1 to 1 Twitter

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I’d like to point you to 4 FREE Twitter resources before talking about 1 to 1 Twitter.

  1. How to Use Twitter
  2. 10 Simple Twitter Secrets
  3. How to Search Twitter
  4. The Fast and Simple Web 2.0 Traffic System

I know that the information above can keep you busy for hours. I encourage you to do research and learn all you can.


When you’re ready, come back for a serious discussion about building a substantially more profitable business using Twitter.

Inside 1 to 1 Twitter you will discover the following:

  • How to build a responsive Twitter list
  • How to find powerful affiliates using Twitter
  • How to convert Twitter Followers into a powerful email list
  • How to find JV partners on Twitter
  • How to use Twitter to “steal” great ideas

But, that’s not all. There are also very simple, step-by-step directions on how to best use Twitter’s search engine. And, how to best use the “@username” functionality for smart and ethical marketing.

To learn more, read my Twitter story.

~ John

p.s. Do you want to sell 1 to 1 Twitter as an affiliate? Click that link!

How to Start Making Money Online

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ArticlesPeople are always asking us how to start making money online. The answer surprises most people: pick anything and take action.

I created an 18 minute audio to help you get started today. I talk about how to get started, what to promote and how to get traffic. It’s the perfect overview and I highly recommend you listen to it.

What to know what I talk about? Here’s the simple formula…

You start by doing some niche research, looking at trends, following smart people or just taking a complete guess.

Next, you need to decide what you’re going to sell or promote. You can be an affiliate marketer, you can sell your own products or you can start your own membership. Almost anything will work.

And lastly, you need to drive traffic using pay per click (PPC), writing blog entries, and writing articles. There’s a lot more you can do as well.

This formula is so simple but … IT WORKS. Of course, there is more to learn. There is a “secret” in the audio I created. When you hear me say it — and clearly explain it — you’ll see why the process I’ve outlined above is so powerful.

I’m not trying to scare you but you will FAIL if you don’t take my advice. You can pick the perfect niche, create the perfect product to sell or promote, and drive tons of traffic — but still fail. It’s important you listen to the audio succeed: How to Start Making Money Online (FREE).

By the way, if you like that audio, then you will love this stuff…

And, if you’re looking for other fantastic (very popular) blog entries, read these…


~ John

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How to Use Twitter

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John S. Rhodes on TwitterI’m going to tell you how to use Twitter. This is primarily meant for people who want to use Twitter to drive web site traffic. So, it’s mostly about marketing but it is useful for anyone.

I encourage you to start with this: 10 Simple Twitter Secrets. It’s a blog posting I wrote back in August 2007, well before all the “Twitter Gurus” started popping up. It’s a amusing to find these “secrets” in $27 reports.

Next, take a look a this blog posting: How to Search Twitter. If you think you know everything about finding people and good stuff on Twitter, you need to reconsider. There are many tools outside Twitter that give you incredible power. (Twitter search will become more powerful than Google?) There is incredible value inside Twitter that you can extract, if you know what you’re doing.

At this point you should have a solid foundation. You know the basics of Twitter and you know how to tap the hidden value through search. Now it’s time to look at how to use Twitter to drive traffic. Furthermore, I’ll explain how to boost the power of your social network using simple tactics and tools.

You need to take an inventory of your business assets. For example:

  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do you have any products for sale?
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
  • Do you have any special skills?

Once you’ve compiled the answers to these questions you have created a pile of business assets. This step is crucial. So, please pause a moment to reflect on those questions even if you don’t write down answers (highly recommended).

What you’re going to do now is search for people who talk about you, your blog, your products, and so on. Use Twitter search tools to find “links” with other people. If you’re not Following them, start now. Also, start to use the @username functionality to connect with these people. If you’re lucky, these people will start Following you. Once that happens, direct message (DM) them and start real conversations. Interact with these folks. They are the backbone of your Twitter social network. I can’t stress this enough: be sincere, honest and 100% legitimate. Avoid spam and automated tools. They’ll work against you.

Now that you have built a Twitter network, start finding ways to help these folks. For example, run a survey or poll. Be sure to @username and direct message them. Find out what they want and what they need. For example, you might DM me (http://twitter.com/webword) about a new usability quiz or online marketing survey you’re running. Interact!

This activity will give you business intelligence. You’ll also find that people will re-tweet your messages without asking. They will help you because you’re helping them. Because you care, they care. Before long, a small (but loyal) group of these Followers will become friends. They can also become affiliates and joint venture partners. Knowing what you have — business assets — and what they want will be critical. You’ll be using Twitter to build your business and conduct business. This activity will naturally drive traffic without any special magic.

The process I described above sounds so simple. It’s almost childish. It might feel too manual or it might seem like a brute force tactic. But the truth is that this is so legitimate and since, that it’s got more traffic power than a tidal wave. You will see a constant stream of traffic with an occasional flood when some of your Tweets go viral — trust me, this happens. The interactions with my trusted network suck people in. There is excitement and buzz; traffic MUST flow.

As I write this blog posting I have well over 2,000 loyal Followers. Make no mistake: This 2K+ group of Followers is 10x better than an ill-be-gotten or manufactured group of 20K Followers. My Followers are legitimate and they are powerful. We work together to drive traffic, share ideas and make great things happen for each other. That is the “secret” of Twitter.

I’m going to leave you with one final bit of advice on how to use Twitter. This is what many readers — probably you! — care about. You can dramatically increase traffic with Twitter just by asking for it. Here’s what I do:

  • Post a tweet which includes a link
  • At the end, I say “Please Stumble” or “Please Digg” or “Please RT” or “Please share”
  • I direct message 3-4 people who care about the topic and ask for help

That’s it. Because my Twitter Followers actually care about what I write and have to say, they help me. Likewise, when they ask for Stumbles, Re-Tweets, Digg’s and so on, I help them. We don’t promote junk and they don’t promote junk. (When they do, I tell them bluntly and we move on.)

This is all possible because I’ve developed such a strong, loyal and LEGITIMATE (read: no trash!) group of Followers. We actually care about each other. As a result, we all benefit.

I’ll end by saying that using Twitter is a social exercise. It’s not about code. It’s not about using tools. It’s not about anything but … people. If you want to use Twitter for traffic you have to rethink how you interact and socialize with other people. Most of the lessons above are basic and eternal. It’s too bad that so many people forget that it comes down to humans talking to humans.

If you liked this blog posting, I’m glad! I’ve got plenty more to say: Follow Me on Twitter!

~ John

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How to Make It Easy

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Make It EasyIf you want to make money you need to know how to make it easy for people to help you. It’s very difficult to build a strong business without getting some assistance from others.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to make it easy to get people to help you. First, I’ll talk about setting up affiliate support web pages. Second, I’ll talk about getting traffic to your niche web site or blog. Third, I’ll explain the importance of back scratching and helping other people ahead of time.

One of the best ways to make money online and drive traffic is to enlist the help of affiliate marketers. Internet marketing affiliate programs can lead to incredible traffic if you offer 100% commissions on big ticket products and services, which is exactly what we do with the 10x Method affiliate program. What affiliate marketer doesn’t want to promote a $47 product with 100% commissions?

But wait, you’re only going to get affiliates to promote your service if you make it easy. So, you need to take the time to provide easy affiliate link building tools, instant marketing set up tools, targeted keyword lists, free promotional images, email message templates, and so on.

Here’s the Rhodes Brothers affiliate product link creation page. As you can see, we make it easy to create links but also quickly access the sales pages. This is the kind of at-a-glance reference affiliates want.

As another reference, you should look at the Traffic Drill reseller sign up page. On that page, we explain reselling, we explain the benefits of being a Traffic Drill reseller, we explain the set process using simple language, and most important we make it easy to make money as a reseller. We maintain everything from the sales page to the sign up page to the member maintenance. Literally, we give you the power to own a membership without any hassle.

Here’s another example. I like how Kevin Riley does affiliate marketing because he spends money on tools and processes that make my life easier. We don’t promote for many people, but Kevin makes it easy. For example, when he sends out emails to his affiliates he includes their specific affiliate URLs. I do a simple cut-n-paste and I’m done. There’s no effort and very little thinking, except for the marketing. I can focus and make money because it’s easy to work with Kevin.

Here’s a bit of business advice. If you’re serious about getting affiliates to help you, then spend the time and money to make it simple and make it easy for others to help you. The less “friction” you generate the better.

Bonus! If you’ve read this far I want to give you a gift. Please download Cracking The Code: Earn $20 Per Day With Free Blogs — Did you notice how easy I made that for you? It’s a simple click and you benefit without any more effort. The more you can do like that, the more loyalty and goodwill you’ll generate. This is the power of making life easy for others.

Let’s change gears now and talk about generating traffic to your niche web sites and blogs. What I’m going to cover is simple but effective. Don’t be fooled by how easy these things are to do.

If you look above, you will see that I talk about Kevin Riley for an entire paragraph (lucky guy). I’m doing that because now Kevin might link to me or help me. I would never demand traffic or links from Kevin, but I will ask very nicely. I’ll send him a note or I’ll send him a direct message on Twitter. (Hey, are you Following me on Twitter?) If I’m lucky, I’ll get some link love which translates to short and long term traffic.

Another thing you can do to easily drive traffic is build relationships with others via JVs and giveaways. Here’s an example. I did 90% of the work on the Simple Giveaway. I bought the domain, set up the page, and emailed everyone about everything. I coordinated the launch and I made it easy for my partners to do business with me. I was rewarded with tons of traffic and hundreds of sign ups to Free Business Model.

How else can you help others help you? Well, if you have a blog, do you have web 2.0 social bookmarking widgets installed? (Hint: I like Sociable.) At the bottom of this blog posting there are several buttons you can click to Digg, Stumble and otherwise bookmark this posting. (Please take action. Click-n-save!)

The last thing I’ll talk about is back scratching, both formal and informal. I’ll also talk about helping people ahead of time.

So, what’s formal back scratching? The idea is simple. You work within a membership or system with a group of other like-minded people. For example, maybe you work with the Rhodes Brothers via our coaching program. You can also find that kind of support inside Traffic Drill, which is dedicated to driving traffic to your web site. Plainly speaking, the idea is that you pay a small fee to help other people and have them help you. It’s simple but deadly effective.

Now, how about informal back scratching? The concept is straightforward. You would go out of your way to help other people via social web sites like Twitter. For example, just today I asked about 7-8 trusted Twitter colleagues to take a look at a new blog entry I wrote in a special niche. If they like the page and it’s valuable, they will likely Stumble or Digg that page. If it’s not good, they’ll give me feedback so I can improve it. Importantly, I make it easy to Stumble and Digg, but also provide me with feedback via Twitter. That’s key.

What works better, formal back scratching or informal back scratching? Honestly, they both work well. However, if you’re looking for guaranteed help or traffic, then services like Traffic Drill are your best bet.

What I want you to understand is that you will build up goodwill and karma over time if you know how to make it easy for other people to make money. Think about it. If someone is making it easy for you to make money, you’ll be loyal. You’ll drive traffic for them. You’ll praise them and help them. This karma and goodwill leads to joint ventures and revenue multipliers.

Do good unto others and it will return to you many times. It’s not only the “right thing” it’s the way of profits and a satisfying life.

10 Simple Twitter Secrets

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If you’re trying to find John S. Rhodes on Twitter, start here:


If you’re trying to get started, simply join Twitter then start asking me questions. Honestly, that’s going to be easy for you than anything else. You’ll want to follow me because I write about, and follow, the smartest UX, usability and internet marketing folks on Twitter. I also generate some good stuff.

Here are some commands and tips that will help you:

1. @username (for example, @webword) will create link to a user’s profile. It’s a great way to find someone too. If you create a twittering using the @username method, you can then click on that link and easily visit their Twitter page. Works like magic.

2. If you use a smart mobile phone, then direct your browser to: http://m.twitter.com which is the Twitter site optimized for mobile devices. (It’s an open secret, I swear.) If you’re on the go, this is a great way to post and track your Twitter page. For on-the-go internet marketers, it’s very convenient.

3. If you’re a Mac fan, consider grabbing Twitterrific. Here’s what it is:

“Twitterrific is a fun little application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twittercommunity website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.”

4. If you’re a Windows guy or gal, consider Twitteroo. Here’s the scoop: Twitteroo allows you to send and receive updates from Twitter on your Windows desktop. It has some limitations, but it works great. Don’t miss this Twitter secret tool.

5. Do not miss this “inside look” at Twitter. It’s a 37 minute video by Robert Scoble. He’s actually inside the Twitter offices talking to the folks behind the scenes. You won’t get anything better than this. You will really *learn* a lot about Twitter. I promise. If you’re an internet marketer, you know that this Twitter secret is like having a handful of gold.

6. Make sure that you update your Twitter profile. Here’s the link to your profile:


Probably the most important field is the More Info URL. If people are looking at your profile, it’s a direct link to any URL you want. For internet marketers, this is obviously really smart to update.

7. You can send Twitter your tweets from an instant messenger. Here’s the mobile devices page, which you should take a look at. If you use GTalk, you can’t go wrong. So, to be clear, you can update Twitter via the Twitter web site, your phone, or instant messenger client. Cool, eh?

8. If you’re looking for new people to follow there are two easy things you can do. First, you can view the Twitter public timeline. I do this about once per day for just a few minutes. The second, more effective method, is to view the “Following” link on the pages of people that you really like. Then you can just subscribe to who they follow. It’s reverse logic, but it works.

For example, let’s say that you like what I write at http://twitter.com/webword All you need to do is click the Following link on my profile and you’ll see who I’m following. Then, you can just follow them.

Aside: The link will look like this “twitter.com/friends” — Notice that it says friends. That’s a carry over from previous coding they did.

9. Crazy Delicious Secret: If you want more followers, start following more people. Many people will follow anyone that follows them. Sometimes there are even bots that automatically reciprocate the following relationship.

This doesn’t mean you should go nuts and follow any old person, but if you want to get people following you, then you really ought to start following. It’s a give and take relationship.

10. If you’re nutty about showing up first on Follower lists, you should consider setting your screenname to something that starts with the letter A or maybe even a number. Twitter lists followers in alphabetical order. This is kind of a silly recommendation, but if you’re serious about showing up at the top, it is a consideration for you.

Aside: Twitter needs to add better sort and filter tools for Followers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #1 — Learn all about Twitter Replies. The smartest folks use these like crazy to network and respond. It’s really quite impressive if you do it right.

Bonus Twitter Secret #2 — Show multiple Twitters on your blog. It’s a great way to connect your Twitter updates to your blog. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s smart, especially for internet marketers.

Bonus Twitter Secret #3 — Find your Twitter RSS feed. If you’d like to see my Twitter RSS feed, simply add this RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader:


You will see all of my Twitter updates with no mess, no fuss. I encourage you to subscribe to that feed, especially if you care about usability, UX and marketing.

Bonus Twitter Secret #4 — Use Twitterholicto find out the Top 100 Twitterholics. It’s based on number of Followers.

Won’t you follow me? http://twitter.com/webword


Based on more research that I’ve done as well as IMsimple.com reader feedback, I’m updating this entry with more Twitter Secrets. Enjoy!

Twitter Secret #15 — If you’re a WordPress user, don’t miss the Twitter WordPress Plugin(that’s a README). Directly download the WordPress plugin.

Twitter Secret #16 — Use Twitter while inside Second Life. “Twitterbox is an object which enables one to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life.”

Twitter Secret #17 — Post to Twitter directly from Firefox. “…allows you to quickly post statuses to your Twitter account from the Firefox search bar. It is not an extension — it is a Firefox Search Engine. This means you can activate and install it in about five seconds, and start using it straight away without having to restart Firefox.”

Twitter Secret #18 — Serious Linux geek using Twitter? Try out gtwitter. “gTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to twitter.com web service.”

Keep those tips coming in and I’ll keep updating…