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Make It EasyIf you want to make money you need to know how to make it easy for people to help you. It’s very difficult to build a strong business without getting some assistance from others.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to make it easy to get people to help you. First, I’ll talk about setting up affiliate support web pages. Second, I’ll talk about getting traffic to your niche web site or blog. Third, I’ll explain the importance of back scratching and helping other people ahead of time.

One of the best ways to make money online and drive traffic is to enlist the help of affiliate marketers. Internet marketing affiliate programs can lead to incredible traffic if you offer 100% commissions on big ticket products and services, which is exactly what we do with the 10x Method affiliate program. What affiliate marketer doesn’t want to promote a $47 product with 100% commissions?

But wait, you’re only going to get affiliates to promote your service if you make it easy. So, you need to take the time to provide easy affiliate link building tools, instant marketing set up tools, targeted keyword lists, free promotional images, email message templates, and so on.

Here’s the Rhodes Brothers affiliate product link creation page. As you can see, we make it easy to create links but also quickly access the sales pages. This is the kind of at-a-glance reference affiliates want.

As another reference, you should look at the Traffic Drill reseller sign up page. On that page, we explain reselling, we explain the benefits of being a Traffic Drill reseller, we explain the set process using simple language, and most important we make it easy to make money as a reseller. We maintain everything from the sales page to the sign up page to the member maintenance. Literally, we give you the power to own a membership without any hassle.

Here’s another example. I like how Kevin Riley does affiliate marketing because he spends money on tools and processes that make my life easier. We don’t promote for many people, but Kevin makes it easy. For example, when he sends out emails to his affiliates he includes their specific affiliate URLs. I do a simple cut-n-paste and I’m done. There’s no effort and very little thinking, except for the marketing. I can focus and make money because it’s easy to work with Kevin.

Here’s a bit of business advice. If you’re serious about getting affiliates to help you, then spend the time and money to make it simple and make it easy for others to help you. The less “friction” you generate the better.

Bonus! If you’ve read this far I want to give you a gift. Please download Cracking The Code: Earn $20 Per Day With Free Blogs — Did you notice how easy I made that for you? It’s a simple click and you benefit without any more effort. The more you can do like that, the more loyalty and goodwill you’ll generate. This is the power of making life easy for others.

Let’s change gears now and talk about generating traffic to your niche web sites and blogs. What I’m going to cover is simple but effective. Don’t be fooled by how easy these things are to do.

If you look above, you will see that I talk about Kevin Riley for an entire paragraph (lucky guy). I’m doing that because now Kevin might link to me or help me. I would never demand traffic or links from Kevin, but I will ask very nicely. I’ll send him a note or I’ll send him a direct message on Twitter. (Hey, are you Following me on Twitter?) If I’m lucky, I’ll get some link love which translates to short and long term traffic.

Another thing you can do to easily drive traffic is build relationships with others via JVs and giveaways. Here’s an example. I did 90% of the work on the Simple Giveaway. I bought the domain, set up the page, and emailed everyone about everything. I coordinated the launch and I made it easy for my partners to do business with me. I was rewarded with tons of traffic and hundreds of sign ups to Free Business Model.

How else can you help others help you? Well, if you have a blog, do you have web 2.0 social bookmarking widgets installed? (Hint: I like Sociable.) At the bottom of this blog posting there are several buttons you can click to Digg, Stumble and otherwise bookmark this posting. (Please take action. Click-n-save!)

The last thing I’ll talk about is back scratching, both formal and informal. I’ll also talk about helping people ahead of time.

So, what’s formal back scratching? The idea is simple. You work within a membership or system with a group of other like-minded people. For example, maybe you work with the Rhodes Brothers via our coaching program. You can also find that kind of support inside Traffic Drill, which is dedicated to driving traffic to your web site. Plainly speaking, the idea is that you pay a small fee to help other people and have them help you. It’s simple but deadly effective.

Now, how about informal back scratching? The concept is straightforward. You would go out of your way to help other people via social web sites like Twitter. For example, just today I asked about 7-8 trusted Twitter colleagues to take a look at a new blog entry I wrote in a special niche. If they like the page and it’s valuable, they will likely Stumble or Digg that page. If it’s not good, they’ll give me feedback so I can improve it. Importantly, I make it easy to Stumble and Digg, but also provide me with feedback via Twitter. That’s key.

What works better, formal back scratching or informal back scratching? Honestly, they both work well. However, if you’re looking for guaranteed help or traffic, then services like Traffic Drill are your best bet.

What I want you to understand is that you will build up goodwill and karma over time if you know how to make it easy for other people to make money. Think about it. If someone is making it easy for you to make money, you’ll be loyal. You’ll drive traffic for them. You’ll praise them and help them. This karma and goodwill leads to joint ventures and revenue multipliers.

Do good unto others and it will return to you many times. It’s not only the “right thing” it’s the way of profits and a satisfying life.

Traffic Drill Review

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Traffic Drill ReviewThis is a Traffic Drill review. It’s also a great interview that I did with Dave McKee, who’s a successful member of Traffic Drill. You get to hear what he has to say for yourself. Enjoy!

~ John

— — — — —

Hi, I’ve got David McKee here. He is a member of, and my name is John S. Rhodes. I am one of the Rhodes brothers. I’m asking David a few questions here. I think some folks are gonna be pretty interested in what David has to say. Primarily because he joined Traffic Drill and in a very short period of time he was able to utilize the system, utilize the forum, work with members and achieve some really great results. And I wanted to give him an opportunity to share that success with you. So, David, tell us a little bit about yourself, and feel free to drop a few URLs here and there, if you’d like, so people can get a feel for what you do, who you are, and that sort of thing.

David McKee
Well, John, I’ve been a software engineer for the last twenty years and written in just about every language there is, practically. Mainly, in Java nowadays, but of course Java Script, PHP & all that kind of stuff. But, my day job is I develop network software and business software, mainly for banks and things like that. But, I’ve been trying to build sites online, and kind of go off on my own. As far as doing things with Traffic Drill, that was a real boost for me, because I’ve had some sites, I was doing some copywriting, doing some software development online, that kind of thing, and needed to figure out ways to drive traffic. So, that’s kind of how I fell into Traffic Drill.

John S. Rhodes
Awesome, so this is a part-time thing for you then?

David McKee
Yeah, it is kind of. What I do is I work all day on my software stuff for my company, and then spend all my extra time working on my sites and stuff, when I’m not with the family and what not, of course.

John S. Rhodes
Right, right. So the way I think about that for you then, and a lot of Traffic Drillers actually fall into these exact same circumstances, you know, you’re working all day, you don’t have a whole lot of time on the nights and the weekends, so you have to find tools and techniques and services to help you get the job done. If you do it yourself, if you were working all day, if this was your full-time thing, then maybe you wouldn’t need Traffic Drill quite as much. So, in your case, it really sounds like it’s going to be a time-saver, or, it is a time-saver. Is that pretty accurate?

David McKee
Yeah, well, I kind of think of it more like a major leverage. For me, it allows me to find ways to build traffic and talk to people who’ve done it, like yourself and the other members, who know a lot of tricks. And I basically just look through the tricks, listen to the videos, and I just did the stuff, and I got results. And, you know, nothing succeeds like success, I guess.

John S. Rhodes
Right. Yeah, so it sounds like maybe anyone, a full-timer or a part-timer, would benefit then. That’s great. Where did you first hear about Traffic Drill?

David McKee
Well, I basically sign up to just about every kind of internet business thing that has like free kinds of e-newsletters, things like that. I got, like Michael Senoff, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. Or, Michael Thornton.

John S. Rhodes
Oh, yeah, Michael Thornton.

David McKee
Dan Locke, just, all these different internet marketers, I get all of their emails, and I read through them and when I see something in there that says, hey you should check this out, I’ll check it out. If it’s somebody that I trust, I’ll check it out and somehow, I can’t exactly remember where, but one of those newsletters pointed me to Traffic Drill, and I’ve heard of, you know, you guys, the Rhodes brothers, a couple of times.

John S. Rhodes
Yeah, yeah.

David McKee
You guys pop up a lot. So, you know, I checked it out, and, actually I believe I saw you guys on Warrior forum.

John S. Rhodes
OK, that’s entirely possible there. Trust is a big thing, you’re really hitting on a key point there. If you can’t trust the source, then really, what’s the point? You don’t know what you’re gonna get. You’d like to have a known quantity when you’re making these purchases online and getting assistance.

David McKee
Yeah, I make very few purchases online. I know a lot of people out there in internet business buy everything. But I basically think that because a lot of these people who are gurus now started out on a shoestring and they didn’t buy all this stuff, that I should be able to do the same thing. So when I buy something, such as Traffic Drill, I’ve checked it out pretty thoroughly, and I know that I’m going to get what I expect to get out of it.

John S. Rhodes
Right. Yeah, cool. That’s good, a lot of people do do that, they actually probably have the money, but they don’t spend it deliberately, so that they do sort of learn in the trenches and it sounds like that’s the path you’ve taken. That’s not to say you wouldn’t go with a JV, you know, joint venture, if it was dangled in front of you and it was the right folks, but I do know a lot of folks in your circumstances, in your shoes, they do try to do that. So that’s really cool. That really helps filter out the good stuff and bad stuff. What did you think about Traffic Drill at first, you know, when you first saw the sales page, when you first decided to join, then got inside, and what were your initial thoughts?

John S. Rhodes
Well, I mean the sales page is really good. Like I said I’ve kind of been studying copywriting for the last couple years, too. That’s another set of the people that I have e-newsletters from are a lot of copywriters out there. I read everything that they write, I read their ads, I’ve got lots of books on it. It’s well written copy. It was on, I believe again, this was on Warrior forum that I saw it. But then I went into the forum and actually checked the people who were on it, who were talking about it on the forum. In order to make sure that it wasn’t just copy with nothing behind it. My first impression was this sounds like something really good, and the price was right, so, you know for twenty bucks you can’t go wrong, check it out for 30 days, so I figured what the heck. And I was very surprised, I’ve already made that back twice, in sales that I got.

John S. Rhodes
Yeah, so let’s talk about that.

David McKee
Just in a little newsletter that I have.

John S. Rhodes
That’s really awesome. So, what kind of results? One of the things that I thought was really amazing is you actually talked about getting some page rank in just, what was it, four or five days, right?

David McKee
Yeah, I have a site called AchieveMaster which, right now, all I’m selling on there is a business collection. 263 copywriting business books. That’s, but that site’s mainly for a piece of software I’m developing, which is basically for tracking your goals and achievements, and it allows you to do brainstorming with mindmaps and things like that and brings it all together into a single collaborative whole, and allows you to collaborate with other people or with other list systems. I’ve been working on that for almost 8 months and hope to have it done in another couple and be selling that on that site. But I basically wanted to start getting traffic to the site and that’s why I set up the $7 collection of business books, get people to it, and then I could start building a list, and then use that to sell the product in the future.

John S. Rhodes
Awesome. So that was

David McKee
That’s correct.

John S. Rhodes
Great. I did take a look at the site and there is a lot of really good stuff there for an amazing price. So anyone who’s looking for some really good information in this niche definitely head over to

David McKee
Well, I tried to write a lot of good articles and I post, of course, on ezine. Course I read all you guys’ Traffic Hammer and listen to all those things too. So, you know, that stuff’s been around the web for awhile, and people talked about how you build your back links but when I started seeing some of the awesome ideas for building real social network backlinks and bookmarking links and stuff, I just said I’m gonna start doing some of this stuff. So my page rank went from just nothing, actually one of the things I have to admit is I never even really checked it out. But I would just see the little white bar up there in my Firefox, which meant that basically you have no page rank. And within five days I started seeing green on that, and now I’ve got a visible chunk of page rank up there. It’s still not as high as I’d like it to be, I think it’s like one, but that’s better than zero.

John S. Rhodes

David McKee
I got that in a very short time, I was pretty happy with that.

John S. Rhodes
That’s fantastic. Within five days to get any page rank is really quite something. So let me, if you don’t mind just for a moment, give folks a little bit of background on Traffic Drill and you can comment. So, for folks who don’t know, who haven’t been to, or have not joined yet, there’s a number of ways that people can actually generate traffic from inside Traffic Drill. There’s a link exchange, so you can provide sites where people can post their links or you can post links for them. You can exchange links if you are in the same niche, and it makes sense. There’s also a traffic exchange, where you can ask people to help you out. And that can be as simple as people utilizing Stumble Upon, and what that might mean, is you ask people to look at the page or the site that you want some traffic to, and if they like it, they can give you a thumbs up and maybe give you a review. In another case, you might ask people to, perhaps, write a twit on Twitter, so put a little posting or an update on Twitter. In other cases, you might ask them to include something small on a blog entry that they have written on some topic, and so on, and so forth. But basically it’s a social area, it’s a forum where people are really helping each other. And now in addition to that, and, David, you had mentioned this, in addition to that we have, oh man, I don’t know, probably 8 or 10 different rock solid resources inside the Traffic Drill membership, where people can download, there’s several videos in there, I think 3 or 4 videos we have in there now, and the number of manuals, anything from how to utilize and exploit RSS to literally how to go get your site indexed more quickly, things of that nature. So, David, do you have any comments on these materials or the link exchange or the traffic exchange?

David McKee
Well, one of the things is I’ve found some great sites that are kind of related to mine, and we’ve actually exchanged blogroll links, so we were crossed like that way with other sites. So that way visitors from one link can move to another. Some times that can be bad, but you know, if you’re in a related site you’re helping each other out, so those are usually pretty strong links, pretty juicy. Certainly the videos and the manuals, I mean, those are products you guys have sold in the past and now they’re on here for anyone that belongs to the sites. That’s real good stuff.

John S. Rhodes
Yeah, yeah. Definitely, definitely. We try to put a lot of value into this so, even if folks stay in for a couple months, they definitely get that value right up front, and we are always adding new material. David, for example, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the latest upload that I added. It’s four different methods actually for finding really great keywords, because if you’re gonna be generating content, writing blog entries, or if you’re gonna do some article marketing, you need those great keywords. And in turn, of course, that leads downstream to driving traffic to those blog entries or those articles and so on. So one of the things that we do know and that we’re gonna continue doing is adding value to the membership, providing more of these downloads, more videos, more hands-on materials that David and I are referencing. So let’s start wrapping it up here. Let me ask you sort of a direct question. What do you think the number one thing is about Traffic Drill? What would you say personally is number one for you?

David McKee
For me, it allows me to network with like-minded people, which a lot of times, you see that their stuff out there is sales pages and stuff but you don’t know who they really are but, I mean, I’ve actually done an interview with another guy whose building some podcasts and, I mean, this is really cool it’s like going to a conference except that you do it from your computer and it’s really nice. Actually this, using Skype, is something I’d never really done before, I knew about it but I never really use it, I just use my cellphone. Well, now, I’m using this a lot more, I’ve learned a ton of stuff so I would say anybody whose getting into the internet marketing, really needs to blog in something like this, because you learn 10 times faster than you would just reading stuff.

John S. Rhodes
Yeah, so it sounds like not only are you getting some educational material, and some insight, as well as, the big part of this is you’re actually getting traffic, you’re getting page rank, and you’re gonna be showing up in the search engines. So those are two huge methods, but also a side benefit because Traffic Drill is primarily a forum, a very tight knit forum, where people are helping each other drive traffic, you’re actually forming some great relationships. You know, and that leads to some significant joint ventures. We’ve made thousands upon thousands of dollars through our relationships with other people. You build up a trust with people and, of course, Traffic Drill facilitates that with the karma system. You build up a trust, you can see what people are doing, what they’re saying. But that networking and then in turn the JVs, can lead to, honestly, a substantial income and it sounds like you’ve already taken advantage of that. And it wasn’t even something that we really promoted in the sales letter, it’s not something that we’ve promoted at all, but it’s definitely a side effect, which is really awesome. That’s great to hear.

David McKee
Yeah, I mean, you talking about command the search engines, you type the words, the master achiever, I’m number two in the Google search. So I’m pretty happy with that.

John S. Rhodes
That’s pretty awesome. Hey, did we miss anything, David? Anything I didn’t ask you about? Anything else that, something cool you think folks might want to hear about and know about?

David McKee
No, I mean, I just think, one of the things you could really leverage is that if you’re doing internet marketing, or even if you’re not, and you’re just looking for a community of like-minded people that can help you get there faster. Well, Traffic Drill’s really an awesome tool.

John S. Rhodes
Yeah, thanks, thanks a lot, David, that really means a lot. Let’s wrap it up here. So, again, this is John S. Rhodes, of the Rhodes brothers, and I’m one of the guys behind, one of the founders of Traffic Drill, and that’s We’ve been talking with David McKee, and he’s the guy behind Definitely check out that site. It’s a real nice site, lots of good material there, and he’s offering up a ton of stuff for free. And then there’s also some other awesome material there for really next to nothing, definitely worth grabbing. OK, well, thanks a lot, take care.

David McKee
Alright, you, too, John.

Traffic Generation Web Site: Top Secret Revealed

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Drill into woord
Don’t you wish there was a magic traffic generation web site? You’d simply enter the URL for your web site and within just a few minutes, traffic would start flowing.

(Sounds good, don’t you think?)

Just imagine: This traffic creation site would allow you to generate cash again and again. The reason is very simple. If you can get traffic, you can make money. There are many ways to make money online if you get get people to your site…

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Memberships
  • Selling Your Own Products

And, you could capture that traffic through a squeeze page. You could build up your list. Nothing could be better than building that list up from the flowing traffic. From there, you could provide more value, sell more products, and build your empire. I smell success…


If you’re here, reading this article, I assume that you want to make money online and you need a traffic generation web site, just like I describe. You need that “magic bullet” which allows you to pull down traffic easily.

Well, let’s talk more about this. There are three basic ways to get web site traffic. You can buy it, you can beg for it, or you can borrow it.

You can use pay per click (PPC) tools, like Adwords, to easily pull in visitors. You can do this day after day, week after week. This is one way to buy traffic; there are many.

All it takes to get web site traffic is some money. I admit that this isn’t a secret. However, I must make an important point. I’ll start with this. PPC can be very expensive. And, there’s a learning curve. It’s not something that’s easy to jump into, and it can drain your bank account. But there is a nugget of wisdom here. If you spend money, you can make money. Better still, there are legitimate ways to spend a little money but make a lot in return. I’ll come back to this idea later.

You can also “beg” for traffic. You can do some article marketing for example and get listed in the search engines, or get traffic from your author bio box directly. The point is that you can get traffic for free. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to make the magic happen. You have to write and submit a lot of content. You’re behind even if you outsource the writing because that is more money out of your pocket. But, there’s a key idea here. You can use the search engines to leverage your results. I’ll come back to this idea later, too.

You can also “borrow” traffic. There are two easy-to-understand examples of this. First, you can do a joint venture with someone. You would send out a note for an internet marketer in your niche, and they would do the same for you.

Also, you could participate in a giveaway. With a giveaway (e.g., Simple Giveaway), everyone drives traffic to one site and you benefit from everyone else participating. The are problems with giveaway events. They are not consistent, they take time to set up, and time to manage. Joining a giveaway is better than running one, in most cases.

So, let’s recap. You can buy traffic (e.g., PPC), you can beg for it (e.g., organic Google results), or you can borrow it (e.g., JVs and giveaways). Of course there are other models but these categories cover most of the playing field.


So, here’s the scoop. I want you to take a look at Traffic Drill. If you haven’t heard of it, the concept is stunning. You can literally ask other people to drive traffic to your web site. It’s a traffic generation web site that the Rhodes Brothers developed, and it includes several special advantages.

You can ask people to do things like bookmark you site (e.g., using, Digg a blog entry, and give an article a Thumbs Up on StumbleUpon. You just need to ask other Traffic Drillers for help. Yes, you simply ask for traffic and you get it.

Traffic Drill utilizes the power of web 2.0, social media and social web sites. Everyone works together to drive traffic. It’s something that anyone can do. Traffic Drill is the kind of simple web service that works in any niche. It’s awesome.

Oh, and there are videos and special whitepapers that explain one-of-a-kind traffic generation secrets. For example, we explain how to utilize RSS and tools like Twitter. Again, if you’re curious about how to easily drive traffic like “they do” Traffic Drill has downloads that give you very specific, step-by-step instructions. Anyone can do this.

Here’s another thing. One of our members was able to go from zero PageRank to a PageRank of 1 in about 5 days. In other words, he wasn’t getting any Google love but with Traffic Drill he was able to get noticed and get a Google ranking. (He also generated cash that he can directly trace to the traffic he’s getting from Traffic Drill.) There are other Traffic Drillers who have increased their traffic by 10x.


I think you can see why I am so excited about Traffic Drill. It works.

Inside the Traffic Drill membership web site, you’ll find a forum. You can ask questions, post comments, share tips, and of course, request links and free traffic. You also get direct access to the Rhodes Brothers. You get hands on assistance inside. And, I’m happy to say that anyone can afford Traffic Drill.

So, it works and the price is right. It’s as close to a traffic generation web site as you can get. Yes, there are 1-2 similar services “out there” but they are $127 or more. And, they are more complicated or too sophisticated. We keep our products and services simple. Anyone can join and anyone can participate.

Traffic Drill allows you to “buy” traffic, because there is price to join the membership. But, the ROI is high. So when you think about it and when you see it in action, you’ll realize that you’re getting the equivalent of traffic for pennies-per-click.

Traffic also allows you to “beg” for traffic. Hundreds of other Traffic Drillers will assist you to build up Karma and to get help with their web sites. It’s back scratching but on steroids. There’s nothing quite like this in the internet marketing world.

And lastly, Traffic Drill allows you to “borrow” traffic from other people. They can promote you to their lists. They can blog about you. They can link to your site directly. For example, you could write a short blog entry for another trusted Traffic Driller with 1-2 links back to your web site. They get free content and you get a link or two, and some traffic.

So, as you can see, Traffic Drill is optimzed to give you cheap traffic, with some begging and borrowing thrown in for good measure. I can’t tell you the entire Traffic Drill story here — so I recommend that you keep reading on the main Traffic Drill information page:

Keep Reading About Traffic Drill