I got this question the other day from one of the many folks who watched our Free Business Model videos…It’s a question that we’ve been asked a few times:

“…why would anybody pay for [information] when they can get the same thing for free on almost any other site in their chosen niche?”

Here’s a harsh truth…

There’s hardly ever any real “secrets” out there. I’d say that the information in almost every single report or product out there is available for free on the internet. It’s that simple.

This includes many internet marketing products, too. How many times have you purchased a report and found out that the report was about a small twist to an old idea?

Here’s a personal example…

A few days ago I read a pretty good report about Google AdWords. Basically, there was a technique in the report that revealed how to get higher clickthrough rates. Could I have found the technique online had I searched for it?

You bet. But I was still happy with my purchase. Why? Several reasons…

First, the marketing for it was great – it actually made me feel good about my purchase. He told me it was a trick that very few people know – and it’s true. Note that he didn’t say no one knew about it – he said few people did. You know why he said that, right?

You got it – because it’s a “secret” that was available for free had I searched for it. But that leads us to another reason I purchased…

The “mystery” factor. It would have been hard to search for tips and tricks on Google Adwords, since I didn’t know specficially what to look for.

I would have eventually found the tip he was selling, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t have known if the tips I found were actually the “magical tip” that this person was selling. Curiousity would’ve gotten the best of me eventually.

Of course, since I purchased the report I also saved myself a lot of time from searching for the information as well.

So…here’s the point of this story:

Yes, people *will* pay for information that’s available for free on the internet.

You are making it easier to access.
You are saving them time.
You are making them “curious” about it with your marketing.
You are entertaining them.
You are making them excited about the idea.
You are finding twists to old/common ideas.
You are finding tips and turning them into “secrets.”

I hope that helps clarify why you can penetrate literally *any* niche you want…

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