The great majority of people on the web no idea how internet marketing works.

They really have no clue.

We blind ourselves. We use jargon and customers don’t understand the
marketing concepts we employ.

* Squeeze Page
* Opt In
* Autoresponder
* Conversions

These things mean nothing to 99.99% of the people on the web. Your
customers don’t have a clue.

I’m not saying they need to know, or that they should know.

Instead, I just want marketers to keep in mind that our jargon is
completely irrelevant. It’s only for us to talk to each other, not
our customers.

Here’s the REAL advice in this posting…

If you’re trying to figure out why something isn’t working, try
talking to someone who is 100% clueless about internet marketing.
Have fresh eyes — ignorant eyes! — look at what you created.

If it doesn’t pass the “bullshit test” then you have to start over.
What I mean is that if the fresh eyes don’t like what they see, then
all the internet marketing wizardry in the world won’t save you.

It comes down to real people, not prospects and visitors. And look,
real people smell bullshit — you can’t fool many people with it.

Keep this in mind too. You’re going to get more people into your
sales funnel and onto your list with a *real* offer and solid value.

~ John

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