel that our products and services are comprehensive, and even complete. Is it possible that I missed the boat? It is possible we’re leaving people in the dust?

Well, not really.

But the truth is that The Rhodes Brothers have built several online businesses. I’m kind of shocked about this but we kind of find it easy to set up entire online business systems over a weekend. So, when we talk about a marketing system we kind of just skim over the technical details.

I think back to when we started. Wow, it really was difficult setting up all the pieces in exactly the right order. It really wasn’t easy when I first started. It took time and effort. It was an investment.

The specifics of setting up blogs and cash pulling web sites is pretty much second nature to me now. I have the experience. So, stuff like domain names, hosting, DNS, email, squeeze pages… My brother and I just blast right through it now. No problem!

The more I think about it, the more I remember how insanely frustrating it was when I first tried setting up my first couple of business systems online. I had no clue what I was doing and it was painful.

  • I beat my head against the wall.
  • I hired programmers who soaked me for hundreds of dollars.
  • I bought software I couldn’t understand, and books I couldn’t lift with both hands.
  • I beat my head against the wall again… and AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

So, I want to be clear. I know you’re having a tough time. It’s painful and I know it.

That’s exactly why I started putting together a “Set Up Your Online Business” video series. I had a great outline and I was ready to shoot all the videos.

But just 2 days before I started putting those vidoes together for you, I met Erik Stafford. Everything changed…

He has discovered a way to completely eliminate the technical pain. The scary technical stuff couldn’t be easier. He’s made it “paint-by-numbers” simple. I love it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started today — you will be amazed at how Erik cuts through the fluff. You’ll be on the path to online profits in just minutes.

That’s what really matters. Picture $487 coming into your PayPal account this weekend simply because you FINALLY got your web site up and running with Erik’s help. Feels good, doesn’t it!

If you’re excited, I don’t blame you. This is the kind of thing that can transform your life. When the technology is easy — even second nature — money can finally pour into your bank account.

(Often on autopilot.)

Here’s exactly what you need to do right now…

Simply start with Session #1 and move through each step at your own pace — and don’t be shocked if you have your website running in a day or two. (His stuff is that good.)

Set Up Your Online Business

I strongly encourage you to check it out because it will end your technical headaches.


~ John

p.s. Erik gives you 15 minutes of technical training free. There’s literally no obligation. Put away your credit card. Take a deep breath. Eliminate the technical issues with your online business … today.

p.p.s. By the way, I did some quick calculations just a minute ago. If I had Erik’s training 3 years ago, I would have saved myself over $12,000 of technical pain.