This is just a quick reminder to keep track of your special skills and aptitudes. Take inventory, so that you can leverage your assets for greater success and happiness.

For example, rather than just keeping track of your work experience and education, consider all that you have to offer. Here are some of my own examples:

  • Ability to do keyword research
  • Knowledge of basic psychology principles
  • Success in building several small businesses
  • Awareness and application of advanced marketing principles
  • Ability to focus on projects to drive profit and market share
  • Deep understanding of most web 2.0 technologies

This list could be much longer. My point is that you should step back from time to time to take a look at your professional skills. When people ask what you do, you’ll have answers ready to go.

A side benefit of making this kind of list is that you’ll have different answers for many contexts. You can actually generate multiple elevator speeches because you can piece together the right material for the right person at the right time.

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