Most readers of know something about private label rights, also known as PLR. But, although many people understand the basic concept of PLR they don’t actually know how to exploit PLR.

Where’s the cash?

Let’s take an example. It is quite possible that you’re already a member of the Simple PLR Club. If you are, you know that The Rhodes Brothers offer up 3 private label rights reports with sales pages every single month. To get the most value out of these products you need to inject something special. You need to update the reports, and perhaps the sales pages.

Most people don’t make updates. In fact, most people don’t bother to take action with any of their PLR, let alone the (high quality) Simple PLR Club content.

It’s a shame. It really is.

Why don’t people exploit their PLR articles and PLR ebooks? The answer is really very simple. This answer is based directly on feedback from our customers as well as what we’ve seen on internet marketing blogs and forums.

Before I hand over the answer, visualize what you would do with a ton of fresh hot content. If you had a pile of 30 brand new articles right now, what would you do? Here are some things that our customers told us… 

* Update their blogs
* Fill up their autoresponders
* Submit the articles for backlinks and traffic
* Sell the articles to their customers as PLR
* Create free ebooks to give away to build lists

The list goes on and on. Fresh content makes the world go around and around. If you don’t have fresh content, you’re dead meat.

OK, back to the story…

Most internet marketers do not update the PLR articles and PLR ebooks because they think it is hard to re-write PLR. They know that if they don’t re-write, they will suffer:

1. If they try to submit PLR articles to EzineArticles, they are taking a big risk. EzineArticles will ban you if you try to “game” their system. Bad idea if article marketing is part of your marketing.

2. Google will crush you. First, they might kick your site out of their index. It does happen, make no mistake. Google is watching to see if you’re trying to use tired, old PLR articles and PLR ebooks on your site. They will banish you to the supplemental results, or worse.

The ONLY answer is to re-write your PLR. If you’re moaning and complaining about the work, I don’t blame you at all…

If you don’t know what you’re doing, re-writing is a major pain in the butt. But, there are some things to consider. First, if you have PLR articles and reports, you have a goldmine. Here’s the true value of PLR:

* The research has been done for you!

The PLR content needs to be re-written — true enough — but you can concentrate on re-writing versus research. It’s the research that will kill you. Research is the blackhole that you want to avoid.

OK, so what next? That’s simple. We spoke with some of our smartest customers. They demanded to know how *we* exploit PLR articles and PLR ebooks. To answer this demand, we created an indispensible guide to re-writing PLR articles.

The real beauty of the report is that we’ve been using this method for a long time — years in fact. It’s all you need for the job. In fact, we’ve turned it into a science for you. Step-by-step, for anyone.

“How to Re-Write a PLR Article in Under 7 Minutes”

This is the system that the Rhodes Brothers use to crank out insane amounts of fresh content, day after day. It’s a real time-saver, which you can have right now.

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