It seems like everyone is jumping on the Google Adsense bandwagon these days. You hear all kinds of stories about how you can make thousands of dollars from Google Adsense. But what is the real story? Can you really become rich overnight with Adsense? This article will explain Google Adsense is a bad idea.

Google Adsense enables webmasters to place some code on their site that connects to Google’s ad server content database. This database pulls keyword relevant advertising to the website. The webmaster gets paid a percentage of the fee that Google receives every time a visitor clicks on an ad. This doesn’t sound too bad so far. But, let’s take a closer look.

There are three variables that affect how much you can make with Google Adsense. They are:

1.How much traffic your site draws.
2.How many visitors click on your ads.
3.How much those ads pay per generated click.

The first variable you have a little control over. You can increase traffic to your site through internet marketing. This is something you should be doing anyway if you want a successful site.

However, the next two variables you have no control over. You can’t make a visitor click on an ad and you don’t know how much that ad will pay per click. It’s kind of like playing the lottery, which is why we put together a report that explains how to make a lot of money without Google Adsense.

Back to the story…

What about all of those people who claim they make thousands of dollars per month with google adsense? Yes, there are people out there who are making a lot of money using Google Adsense but they are not doing it with just one website. They have 500 or more websites! That’s right, 500 to 2000 or more websites.

The truth is the average income from Google Adsense per website is less than a dollar per day. So, to make any type of big money with adsense you need to have a boatload of websites. Just think of the money you have to spend to create these websites, such as domain names and hosting. Then there is the time spent managing all these sites and trying to drive traffic to them.

The next problem is you are constantly dealing with sites that don’t get indexed or get de-indexed or get banned. Plus you have to be very careful with the content of your sites. You must pay for original content or own the rights with absolute certainty, or you may receive a letter from Google about DMCA copyright infringement which could cost you your adsense account. It’s fairly common knowledge that Google is changing the rules all the time so you need to make sure you stay on top of them.

If you have a website that sells your own unique product, it doesn’t even make sense to use Google Adsense on your site. You are doing nothing but driving traffic to your competitors sites. You’re selling for others.

So if you are planning on starting a website and making a ton of money just from Google Adsense, think again. It’s probably not going to happen.

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