Most gurus disgust us. They manipulate. They lie. They take your money.

So why are they gurus? Because they take money from good people. People like you. They take your money but they don’t offer tools and methods. They sell hype and they become gurus because they fool so many people.

Peel back the layers of the onion. The gurus offer little proof they can sell real products. They hardly demonstrate that they can make a buck from legitimate work. They only leech off of people trying to get rich quick.

We’re also angry that gurus treat you like a stupid idiot, with no mind and no motivation. But, most people are smart enough to make good decisions. Most people, like you, are willing to work hard. These gurus treat you like dirt. Like the village idiot!

So, we took action. First, we put together which you’re reading now. It’s high value and totally, 100% free. Every posting is jam packed with rocket fuel.

But that wasn’t enough. No way!

We have written a complete eCourse that outlines precisely how we make money on the internet. There’s virtually no hype. We don’t treat you like a little stupid monkey.

It’s also free.

We call it The Really Simple Method to Making Money on the Internet. It is simple and it is a method. We don’t just pretend to be successful. We prove it. We don’t talk about tools and techniques, we show you exactly what you need. We show you how to get the job done.

We’re done writing The Really Simple Method to Making Money on the Internet but we are still finalizing the details. A lot of people have been begging us to release the final version right now. Well, NO WAY. It’s done but it ain’t perfect. It has to be top notch, Grade A stuff before we release it.

So, we’re close but we’re not quite there. If you want to know when we go live with the The Really Simple Method to Making Money on the Internet you’re going to have to sign up. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be a Beta tester.

If you sign up right now, you’ll get a nice little surprise too.

Take action!

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