I can type in the range of 50-60 words per minute. When I’m in the  groove or in “flow” generating a report, writing an article (or re-writing PLR), it  can go much higher. But, when I am doing design, development or  (gasp!) coding, it goes down signficantly.

I know that the more content I generate the more I can sell. I know that content is king and if I have lot’s of great content, I simply will make more money.

Of course, you can generate content fast and free, with almost no effort. Still, keep reading. There’s more to the story…

I believe that even non-writers depend on writing. And, the faster you can type the more money you’ll make online.

For example, let’s say you’re focused on customer service. The faster you can pound out an email response, the faster you can resolve the issue. Fast typing means speed, and speed drives money.

Or, let’s say you’re into forum marketing. Well, typing quickly is again valuable and contributes to the bottom line. The more you can write (new postings or responding to old ones) the more people will see your signature.

Again, speed is money

So, let me ask. What have you done recently to improve your typing skills? Are you serious about it. Really, this could boost your bottom line significantly. Just consider how many thousands of times you pound keys per hour. That’s no joke.

Oh, and consider ergonomics and workstation design. Posture, comfort, eye strain, and so on, all contribute to your typing success. Plus, you want to avoid injury because that could slow you down, or even stop your work. Take care to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injuries).

Typing is money. Faster typing is faster money. Think it over.

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