Stick With What Works

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Stick With What WorksWhy should you stick with what works? What does that even mean?

We spend a good chunk of time explaining the importance of focus in our (free) 20-minute 10x Method video. The reason for spending so much time on focus is that most people struggle to stick to one thing.

Most folks are looking for fast and easy money.

But the truth is that making money usually takes a lot of time. So, when you find something that actually works, you need to stick to it.

Remember, most people aren’t making any money online. And, they don’t stick to one method of generating income — even when that method clearly works. Once again, this is because most folks think they should be pulling down more cash. (Read between the lines: Greed!)

The irony is that when you stick to one way of making money — once you know it works — you can pull down even more money. This is because of these three reasons:

  1. It’s easier to retain customers (low cost)
  2. You get more efficient with your tasks
  3. You can leverage your products and skills

In a nutshell, it’s cheap to sell to existing customers compared to winning new customers. Furthermore, you get good at what you do. You might even become a guru, worth your weight in gold on some topic. And lastly, you can bundle products together if you stay focused in your domain. You can also sell updated versions of your product. They are easier to create than ones that are fresh and 100% new.

So, once you are done trying a million things, please be sure to settle down and focus. Again, I’ll recommend the 10x Method video because it not only explains the true value of focus but I also give you some concrete ideas on how to get started immediately. (Zero cost, zero risk.)

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Kevin Riley Products and Reports

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Our friend Kevin Riley creates great information products. His reports are simple and easy to follow. This is because he generates “recipes” which are step-by-step formulas. Great stuff, works like magic. (We love simple.)

Just a couple of days ago I went looking for all of Kevin’s information products and reports. I could only find a few with each search that I did. So, I decided to create a list of every single product from Kevin Riley and post it here for you.

I’ve also added a rating next to each product based on my own experience. I haven’t bought all of his stuff, so I’ll just say “N/A” next to those. I’m sure they’re fine, but I can’t give you my recommendation.


As you can see from my ratings, most of Riley’s products are excellent. All of them are at least “good” and there’s real value. He doesn’t pump out fluff reports.

By the way, keep in mind that you can easily apply the 10x Method to Kevin Riley’s products. Find something that works for you then make a killing online.