There are very clear reasons why people buy things. It isn’t about technology or even the search engines.

Think about it. You don’t because of Google. Instead, people find stuff to buy online through Google. In other words, search engines help you find what you want but the search engines aren’t telling you how to buy, or really even what to buy.

People are looking to buy things and the search engines just help. The only thing they sell is advertising. They aren’t selling products.

So, that is your first secret to understand. People are looking for stuff to buy and search engines are just there to help along the way. To really understand why people buy things, you need to dig deeper…

You obviously need to care about keywords and context. Search engine marketing isn’t about figuring out technology. It’s about figuring out people. It’s about understanding their wants and desires. It’s about psychology, not technology and search engines.

Here are someconcrete reasons why people buy things. These are the real secrets to search engine marketing:

1. People want to get rich. They want money. They are trying to do it fast, and easy.

2. People don’t want to lose money. They want to hoard what they have for security.

3. People want more time. They are generally lazy and want to enjoy life, not work.

4. People want to feel sexy and beautiful. Easy health, long life.

5. People are curious. They like to experiment and explore.

6. People want to be loved. They want respect and admiration.

7. People want power over other people. They want to be popular too.

So, people buy things for very human reasons. If you can understand what drives and motivates people, you can generate wealth. And, search engine marketing takes on a new meaning. It isn’t about beating Google, it’s about delivering value to real people through Google.

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