First, here’s what you need to know about PayPal’s new buttons.  This is *directly* from PayPal…

If PayPal hosts your buttons

You don’t have to do anything. All of your payment buttons will update to our new “sunrise” color automatically.

If you host your buttons

The new buttons are now available. Just click log in, click Merchant Services, and go to the Create Buttons section to get them.

Will this affect your business?

1. No. It won’t disrupt your ability to accept payments. And the new buttons are designed with the same dimensions as the old ones.

2. Plus, the new buttons on your site represent a consistent PayPal checkout experience – which makes buyers feel safer when they make purchases.

3. Preview the new buttons at


Let’s focus on #1 and #2. First, the dimensions are the same. That’s good for designers. You don’t have to worry about the size and shape of the buttons in terms of your page layout. So, I don’t really expect this to be an issue at all. The changes have almost nothing to do with your conversion rates.

Second, re: #2, PayPal is trying to make us feel good about the consistency, which is a good usability idea. They also play the “safety card” — it’s hard to argue against better security.

However, PayPal is leaving out something critical! For the most part, since PayPal usually hosts the buttons, the design of the buttons might impact your sales. They are changing the design and users might not like the design, or worse, they might not trust the new buttons.

Do we reallyknow how the new design will impact our sales conversion rates? Did PayPal just change the design to make it look good without any consideration about the very purpose of the buttons — sales?

I’m not deeply concerned, but I am concerned. Now I need to watch many of our sites and our conversion rates since the buttons have changed. We have to watch and see, and track the metrics. Don’t let PayPal run you over…

By the way, if you want to know how to create a PayPal button you can learn how to do it inside the Really Simply Method.  It’s a free course that clearly explains how to make money on the internet. Keep reading…

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