I’m sad to report that the Warrior Forum was hacked earlier today. In case you didn’t know, the Warrior Forum is a popular internet marketing forum.

Many people there treat each other like family members. There are some great people there and it’s a shame this happened.

It is never good when a web site gets hacked, even if the hackers are just playing around. People get hurt. An attack can stop people from making enough money to pay the mortgage or feed the baby.

Nature of the Warrior Forum Hack Attack

On the “front end” here is what forum members saw this morning.

I believe that Warrior Forum ran using Active Server Pages. Some people have posted this error code:

Active Server Pages error ‘ASP 0126’
Include file not found
/forum/Default.asp, line 40
The include file ‘config.asp’ was not found.

The Microsoft platform is known for security vulnerabilities. In the future I suspect that the Warrior Forum will run on *nix (e.g., Linux). Such sites are often easier to secure.

WARNING: Protect Your Passwords

We don’t know the nature of the attack at this point. However, I strongly suggest that if you were a member of the Warrior Forum, and you used that username and password in other places, that you change it right now. Make changes now.

If we get more information on the Warrior Forum attack, we’ll post it here!

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