My Windows XP computer runs slow. Yes, I have a MacBook Pro now, but I still use my old XP machine to do a lot of video work with Camtasia since TechSmith isn’t quite done with their Apple version of Camtasia. (Buggers!)

If your computer runs real slow, you might be feeling the pain like me. A lot of my work is “intense” and slow isn’t an option. Every minute wasted is a minute where I’m not making money marketing.

Here’s some free advice to help you speed up your computer:

1. Turn off any toolbars you don’t use all the time. Only load them when you need them. Don’t let programs invade your computer. Take the time to turn them off so your computer doesn’t get any slower.

2. If you have any Microsoft Office programs running in the background, kill their “spawned services” right now. They drain precious memory and system resources.

3. Kill anything in your system tray that doesn’t make your slow PC run faster, or make your life easier. For example, how often do you use your scanner? Is it running there, slowing your computer down? If you only use it 1-2 times per month, kill it.

4. Get a faster hard drive. Many slow computers are using 5400 rpm hard drives and they are complete dogs. Buy a 7200 rpm hard drive with tons of space. They make a huge difference, especially if you’re using RAM intense programs and memory is being swapped a lot. (Hat tip to Ricky Mjuica for that advice.)

5. Get more RAM. Memory is cheap these days and to crush the question — “Why is my computer so slow?” — just throw in some RAM. You won’t ask the question again if you have enough RAM. And why not? It’s inexpensive these days.

Let’s shift gears a little…

I have no problem investing money to solve problems, like making my slow running computer operate better. I looked around for solid advice and I have found something perfect. No more slow PC.

If you’re looking for some step-by-step advice on how to speed up your slow computer, then here’s my advice: Download the PC Secret Formula.

While many reports on cleaning your PC cost $37 or $47, this one is dirt cheap. You’ll be shocked at what you get. (I would have easily paid $27 or more for this advice. But I got it for a fraction of that price. Rock and roll!)

By the way, I bought the report and followed most (but not all) of the advice. This isn’t generic advice to buy some product because I’m an affiliate. I’m a legitimate buyer and user of the PC Secret Formula. And, to be clear, some things I’ve tried and they worked pretty well. Some things were kind of lame. But, a couple of points in the PC Secret Formula turned my slow computer into a drag racing, speed demon. THAT is what really matters…

Let me tell you a little bit about the report. I’ll be blunt! (I don’t mind spilling the beans.)

1. The first 5 pages are complete fluff. The total report is 29 pages so 17% of the report is useless. 😉

2. On pages 6 and 7 he tells you to download some free software. It’s a no brainer. Great suggestion and saves me the time looking for PC cleaning software. There are many programs out there but it hurts to research. Talk about waste of time doing research, right? (And, worse, some free programs contain spyware which badly harms your computer. This one doesn’t.)

3. On pages 8-12 Kris tells you exactly how to tweak your machine. It’s great advice, step-by-step simple. Screenshots are included so following along is deadly easy.

4. On page 13 he tells you exactly what programs to uninstall. This is really important. There’s so much bloat on a Windows PC that it’s not even funny!

5. On page 16 Kris talks about securing your PC. Solid advice. I knew about this before (big *yawn* for me!) but smart stuff.

6. Pages 17-24 talk about in-depth, hardcore system tweaks. This is stuff that would literally take you 4-5 hours to find. So, really, just think of the time it would take to do the research. What’s your time worth, you know?

He tells you exactly which programs to kill so that they stop chewing up valuable RAM. That’s the stuff that allows your programs to handle data and switch between programs and manage images and video. To me, this was crucial!

7. Page 23 is all about speeding up Windows boot time. I have to tell you, this was *fantastic* advice. We all have to reboot, but if it’s fast — so what? My PC boots and reboots FAST now. It was a big problem before.

8. On page 28 there is advice on how to speed up Firefox. Man, I didn’t know this existed. You can actually download software to tweak and then Firefox. Again, finding the *right* tuning software for Firefox would take you at least an hour. Why bother when you can simply grab the PC Secret Formula:

>> PC Secret Formula

Well, that’s my review. It’s a no brainer to grab if you want to save time and reduce the … anger you have with your PC.

I feel like I have a fresh and new PC now!

~ John S. Rhodes of “The Rhodes Brothers”

p.s. I can’t believe how much junk Microsoft includes. And, their defaults don’t make any sense. You *need* expert advice to fix this stuff — I wish I knew this stuff about 3 years ago, you know?

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