PDF RebrandingPDF rebranding is pretty simple to understand if you’re given an example to follow. I’ll do that in just a minute. First, let me explain a couple of key concepts then I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

PDF rebranding is used by internet marketers to create viral marketing campaigns. The central idea is that someone gives away (or sells) a rebrandable PDF report which can be updated or “tagged” with an affiliate ID. Then, that rebranded report is given away or sold in an attempt to get affiliate sales.

Why Does This Work?

The product owner wins by getting people very excited by the opportunity to give away a product and make sales. The product owner will have his rebranded reports all over the place, all with links back to his main product page or membership site.

The affiliate giving away the rebranded report wins because he’s got a very nice sales tool (free rebranded report). This makes his life much easier. He just hands out the rebranded PDF like candy to his blog readers and folks on his list.

In this way, the product owner and affiliate work together to make the product go viral. That simply means that the PDFs will start showing up all over the place. Of course this doesn’t always happen since the PDFs might be buried or hidden, with people only coming from links in mailing lists.

An Example of PDF Rebranding in Action

Nothing helps people understand PDF rebranding better than a real example. I decided that the best way to make it clear was to give you a high quality report to rebrand.

Start by downloading How To Make $5,000+ Per Month With Your Own Simple Membership Site. There are three files in that .zip file: (1) The Read Me, (2) The rebranding software, and (3) The rebrandable report. Be sure to read the Read Me first. It’s very clear.

Note: Be sure to grab your Simple Cash Blog affiliate link right now. (It’s very easy. We use ClickBank.) The report has links in it back to the Simple Cash Blog, which you’ll be rebranding.

Again, the Read Me makes this very easy to understand. I’m just giving you a headstart by pointing to the Simple Cash Blog affiliate link generation page.

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. I almost forgot to give you this…

Here’s a link to Viral PDF <== Yes that's an affiliate link. But, I feel comfortable promoting it since it’s what we use. It’s such a power tool.