When you create an ebook, you want to know where to sell it. This blog entry will tell you exactly how to start selling today.

Two simple answers are that you can sell your product through Clickbank or PayPal. In the case of Clickbank, just visit, sign up, and follow the instructions. If you want to sell your ebook and get a (potentially huge) army of affiliates, this is a good option.

Sidebar: See how it works. Look at The Rhodes Brothers affiliate page to see the “other side” of the Clickbank equation. You could have something just like this to sell your ebook…

In the case of PayPal to sell your ebook, just create an account and then create Buy Now buttons. We make that very clear inside the Really Simple Method.  There’s a free video you can watch that shows you exactly what you need to do.

So, Clickbank and PayPal are effective but honestly, there are many other great places to sell your digital goods. If you’re a serious internet marketer then you need to learn all the places you can sell your ebook or report.

There are many market places you should learn about right now. Furthermore, even if you use Clickbank or PayPal, you need to know how to drive traffic.

You might also need to set up a web site. That means that you’ll want to think about domain names and hosting solutions (we love Bluehost).

Selling an ebook isn’t just about creating a great product, you need an infrastructure in place. You need to be prepared to drive traffic, get people signed up to your mailing list, and so on.

Let’s turn this into some really simple steps. If you want to sell your ebook, you should consider all of these steps. Don’t worry too much about following the exact order:

1. Find a thirsty market, with people willing to spend some money

2. Do some keyword research and find the right niche, or subniche

3. Create a product, or write an ebook to sell (re-write some PLR if you’re stuck)

4. Set up a web site so you can sell, use PayPal or Clickbank

5. Drive traffic to your sales page, enjoy the sales

Now, it really isn’t quite this simple but that is a very basic and effective recipe. There are also many other places to sell your ebook. Before long, you’ll want to start selling all over the place. With the right knowledge, that won’t be a problem. Your empire will grow.

By the way, if you need PLR, take a look at the Simple PLR Club. You can’t go wrong. You get 3 products each month and also a sales page for each product. It’s easy.

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