I posted this over on the Warrior Forum earlier today. I thought that
IMsimple readers would benefit from this, so I’m posting it here. Enjoy!

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Here’s something I want to clear up right now. I’ve seen some people
outside this forum complain that posting on forums is a waste of
time. I have some comments about this…

Forum posting is a waste of time and energy if you first and foremost
aren’t trying to help other people. The more you give, the more you
get. It really is true. Watch the top marketers. They really do give
a lot, and they reap the rewards. If you take, take, take, then
you’ll end up with very little.

If your signature is weak, of course you won’t make any money. Does
your sig match the intention of the forum? For example, are you
advertising or promoting dog beds on a cat lovers forum? You might
laugh at this, but I’ve seen these kinds of poorly crafted
signatures on many forums, including the Warrior Forum.

Is your signature offering something people actually want. And, do
you offer a call to action? Is it hot and spicy? Similarly, is your
signature too obnoxious? I’ve seen signatures that are nothing but
bright colors, bold text, and blather. Sometimes less is more.

What I find is that nearly every time I post something with substance
I learn something new from someone else. Furthermore, I definitely
see a boost in sales for products posted in my signature. Sometimes
it is only 1-2 sales, but other times it is much higher. A simple
post where I give tips and hints can easily generate $50-100. I’m
sure many other people will confirm this.

In short, if forum posting isn’t making you money then think about
what you’re doing, make a plan to change for the better, and take
action. Help people first. Fix your signature if it’s broken.

That’s the magic.

~ John

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