I’m going to tell you something no one else has told you. The best online business opportunity is the one that you create. That’s right, the right business opportunities are not out there to grab – but they are there for you to create!

If you think you can just spend a few bucks and buy a great online business, you are going to burn a lot of money. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

Listen, this is the truth. You must take control. You must have a vision of the best online business opportunities, and then you must make some choices and take action.

How to Create an Online Business Opportunity Out of Thin Air: 5 Simple Methods

Now that you are jazzed up, let’s talk about how to really create the best business opportunities. Here are some ideas for you.

First, you could purchase private label rights (PLR) products (e.g., PLR newsletters), then update them, and resell them. Private label rights products are those that you can buy and edit any way that you like. You own the rights to manipulate them any way you want. So, you just need to edit the PLR ebook or report that you own and resell it as your own. Bam!

Second, you can purchase PLR products and turn them into offline products. That is, you can buy the ebook or report, do a little editing, and then sell your final product to a local newspaper or magazine. This is a huge opportunity that you can create easily.

Third, you can find a good niche or market, get to know people well through forums and blogs, then offer to write for them. You can become a ghostwriter for web sites, marketers, blogs, and so on. There is incredible demand for content. This is one of the best legitimate online business opportunities available.

Fourth, you can get familiar with a niche or market and create a membership site. Setting up a membership site is not hard. It’s a great way to help people while making a profit. For example, if you know a lot about being a work-at-home mom (WAHM), you could create a paid forum dedicated to helping other WAHMs. You simply charge $5, $10, or even more per month to be part of the club.

Finally, one of the best online business opportunities is consulting. You can simply help people create their own business opportunities out of thin air. You act as an advisor. You help people who need the help. You shouldn’t be surprised at how much you could really help people, and turn a profit.

I’ll summarize by saying that you can generate a lot of money online (and offline) if you go after your passion. I’ve highlighted 5 things you can do today. The best online business opportunity is the one that you create, that fits your passion. Go for it!

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